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If you're engaged to be married...

Must Visit Websites for gotta check out these must visit websites and resources for your wedding!

Stage of Life is constantly sourcing the best must-visit websites and resources for brides, grooms and those planning a wedding.  Take a few moments and explore the below web destinations. 

You may just find something inspiring.  And if you have a "Wedding" life resource to suggest, please let us know.

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Must Visit Websites for Weddings

Great Date Deals
Stop Being Boring and Try Something New! is a membership website where couples and dating singles can discover great dating activities at attractive discounts.We're your one-stop shop for great date ideas.Save 50% - 90% at your favorite local restaurants and events, or find new adventures with that special someone.Become a member and we will help you plan anything from a first date to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

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Money Crashers
Planning a tasteful and classy wedding without draining your bank account can be a difficult task. However, if you're looking for ways to have a cheap wedding reception on a budget, whether it be the venue, flowers, photography, or even the honeymoon planning, Money Crashers is there for you. Money Crashers is an online resource for anyone who wants to get serious about improving their finances, and once the ceremony is over, you'll find a lot more great information to improve your married life. Financial woes can put a lot of stress on a marriage, but by learning money management tips for newlyweds and ways couples can create a budget together, you'll be taking important steps to ensure a long and healthy marriage.

Budget Planning for Your Wedding and New Marriage  Discover the best FREE money management system you can use throughout your entire life. is a secure, online planner to help you organize and budget your finances while at the same time planinng for life's financial milestones whether it be getting married, combining accounts with your financee, paying off college debt, getting a new job, buying a new car or house, or even looking ahead to retirement.

It takes about five to ten minutes to set up, and you can view all of your financial information in one place.  Money Magazine gives it a four-star rating and everyone from the New York Times to Good Morning America are raving about this free, simple, personal finance planner and money mangement tool. 

Stage of Life staff have tested it, use it and warmly recommend it.

Financial Planning Resource

Stage of Life Feature Article

7 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding

Did you know that the average wedding for 150 guests costs over $26,300?   Stage of Life grabbed a few of our wedding insiders and asked them for their advice on some simple ways in which to save money on the big day.  If you've been asking yourself, "How can I save money on my wedding?" then this is article is a must-read.

Save Money on Your Wedding Resource

The Knot

Who Has the Best Selection of Wedding Favors?

The Knot is great to look at all different aspects of planning a wedding.  It includes dresses, vendors, and wedding ideas for stationary, centerpieces and more. They are also known for their “real weddings” which shows pictures of real people who have gotten married and were willing to share pictures online. It can inspire something with your wedding planning, spinning off something you’ve seen.

The knot has great information on DIY projects. DIY, or do it yourself, is becoming more and more popular for people who are or are not on a tight budget.  There is also a tab called, “Ask Carley.”  She has answered generalized questions about issues concerning a wedding.

CHECK OUT:  The Knot Wedding Shop has the best selection of wedding favors. Make them unique for your wedding with free personalization.

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Perfect Wedding Guide

Where Can I Find Local Venders for My Wedding?

This website allows you to define your location and get very specific, local information fory our wedding, which can be very helpful if you're looking for recommendations on venders in your area.

You simply choose the exact city you are in, and then can choose the radius of miles past where your city is.

View Local Wedding Resources

Where Can I Create My Own Wedding Website?

On, couples can create their own wedding website.

You can discuss your and your fiancé’s personal goals and aspirations, along with how you both met and how he proposed.  You can write about the bridal party and people who visit your website can dedicate songs to you so they can be played by the DJ at the reception.

If you are planning on going green, you can also have the RSVP online and list where you are registered at.

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Everything Goes Wedding Forum

Wedding Wire is great for getting advice from other brides-to-be as well as from vendors.

You can post questions, concerns, or just simply vent about issues you’re having. This is a basically ‘everything goes’ forum and the responses can be very helpful for ideas, or validation on your feelings.

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