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Must Visit Websites for My Wedding

Must Visit Websites for Your WeddingSeven Ways to Save Money On My Wedding

Weddings are expensive. 

Did you know that the average wedding for 150 guests costs over $26,300? 

We grabbed a few of our wedding insiders and asked them for their advice on some simple ways in which to save money on the big day.  Take these thoughts to heart as using some of this advice will leave more cash on hand for your honeymoon or after-wedding home purchases.

#1:  Make Your Own Invitations

Why use those super expensive pre-formed invitations when you could work with a local printer and deisgn your own for about half the cost!  It'll give your event that personal touch too!

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#2:  Use Your Connections

You know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody's uncle that'll get you an unheard of rate for your recenption venue.  This doesn't just go for the place where the reception will be held.  Use your roladex to find inside deals for any and all aspects of your wedding.  You're not being "cheap" - you're being "smart."

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#3:  Stay Away from Designer Dresses

Nobody but you will know it's a $4,000 so-and-so dress verses an $800 "I-like-how-this- looks-on-me" dress.

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#4:  Keep It Local

While destination weddings are WAY cool - they are WAY expensive.  Keep costs down by holding your big event close to where you are currently living.  Heck - have it in your backyard and make it a BBQ!

#5:  Ask for help

Do you have a big wedding planned?  We're talking 200+ guests?  Does your caterer charge you extra for the table favors and center pieces?  If yes - cut that expense out and ask your extended family to lend a hand with assembling unique favors or creating center pieces.  Our guess is that you've got an aunt (or five) that can get pretty crafty.

CHECK OUT:  At least give your aunt a small gift when she's finished helping.

#6:  Give Yourself Enough Time

You know that expression, "time is money."  Well - it is.  Engaged couples really start throwing down the cash for their wedding when they realize that the big day is just around the corner and a dozen things are "not finished yet" so they pay the first vender who will get the job done for them.  What they don't realize is that there are probably three or four other companies that would do the same task for half as much but twice as good.  Bottom line - give yourself enough time to research all components of your wedding and find the right venders to put them into action.  Don't do it at the 11th hour or you'll pay dearly.

CHECK OUT: Here's an a cheap weekend getaway during the engagement to sit down and plan out the key parts of the wedding together...away from the hustle and bustle of life's everyday routine.

#7:  Fire the DJ/Band

You can save BIG by crafting your own songlist for the dinner and reception through your iPod and using a good friend to MC your event.  It'll make your reception that must more intimate as all of the music will be hand-picked by you AND you'll have a friend that knows you running the show.

Do you have wedding tips, advice, lists, or recommendations to share?  Contact us, we'd love to post your wedding wisdom!

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