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Mobile Coupons and our Mobile Coupon API Mobile Coupon API

Looking for mobile friendly coupons for your membership program? 

The Stage of Life Merchant Network works with its merchant partners to delivery mobile-enabled offers, coupons, and discounts for its clients' programs. 

Want an example?

1)  Visit from any smart phone and click on "Discounts" from the main menu. 

You'll see immediately how we pull in our coupon feed of merchant offers to reward the teachers, teens, and writers/bloggers using our agency's educational literacy initiative.

2)  For a corporate client example, visit from any smart phone web browser.  This mobile experience is custom designed to pull in and feature our API coupon feed of merchant offers into the phone interface for mobile-ready coupons and offers. 

No apps to download.

We can help give your program mobile coupons too.  Your members simply visit your program website via their mobile phone web browser to access their special offers hosted by the Stage of Life Merchant Network Coupon API.

Our mobile enabled coupons can be provided as a stand-alone solution for your program or as part of a larger member benefit program, and it comes standard in all full-service, white label discount programs we launch with new clients.

Want more information or pricing on our mobile coupon solutions? 

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Why our API?

In working with our merchant partners in the Stage of Life Merchant Network, we manage all of the offer details (expiration dates, codes, logos, and contracts) and you get the fun part...delivering in-store web coupons, online coupon codes, and special offers to help your members save money throughout their lives.

We say...

"If we can't help you, we'll refer you to (or recommend) other loyalty, partnership or membership site-building agencies that can. 

Our goal is to help differentiate your brand with an exclusive membership program tailored to your organization that will both generate loyalty with existing members/customers, and give you something cool to talk about with new customers.

We'd love to have a call, talk about your project, and provide you a quote and timeline."

-Eric Thiegs, President & CEO of Stage of Life LLC