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Mentor Texts - Good Essay Writing

Teen Mentor Texts - Good Essay Writing on StageofLife.comTeen Mentor Texts to accompany our free lesson plans and writing prompts

Below you will find student mentor text essays that corresponds to some of our past writing prompts used in's national student writing contests.  These high school and college mentor texts are a resource to...
  • Provide a good essay example, in particular of how a student stylistically approached one of our essay writing prompts
  • Give your students insights into real life essays submitted by teen writers and bloggers participating in the global writing project to create the world's largest collection of multi-generational stories.
  • See what interesting teens are saying about life!
Please check back regularly, the new teen or college essay contests and writing prompts will be posted on as great examples of teen writing and mentor texts.

Examples of Good Teen Essay Writing -  Print Mentor Texts

MENTOR TEXT ESSAY: What's one thing you don't know about your parents?

Topic: Parents
Title:  I’ve learned from my father always by tonytonycc

High School Writing ContestOn many an evening, my father, who is short and stout and enjoys tea out of teapots, jumps on a small trampoline in our living room for 30 to 45 minutes*. For exercise, he says. It’s just like running, he says. Remember when he jumped rope a few years ago? It’s almost as good as that, he says.

The week I came home from college last month, we were both in the living room, watching a Yankee game in our typical formation — I was on the couch, and he was burning calories, allegedly. Our conversation jumped around unremarkably, until one thing led to another, which led to something else, which led to my father stating that his grandfather had died while serving in World War II, during the siege in Sevastopol.

All I said was, “Oh.” I might have said, “Wow.” But that’s how it goes in my family**. While my parents go to yoga class and shop at Whole Foods and own an SUV, they can still be very un-American. We have never had Important Family Talks. Information about the past is revealed randomly and sparingly and only when there isn’t any way around it.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What was the most difficult thing you overcame last year?

Topic: Teen Challenges
Title:  I overcame my first break up  by schoi94
High School Writing Contest Winner"A bacteria culture is placed under a strict controlled environment"

My swollen eyes glazed over the words for the seventh time, once again unable to absorb any of the meaning. I took a deep breath and tried again.

"A bacteria culture is placed—"

It was no use. My eyes were already wandering over to the clock by the time I got to the fifth word.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  Is prom a positive or negative teen tradition? (Example #1)

Topic: Prom
Title:  Catching a Fairytale by CiaoBella14

Student mentor text exampleIt’s almost April. The petit droplets from the sky begin to fall, creating a wet shine on the already glamorous month when people begin to obsess over prom. The hallway is full of excitement, students chirping gossip back and forth about who’s asking who. But the excitement doesn’t end here; awareness about the amazing night of prom has spread to kids at younger and younger ages.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  Is prom a positive or negative teen tradition?  (Example #2)

Topic: Prom
Title:  To Go or Not to Go by Williamgage2011

Example of strong teen essay writing skills - StageofLife.comTo Prom, or not to Prom, that is the question: Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the tuxes and dresses of outrageous fashion or to take naps in the seas of laziness, and by opposing, end it. To dance – to sleep – all night; and by a sleep to say we end the headache, and the thousand unnatural moves that feet aren’t heir to. ‘Tis an abomination devoutly to be wished. To dance – to sleep. To sleep – perchance to dream: ay, there’s the limo!

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What is the value of marriage?  (Example #1)

Topic: Marriage
Title:  You’re Stuck With Me by kaleighsomers

High School Writing ContestThe fact that people even propose the question of marriage having any value troubles me. It's the same reason I began blogging for The Good Woman Project back in early February. I knew that someone out there had lost hope in the big M word. And that was not okay with me.

My parents have been married 26 years. They met in high school, dated through college, and ended up with two crazy daughters that made them want to pull their hair out. But now they're empty nesters and my impression is that they're loving it.

Go ahead and groan. Let it all out.


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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What is the value of marriage?  (Example #2)

Topic: Marriage
Title:  Let Me Keep My Childhood Dream by purpleoveralls
High School Writing Contest"Oh, I don't believe in marriage." The first time I heard my friend say those words with such an air of apathy, I was completely shocked. Marriage isn't Santa Claus; how do you not believe in it? Then I realized many others shared my friend's philosophy, calling marriage an overrated, capitalistic institution that usually resulted in divorce anyway.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What organization, company, non-profit or 'cause' will help make the world a better place?

Topic: Making a Difference
Title:  To Write Love On Her Arms promotes more than ink poisoning by writexmusic

High School Writing ContestWelcome to my life.

I’m your stereotypical sixteen-year-old girl, stressing about school and college, hanging out with her friends, trying to find a boyfriend, rebelling against her parents, ignoring her siblings, and discovering her passion and life dreams (cliché, right?)

Except, there is a twist.

I live in a town where the suicide rate is well above average. In 2008, a local teenager hung himself and a mother burned herself alive (and that’s a lot considering I live in a town of about 10,000.)

Although I didn’t know either of them, a related problem has occurred in my life.


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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What is your relationship with money?  How do you spend (or save) and why?

Topic: Money
Title:  Affinity Gone Awry by ishmealarmaggedon

High School Writing ContestDear Money,

You’re a two-timing lousy piece of paper. I’ve tried saving you my entire life (and trust me, it’s no easy feat). And through all that time, you have the gall to inform me that you’ve been around in other people’s pants? What is this? Has my lifelong relationship with you been a sham? I thought we had something special. But I guess I was wrong. And the worst part of this whole ordeal is your blatant apathy. You never cared about me (or anybody else for that matter) as much as I cherished you.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What form of media impacts your life the most, and why?

Topic: Media
Title:  I Like it Black, White, and Read All Over by sissysulli

High School Writing ContestThere’s advertising, broadcast, digital, electronic, hyper-, mass, multi-, news, and social media. To name a few. But squeezed into dusty corners reserved for antediluvian ancients like myself, there’s also a kind of media that is often forgotten in the seizure-inducing haze of disco-reminiscent electronica clouding the media horizon: print media.

Print media influences me above and beyond any other form of media. It remains the oldest form of media, stemming back to 3500 BC when cylinder seals were still used in ancient Mesopotamia and the iPhone would have been worshiped as a glowing god sent from the gates of heaven. It’s through print media that we can look back through time and study Plato’s view on philosophy, Plutarch’s comparison of Greek and Roman heroes, Shakespeare’s soliloquies, and Dickinson’s scribbled poetry.

It’s through print media that we delve into worlds, lives, thoughts, and beliefs not our own. It’s through print media that humanity is bound together in one common love of knowledge, learning, and legacy. As a child, it was not with an iPod or a laptop that I curled into the boughs of the Bradford pear tree in the backyard, but rather with Johnny Tremain and Huckleberry Finn.

As I grew older, my companions evolved into Robinson Crusoe, Lily Bart, Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, and Bartleby the Scrivener.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY: What are you thankful for?

Topic: Gratitude
Title:  I’m Thankful for Quiet by jasoncaleb

High School Writing ContestIt’s quiet here, in this college library, where I sit and write without interruptions. Peace, quiet, contentment: these three things I cannot take for granted. I say this because I know all too well the chaos, the stress, and the realness of what goes on outside this sanctuary of tranquil solitude. Beyond this building there is a commotion going on with people trying to get to work, there are wars going on in distant places, and there is strife between men. But here, there is peace, there is quiet, and I feel content.

I am a twenty-four year old freshman college student. I’ve had a late start it seems like, yet in a way, I feel that it was necessary for me to put off academia until now, because now I can appreciate it in a better way. For four and a half years I served in the United States Marine Corps. Within that time I went on two seven-month long deployments to Iraq and one deployment to Afghanistan. Between these deployments I trained, tried to have a personal life, succeeded in getting married, and fortunately I survived to see my wife again and to move on with a new life with her.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What stresses you out, and how do you cope with that stress?

Topic: Stress
Title:  The Future by Nguyelil001

High School Writing ContestStress. A word I know all too well. Words can’t even describe what makes my head spin and stomach twist when I’m approached by a deadline, or even the thought of graduating high school. What makes me stressed out can all be expressed in one word: the future.

While I’m comfortably sitting in front of my modest Dell desktop computer, penning this fine piece of literature (I’m totally kidding), my own mother starts lecturing me of what I am to do with the gift God has given me. I simply give her my first thoughts: “I really enjoy playing the guitar and writing short stories.”

Her face fades from an optimistic glow to a dim candle of remorse. While her big smile slowly becomes flat-lined, she replies, “Uhmmm, I think those types of things would be better suited for a side project or a hobby.”

She then starts listing off professions more suited for what fits her idea of success. Doctors, lawyers, architects, and pharmacists are a few jobs that seem to meet her standards. At this point, I wouldn’t dare express my dreams of living in New York, writing for Saturday Night Live, yelling at Yankees games, playing small gigs and folding my pizza in half--- Brooklyn style.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:   Who is your hero?

Topic: Heroes
Title:  My Hero is Friedl Dicker-Brandeis by EcoFaery

High School Writing ContestOn October 9th, 1944, a remarkable woman died in the Nazi gas chambers. She is not only my hero, but she was a hero in one of the truest senses of the word.

In 1942, she and her husband Pavel were taken by the Nazis to Terezin Concentration Camp with a limited amount of baggage. Many people brought clothing, special belongings and valuables with them. But Friedl thought not of her own needs, but of the needs of the children who would be interned with her. They would be lonely, frightened, angry and sad, and they would need a way to express those feelings.

Friedl was a talented artist. She had studied many different art forms for years, everything from textiles and bookbinding to watercolor and charcoal. And so naturally she stuffed her bags with art supplies and used art to help the children. Unbeknownst to the Nazis, Friedl and the other teachers interned at Terezin taught children forbidden subjects. Friedl helped the children to escape from the harsh world and retreat to a world of creativity, and, unlike the other teachers, she did it for free.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What suggestion(s) do you have to make a positive change at your school or with the educational system as a whole?

Topic: Education
Title:  An Educational Renaissance by jakeethe

High School Writing ContestPerhaps I'm the only one who notices the increasing disinterest in education in my school. Or, perhaps, I'm merely overreacting to its inevitability. Maybe it's the brief conversations containing multitudes of grammatical errors that I often hear throughout the hallways, or the numerous students who admit to not caring about school that have led me to this conclusion: The majority of teenagers have lost interest in school as a source of knowledge.

There is no need to take my word for it. Take a glance at the 300+ people at my school on Facebook chat in comparison to the 90 that have stayed after school for extracurricular activities. Observe the increasing number of parents appeasing their children with cash or new cell phones for sub-par grades. Listen to the two troublemakers in the back of the classroom that would rather chat about what parties they plan on attending this weekend than acknowledge the teacher's presence. As a site of social gathering, school has remained prominent. As a site of learning however, school has become nearly obsolete.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  Do we have an obligation to take better care of ourselves by making changes in the way we eat and/or buy and consume food?

Topic: Food
Title:  Necessity or Excuse? by ACstudent

High School Writing ContestI have been a bit overweight for a while now, basically since the 4th grade.

At first, I was told, “don’t worry sweetheart, it’s just baby fat. It’ll go away as you grow.” But all of the excuses I had made for myself in middle school failed. I was caught in this perpetual cycle of unhappiness. I didn’t want to be big, so I ate my feelings, but obviously that emotional trickery was causing the problem to begin with. I had been fed statistic after statistic, but simply couldn’t get the motivation I was looking for from myself.

I thought about why the rate of obesity was increasing to begin with. Did people care less about weight? Did people now ignore their appearances? Why was it that people ignored the risks and damages or being overweight and simply continued on with their dangerous lifestyles?

And then I found the statistic that explained it all: “obesity is more than twice as common among women in lower socioeconomic groups as among women in higher ones.”

The reasoning behind this is that people in lower socioeconomic groups aren’t looking to spend a ton of money at Whole Foods when they can easily go to the nearest fast-food restaurant and pick up the same amount for a lot less. If anything, obesity speaks more of the economic turmoil this nation suffers than the lack of motivation or lethargy people are accused of. So if the health risks aren’t enough to make one change his or her mind about eating habits, than you may just be tackling the wrong issue first.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What is one behavior you can either change or incorporate into your daily life that will reduce our negative impact on the environment?

Topic: Environment
Title:  Oil Spill: Preserving Nature’s Splendor by mchao31

High School Writing Contest“Thank God men cannot fly, and lay waste the sky as well as the earth.” As evident through Henry David Thoreau’s saying, human waste and pollution existed even in the nineteenth century. Throughout time, we learned to reduce our footprint on the Earth. Increasing trends of global warming have alerted many people to adjust their lives in order to save themselves. However, even to this day, some people still exhibit a flagrant disregard for the planet, and the consequences are apparent. In order to save our planet’s environment, as well as our own hides, society must consider being less wasteful.

It may seem obvious that being wasteful is a key contributor to Earth’s demise, but one can easily prove otherwise. Two things that people often take for granted are oil and water. According to statistics involving the oil usage throughout the world, the United States of America ranks in at first place with a whopping twenty million barrels used daily. China, the preceding country, uses only seven million barrels daily, and the population of China is four times that of the United States. Despite the fact that the United States uses the most oil, the world must realize a group effort is required to lessen their oil usage as well. Sure enough, the United States needs to reduce oil consumption. For example, there exists various means at our hands which can lessen our impact on the world such as: solar energy, wind energy, or even water energy. With BP’s recent and on-going oil spill epidemic, citizens need to seriously consider a change of plans in the near future. This oil spill drastically affects marine life as it spreads throughout the water.

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MENTOR TEXT ESSAY:  What is the most difficult thing (for you) about college?

Topic: College
Title:  We Don’t Reach All Our Goals by sean_wang

High School Writing ContestDisappointment – my greatest fear in the world. It is a mental plague, a malicious demon in the obscurities of my mind. It chops me down from my lofty heights, cleaves me open with the painful axe of failed expectations, and erodes me away until nothing is left but sawdust. It shuts the lights whenever I conjure a bright idea, sneering as I crawl pathetically in the dark in desperate search of self-approval. There is no greater pain than its intangible sting, no worse feeling than the bitter realization of falling short. I cannot stand the truth, that I practiced for weeks but missed the target, that I trained for years but lost in the first round, that I pushed my physical being to its limit and forced the efforts of an eternity through the lifeblood of my soul, but still never reached my goals. I can pretend all I want, ponder all that could have and should have happened, but reality is cruel; dreams do not always come true.

Some people dream of attending college. They yearn for an education because they desire its boundless benefits: its potential to craft economic stability, its prestige as a source of family and social pride, its practicality in teaching essential technical skills, and its unquestionable ability to put limitless joy in life. These diligent men, women, and young adults are motivated to study and prioritize their schooling. They persistently chew their way through textbooks so they can one day emerge from the cocoon and enjoy the high skies of education. They forgo luxuries and work multiple jobs so they can save hard-earned money for tuition. Students like Shane Burrows and Kathryn McCormick work their butts off, yet there is no guarantee that they will succeed. But what force holds them back? What barrier prevents them from reaching that mountain top, from becoming college graduates?

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Contact Rebecca - Stage of Life blogging consultantThe above teen blogging and writing prompt ideas were developed by Rebecca Thiegs, M.Ed. 

She is the resident, educational consultant for Stage of Life and welcomes feedback on this Language Arts blogging curriculum; in particular, which parts worked best for you.

Becky Thiegs, M.Ed

Rebecca earned her Masters of English Education from the University of Minnesota and has spent the last 15 years teaching high school English, Language Arts, Creative Writing and Public Speaking in a wide range of schools from an urban setting in Minneapolis to an affluent suburb of Philadelphia to a rural, small town in York County, PA.  In addition to her high school teaching career, Rebecca was a senior curriculum consultant for McDaniel College as part of their Summer Enrichment Program through a partnership with the DC Success Foundation, an initiative supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  She sits on the board of her local library, is a certified Writing Fellow from the National Writing Project, serves as the guest book blogger for her local newspaper, lived in London England, and is the passionate mother of two. 

Rebecca is available to speak or consult on Language Arts educational trends and in particular, teen blogging and getting writing out of the classroom.

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