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Important Update

Story Sharing Paused

NEWS:  Submissions of essays, stories, and blogs via the "Share a Story" or "Submit Essay" forms on are currently paused. 

Story Submissions SuspendedThere are three reasons for this change:

1)  Writing Contest Story Submissions Ended:
  Stage of Life has ended its long standing monthly writing contests.  The existing story submission form will no longer be used for the writing contests.  Because the majority of essays that appear on are in response to its writing contests, suspending the current "Share a Story" form is needed.

View more information about the ending of our writing contests, please view the details on our Writing Contest page.

2) Too Many Stories:  There are over 30,000 stories housed in Stage of Life's database.  This volume of content has slowed the site's speed and performance for accepting and displaying new stories.  The owners of Stage of Life are reviewing options on how best to increase performance without increased cost.  Improvements to the story database and website are costly, and we are working to understand what it'll take to evolve to the next level. 

If you have any ideas on this, please submit them through our contact form - contact us.

3)  Spam Stories:
  With nearly 1 million visitors to Stage of Life each year, there has been an increase in "spam" stories being submitted.  We don't want these types of stories cluttering up a site that teachers, schools, universities, students, parents, writers, and bloggers use regularly.

Final Comments: Story Submission Form NewsPlease be aware that our members will still have access to their previously submitted stories.  Additionally, the informational content on is still 100% available and growing, e.g. statistics, quotes, etiquette, coupons, etc.  With millions of visitors since its inception, is ready to evolve to the next level. 

Because is independently owned and managed on a small budget, we'd appreciate your advice, input, and/or introductions to people who may be able to assist us with evolving the technology, the idea, or direction to reach even more people. 

Please feel free to reach out through our contact form -- contact us.

Writing Contest Archive - Students

Writing Contests and Teen Trend Reports Student Writing Contests

Below you will find all of the monthly writing contests and teen trend reports from the last five years hosted by  Our dedication to digital literacy efforts have reached over 1,000,000 students and teachers in the last half decade, received mention on, and features in the news.  Feel free to click through and read the top essay submissions from any given month. is honored to be one of the most-visited writing contests for students in the world.  We love working with you as we celebrate the journey as life-long readers and writers...

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