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Videos about Weddings and Engagements

Wedding VideosWedding and Engagement Videos...

Stage of Life editors hand selected some of the best videos about engagements and weddings appearing on YouTube and Vimeo.  Some are well-known videos, having been featured on the news, and others we can guarantee you have not seen.  If you have suggestions on wedding videos we should feature, please contact us with a suggestion.


View Videos about Weddings and Engagements

Featured Wedding Video: Do-It-Yourself Wedding Tips

Simple and affordable do-it-yourself wedding ideas for every bride!

Featured Wedding Video: Downtown Disney Flash Mob Proposal

A man name Jamin took his soon to be fiancé down to Disney World to propose to her in his own special way.

Featured Wedding Video: Amazing Engagement

There's a good reason this engagement video has as many views as it does on YouTube.  The planning required to pull this  Thanks goes to several of our Stage of Life viewers who sent us this link.  Enjoy...

Featured Wedding Video: Groomsmen attempt Michael Jackson's Thriller tribute at reception...

These groomsmen may not dance like Michael, but we give them a thumbs up for the preparation it must have taken to pull this together.  We envisioned one of many conversations going down like this, "Hey Jim, you gonna have a bachelor party?"  Groom's reply:  "No, Robbie, we're gonna rehearse a tribute to Thriller for 15 hours, dance it at the reception, and post it on YouTube.  How's that sound, guys?!  Who's in?!"  Answer:  Apparently everyone...

Featured Wedding Video: Monster-in-Law Movie "Proposal"

The clip shown below, depicts Kevin (Michael Vartan) proposing to Charlie (Jennifer Lopez) in front of his disapproving mother. This clip is taken from the Warner Bros. movie Monster-in-Law.  The proposal is only the beginning of the "monster-in-law" troubles Charlie will face throughout the movie...


Featured Wedding Video: Monster-in-Law Movie "Slap Fight Scene"

When it finally comes to Charlie's wedding day, she has had enough of her obnoxious mother-in-law-to-be.  The scene shows just how crazy things can get between brides and their groom's mothers...

Featured Wedding Video: Groom-to-be proposes to his girlfriend during final scene of an Improv sketch at Waynesburg College...

This is an incredibly innovative, public proposal of two college seniors in an improv group at Waynesburg College. The bride-to-be, while a performer in the group, is unaware that her financee will pop the question during the last scene of Waynesburg College's, WU Line is it Anyway showcase.  The planning and set-up for this is well done, not to mention the guy's patience in not rushing the performance or buckling under the pressure...

Featured Wedding Video: Sending Facebook and Twitter Updates During Wedding Ceremony...

It's a modern world, filled with technology.  People love their Facebook.  Many love their Twitter.  But providing instant updates on your life in the middle of your wedding ceremony?  You'll either find this video hilarious (as it appears the bride and groom intended for it to be a bit of a gag), or a sad commentary on the encroachment of technology in our lives...

Featured Wedding Video: Airport Proposal

This is a surprise engagement proposal by a Navy Officer with a little help from the other passengers on the plane he was flying in on.  We love this marriage proposal because it wasn't the cheesy jumbo-screen engagement at the common sporting event, but rather a completely original idea that played out so well...

Featured Wedding Video:  JK Wedding Entrance Dance

This is a real wedding.  This is a real procession down the aisle by the wedding party and the bride.  In fact, because of how original this couple was, their YouTube wedding video has been viewed by over 24 million people.  The couple and their brides maids and groomsmen were also invited to perform a re-enactment for the morning talk show circuit.

Featured Wedding Video:  Clumsy Best Man Ruins Wedding

Check out this clip of a wedding in which the best man...well...ruins the wedding.

Featured Wedding Video:  Wedding Overview

Stage of Life pulled together a short video about weddings using statistics and quotes from famous people.

Stage of Life VideosWedding Videos:

Do you create videos?  If you'd like your video to be featured on Stage of Life, follow these submission guidelines:

1.  Create your video about engagements or weddings.  Keep it under 4 minutes in length.  Productions with foul language will not be selected for the video gallery.

2.  At the end of the video, include the phrase "Video Submission -" as either a verbally spoken line by one of the actors or as a title page.

3.  Upload your video to YouTube.

4.  Send us an email with the link to your YouTube video. Email the video link here.  Please include your contact information for questions we may have.

5.  We will review your submission and contact you if it is selected to appear on the site.

All enteries have the opportunity to appear on the site.

Good luck - have fun!

Suggest a you know of a great YouTube video already out there about weddings, brides, grooms or engagements?  Please share it with us.  Send us the link and we'll consider adding it to our wedding video gallery...

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