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Stage of Life Videos

Inspiring Videos

Inspiring Videos for Life

Stage of Life editors have hand selected some inspirational videos for everyone from high school students to Baby Boomers.  Some of these clips are popular viral videos and others are less well-known.  You may also want to follow Stage of Life on YouTube for our monthly Teen Trend video report.

If you have suggestions on other videos we should feature, please Contact Us.

Select Videos by Your Stage of Life:

Teen Trend Video Reports

Stage of Life has produced several video summaries from its teen trend reports.  From gun control to teen shopping habits to goal setting, explore the exclusive informational videos on the life of today's teens.

Stage of Life YouTube Channel

Inspirational Videos for Teachers

As part of our free educational resources for high school teachers and college instructors, we've sourced inspirational videos that work well in the classroom.  Several of these videos were recommended to us by both Language Arts teachers and teens themselves.

View all Inspirational Videos for Teachers

Videos about High School Students

Videos recommended for and by students about high school, the life of a teenager, or something simply inspirational for teens.

View all High School Videos

Videos about College Students

Short informational, inspirational or just plain funny videos about college or involving college students.

View all College Videos


Videos about being Single

Stage of Life editors have selected some videos about being single, living on your own, pick-up lines and more.

View all Single Videos


Videos about Weddings

The best and funniest videos about engagements and weddings.

View all Wedding Videos

Videos about Marriage

Inspirational and funny videos about martial relationships and the secrets to a happy marriage.

View all Marriage Videos


Home Ownership Videos

A unique collection of videos about home ownership, moving, home improvement, remodeling, DIY projects, and more.

View all Home Owner Videos

Funny Videos about Babies

Humorous or inspirational videos about pregnancy, having a baby, telling parents they are about to become grandparents, and more.

View all Baby Videos

Videos about Parenthood

Watch the video collection about children, parents and the art of raising a family.  Some of these clips are well-known viral videos and others we can guarantee you have not seen.

View all Family Videos

Videos about  Grandparents

Funny, informational and inspirational videos for Grandparents.

View all Grandparent Videos


Videos about Empty Nest and Retirement

Important, inspirational and funny retirement and Empty Nest videos...

View all Retirement Videos

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