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blogging testimonials

"Thanks Stage of Life coupons!  On-line shopping is a life saver for me as I try to juggle a career, home, husband, 3 kids (8 & under), dog, friends, and family. I know I am saving money using the $5 coupon (and free shipping) at  It's unbeatable.  Best of all, I feel great supporting companies that give back!  Here's to one day at a time, lovin' MY stage of life!

--Robin H., York PA

blogging testimonials

"I love how this site promotes a community of people that aren't just looking for the answer to one specific question, but are instead looking for inspiration each and every day of their lives."

--Davis S., Boston MA

 "I blogging testimonialsthink StageofLife is an important website and is one of the few that supports beginning young writers as well as us older ones.  Great job, ya'll, and again, thank you for the encouragement."

--Betty K

blogging testimonials"I'm the father of three kids under 3.5 years of age AND a business owner so my life is very very busy.  Stage of Life gives me offers and information directly for me.  I don't have to search and spend a lot of time (that I don't have) to find them...they're right there."

--Pat H., Duluth MN

blogging testimonials"Every stage of life is important, I just thought it might be interesting to share what I'm experiencing with a million of my closest friends out there in the world of the internet"

-- Amanda Konstantine

"blogging testimonialsI got involved with because Stage of Life offers a unique platform broken into groups through which I could communicate with my peers by posting thoughtful and personal writing. Looking back, writing on was one of the best choices I ever made, in regards to expanding my reach as a blogger and my skills as a writer."

--Amanda B.

blogging testimonials"I am a firm believer that words can change the world; one person's story may be another person's life saver. It is a wonderful mission, and I fell in love."

--Michelle Pease

blogging testimonials"I got involved with Stage of Life not only because it was good experience for future jobs but also because I really believe in the site's mission statement."

--Britt S.

blogging testimonials"In the "age of social media" there are an abundance of ways to connect, but Stage of Life stands out from the crowd because it brings together individuals in the same "stage" of their life.  Stage of Life gives me the opportunity to seek advice, share my struggles, and celebrate triumphs with people who understand the unique nature of my life;  Additionally, it allows me to to find news and information relevant to my life and needs and sends me "deals" that I actually want!  It is a safe and positive environment that I can trust to meet my unique "stage of life" needs!"

--Laura Parson

blogging testimonials"Being a writer and a psychotherapist I was excited about's approach honoring all of the milestones and unique issues that arise throughout the different developmental stages of our lives.  I love the website's inclusive nature and how it encourages exploring beyond one's own immediate world.  I can lend insight from past experience and also hear reassuring words from those that have gone before me.  There are not many places out there where you can find that kind of comprehensive information." 

--Becky Aud-Jennison

blogging testimonials"I wanted a place to showcase my writing but was new to the whole blogging scene. Stage of Life offered a friendly playground to not only share my writing but also learn from so many talented writers." 

--Elle Lamboy

blogging testimonials"Stage of Life reminds us that even in our differences, we are all alike. We all have fears and failures, hopes and dreams, goals and accomplishments; and we all want someone to share these things with. We're all one big family--and that gives me an endless stream of cousins who have to laugh at my jokes!"

--Amy Mullis

blogging testimonials"I love that StageofLife is like a family--there's room for many opinions and personalities. Its members come from such different seasons of life, that a wide variety of issues are discussed and exchanged. In short, the StageofLife community has something for everyone."

--Sarah Hamaker

"blogging testimonialsStage of Life is what we're all about:  Learning and loving in different ways as we move ceremoniously and ordinarily through the passages of our lives.  Each person is unique, yet bound by commonality to others through experiences we share in each stage of life's journey.  Stage of Life celebrates the journey, and brings fellow travelers together across the globe to make the road well-traveled."

--Jane Thiegs

"blogging gives me the opportunity to share with others my experiences and knowledge and at the same time, gain new insight by reading what others write. I also enjoy reading and writing comments for the other Stages of Life and being 60 years old, I  have experienced most of them. Everyone has something to contribute that makes their journey through each stage unique!"

 --Susan Saunders

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