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Inspirational Videos

Inspirational Videos for Students and Educators

Inspirational videos to show in classCheck out our collection of inspirational videos and websites which highlight...
  • Students changing the world
  • Organizations that support teenagers who want to change the world
  • Inspirational stories of people changing the world
After watching these videos, ask your students to share a story by uploading an essay to to reflect, blog or journal about how the videos inspired them to change the world (or didn't!).  If you have an inspirational How to use these inspirational videos in classvideo to share, please Contact Us with the link and we'll review with our education team to see if we should add it to our list of inspirational videos below.

If you are an educator or teacher, please explore our "Notes to the Teacher" (see graphic to the right) for more ideas on how to use these interesting videos for inspiring teens below.

Stage of Life YouTube ChannelAnd don't forget to check out Stage of Life's YouTube Channel.  We produce our own exclusive video report on teen trends each month.

Let's get inspired!

Inspirational Education Video: Rita Pierson

Every Kid Needs a Champion.  Rita Pierson's TedTalk inspired millions of teachers to connect with their students on a deeper more human level.

Inspirational Education Video: Sir Ken Robinson

Do Schools Kill Creativity?  Sir Ken Robinson's TedTalk inspired millions of teachers to wake up to the factory system and creativity killing methods of our current education system.

Inspirational Education Video: Technology in the Classroom

A Vision of Students Today:  With over 400,000 unique teenagers and college students visiting each year, we become immediately interested when we came across this educational video.  Are the statistics shared in this video true for your students?

Inspirational Education Video: Students making a difference

Students Today Leaders Forever: An optimistic group of students who engage in servant leadership to create positive life experiences.  View their inspirational video...

Inspirational Education Video: How can students change the world?

This is an inspirational video to get students thinking about what they can change about the world, and the impact they can make.  View the inspirational video...


Inspirational Education Video: Changing the World in Just 5 Minutes a Day

Here's an inspirational video from a primary school in Australia...

Inspirational Education Video: How much power does one person have?

We like this inspirational video about the "Power of One"...

Inspirational Education Video: The law of attraction

An inspirational video from Esther Hicks about "the law of attraction"...


Inspirational Video: Life = Risk

An inspirational video about famous people who failed at first but eventually succeeded. Great message: Life = Risk.  If you've never failed, you've never lived!  View inspirational video...


Inspirational Video: Nick Vujicic

An inspirational video about Nick Vujicic who was born with no arms and no legs. He is a motivational speaker, and this video challenges the way we view ourselves...


Inspirational Video: Dick and Rick Hoyt

The inspirational story about Dick and Rick Hoyt (a father son team who compete in Ironman competitions together)...


Inspirational Video: Are we the "Do Something" generation? is an inspirational organization that is uniting students across to DO SOMETHING and become the "Do Something" Generation.  Watch their inspirational video...

About Us:  Our mission at is dedicated to supporting digital literacy and financial literacy by helping encourage people, especially, students to become life-long reader and writers, as well as manage their budget and finances smartly.  We do this by providing a free blogging platform in the hopes that teenagers, teachers, and regular people will share their personal stories and wisdom to help change the world.  We hope that educators, teachers and professors make use of our educational resources, digital literacy, and student blogging exercises to inspire their students.


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