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Monthly Twitter Writing Contest

Twitter Writing Contest

Twitter Contests Have Ended

Along with sun-setting its international writing contests, ended its monthly Twitter Writing Contests in May 2016.

"Why did you end the contests?"

With nearly one million visitors to each year, we've been asked that question a lot lately.  For a full explanation, you may read more by clicking the Details Here button below.  We are in the process of notifying and awarding the final winners from the previous Twitter contests.  Thanks to everyone who participated over the years! 

Why Did the Contests End?

Short Short Story Contest Archive

Twitter Writing Contests on StageofLife.comView the most recent Twitter Writing Contest winners below:
  • April and May 2016 Twitter Contest:  Topic:  Secret of Happiness.  WINNER: ‏@_kyuubey_ - @stageoflife The secret to happiness is that we think it's a secret! Your happiness doesn't have to be hidden as a guilty pleasure. Own it!
  • Feb. and March 2016 Twitter Contest: Topic:  Second Chances.  WINNER:  @amandaxchu - @stageoflife Everyday, when I wake up to another morning, I receive a second chance. I get another day, and another chance at the world.
  • Jan. 2016 and Dec. 2015 Twitter Contest: Topic:  Changing the World.  WINNER: ‏@camille_hood - @stageoflife We can change the world in many different ways, but the easiest one might be to just care for each other a little more.
  • Nov. 2015 Twitter Contest:  Topic:  Winning the lottery.  WINNER:  ‏@sunnydayshuang - @stageoflife The lottery holds the unspoken truth— Money is power, the power for Change.  Serve that Truth to those who are powerless...
  • Oct. 2015 Twitter Contest:  Topic:  Environmental Issues.  WINNER:  ‏@danniebirdk - @stageoflife A bird told me to tweet for the nests & the trees, because they can't cry themselves.
  • August Twitter 2015 Contest:  Topic:  Family Vacations.  WINNER:  ‏@TJMonster - @stageoflife Proposed to my future wife at Ireland's northernmost point. We spent 7 days celebrating with strangers before we told family.
  • June & July 2015 Twitter Contest:  Topic:  Mobile Apps.  WINNER:  ‏@alexafay98 - @stageoflife Slowly I breathe in, inhaling positive vibes. Once guided, I fill the room with worn-out air and bliss. Thank you mindful app.
  • May 2015 Twitter Contest:  Topic:  Teacher Appreciation.  WINNER:  ‏@sunnydayshuang - @stageoflife "...Do you know why kids like playing hide-and-seek? Because they want to be found."  Thank you, Mrs. Moelter, for finding me.
  • April 2015 Twitter Contest:  Topic:  Pet Stories.  WINNERS:  Jess Colopy ‏@crisscrossjess - @stageoflife my dog has marshmallow fur and chocolate eyes that make me feel warmer and more cozy than hot chocolate ever could | Phil Mullins ‏@PhillipMullins - @stageoflife She moves me. To the floor to brush her. To the yard to hush her. To take food to her bowl. To my feet each day to do it again. | ‏@JMR0979 - @stageoflife eternally energetic, agonizingly annoying, often obnoxious, frightfully funny, consistently caring, and longingly loved, dog.

Previous Twitter Contests...

Twitter Submissions

Below you'll see our Stage of Life Twitter feed.  Feel free to scroll down to view some of the Tweets submitted to the "Short Short Story" Writing Contest...

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