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Wedding Blog Archive

Divorce Fear = Low Marriage Rates

Posted by: mcoly618 on 12/29/2011

While doing some daily reading, I stumbled across an article about demographer Dr. Sharon Sassler, a Cornell University professor who was doing a study on couples. She found that a study published in the November Journal of Family Relations, corresponds with a recent Pew Research Institute report, which found that couples are getting married later in life, while the number of people who do actually get married has recently hit an all time low.

Check out this interesting article, <... Read More

Wedding stress

Posted by: michness on 12/24/2011

Since my engagement in October, I began to plan and hope for the best possible wedding I can afford. Afford, of course, being the operative word.

I had anticipated, perhaps naively, that my fiance and I would be receiving some sort of financial help from our parents to pay for the wedding. My parents were ecstatic when they heard about my engagement. And although it took some time, it appears like his parent's are slowly warming up to the fact that their son is getting married.
... Read More

Stylish, Inexpensive Bridesmaid Gifts

Posted by: Penelope on 09/06/2011

Weddings can be financially draining enough without the thought of giving all those participating a gift. Recently, I found this fun article on's blog, that gives five inexpensive gifts for bridesmaids. I contacted and got permission to re-post some of their article here.

I hope this can save other brides some money like it has for me...

As a bridesmaid it... Read More

Wearing white...How do I accessorize?

Posted by: Collette on 08/19/2011

Like many other brides, I have no idea what jewelry I want to wear with my white wedding dress (or any other white dress for that matter). I found this fun article on's blog, that gives some great tips on do's and don'ts for wearing white. I contacted and got permission to re-post their article here.

I hope it helps other struggling brides like me...

Read More

8 Ways to Use Photos at Your Wedding

Posted by: Ruth on 08/08/2011

I had a friend ask me the other day for some creative suggestions she could share with her daughter on how to make a wedding more personal.

Being an Editor for Stage of Life, I of course had a million suggestions, but one thing that jumped out right away was using...PHOTOS!

We checked what Kodak Gallery might have to say about this and we found eight great tips on how to use photos at your wedding:

1. Picado:
Flags Having a backyard ceremony? String... Read More

Don't get ripped off!

Posted by: stephpadovani on 07/19/2011

Ah, the wedding dress; every girl dreams of her ballgown, mermaid, or a-line dress. I can’t think of one that dreamed she’d be getting ripped off when going out to purchase it.

But that’s the funny thing about wedding gowns. They can be a HUGE rip off….or rather, their labels are often ripped off.

Do not get caught in that trap.

Did you know that many bridal stores REMOVE the designer labels from their wedding gowns? Worse, did you also know that this ... Read More

Goal Setting for Engaged Couples and Newlyweds

Posted by: Collette on 12/29/2010

Attention love birds...I wanted to share Stage of Life's free, universal goal setting worksheet for engaged couples and newlyweds.

Whether you use it as your "New Year's Resolution To-Do" list or as a tool to kick off fresh start with your new marriage, this 10-step worksheet will help get you proactively thinking about the goals, possibilities and opportunities ahead.

Read More

Royally Engaged with the Ring?!

Posted by: ElleoftheBall on 11/23/2010

You can now have your own here... Read More

Royally Engaged.

Posted by: ElleoftheBall on 11/17/2010

And I thought The Beatles finally coming to ITunes was exciting.

As Americans, we tend to have a fascination with many things British, but the Royal Family tends to rein supreme… especially with the ladies.

A couple years ago, my friends and I couldn’t put down The Other Boleyn Girl.

A couple decades before that book, our mothers were consumed by the wedding of Princess Diana.

Today, countless Facebook statuses are dedicated to the... Read More

Weddings Put on Hold!

Posted by: Collette on 09/30/2010

If you didn't see the news yesterday, there was a big article from the AP about weddings. The Census numbers came out showing that marriages fell to a record low in 2009, but more couples were living together to save money.

Here's the article...very interesting..

By HOPE YEN, Associated Press Writer | (AP)

WASHINGTON (AP) As the recession shook Americans' confidence last year, new figures show that weddings for people 18 and older dropped to the lowest point in... Read More

Wedding Planning Advice

Posted by: nedacasta on 09/28/2010

My wedding was July 10th 2010 and as a bride who has been there these are some words of advice that I would pass on to other brides beginning that adventure called wedding planning.

Choose your favorite colors for your wedding. Even if you have to change the shade depending on the season. The whole experience of putting my wedding together was enriched that much more as I shopped for everything in my fav color PINK! Pretty Pink flowers, pretty Pink dresses, pretty Pink pa... Read More

What's The Big Deal About Weddings?

Posted by: nedacasta on 07/15/2010

I was never that little girl who dreamed of having a wedding. I never had visions of where I wanted it or what dress I would wear. Not that I didn't want one. I think I mostly just believed it was something I could never have. For me it was something that other people do. Not something I would never be able to afford or ever be lucky enough to get the chance to do.

I was so blase about it at the beginning. Is it worth the money? Do we really need to do all of this? We are buying a ho... Read More

Finding the Perfect Dress to Wear to a Wedding

Posted by: shamaker on 04/12/2010

My brother-in-law is getting married on Saturday and three of my four children are in the wedding party: two darling flower girls and a ring bearer will be dressed to the nines.

While I'm under no illusions as to who will be the stars of the day, behind the bride and groom, I would like to wear a nice dress. I'm not a young chick any longer and, having given birth to four children, the youngest of whom is not quite two, I have some body issues (working on those, but it's a slow proc... Read More

Wedding nightmare: worse than the clown one. You know what I mean.

Posted by: pelzbee on 02/12/2010

Last night I had my very first wedding nightmare. Dun dun duuuuuuuuun! Wedding nightmare, you ask? What’s so spooooooky about a wedding nightmare? Nothing about it was twisted or disturbing, as in other things you call “nightmare-ish”. Nothing freaky-deaky like you’re in a house that’s yours, but it’s not yours, but it is, you just know it – oh, and there weren’t any, like, dancing pandas with bloody shanks. That sort of thing. But let me tell you – this? This wedding dream? Felt like a bullet ... Read More

2010 Goal Setting for Brides and Grooms

Posted by: bugcandy on 12/31/2009

As the Founder of, I wanted to wish our soon-to-be bride and groom readers a Happy New Year in 2010.

To help provide some ideas on new opportunities for your life, wedding and new life together this New Year, check out and print our Goal setting worksheet. You'll find here on Stage of Life if you look at the bottom of this page (in the footer) and click on "Goal Setting" under the Resources column.

Feel free to complete this worksheet with your soon-to-b... Read More

"Honey, you gotta do what makes you happy."

Posted by: ckoplitz on 12/14/2009

What a loaded phrase. I heard that from all of my family and friends back a few months ago.

I was having more and more problems with my fiance, and I had to make a decision. I had to do what was best for me, what made me happy. My fiance had stopped working on our relationship. I was trying so hard to keep us together and he seemed to never care. He had even stopped showing me physical affection. No hugs, no kisses, no touching really at all. We were seeing each other on the weekend... Read More

The Do's and Don'ts of Getting Married Outside

Posted by: Collette on 10/08/2009

For those of you that planned or are planning weddings outside, or for those of you who have attended an outdoor wedding what are lessons learned or tips for those of us considering it?... Read More

Some Cash Savers for your Day

Posted by: KristieMGrey on 08/16/2009

Money seems to be on everyone's mind - more so than usual! However, people are still getting married, so I have been finding more and more brides on a budget. You don't have to sacrifice your dream wedding simply because you can't drop $50,000! However, when brides are on a budget they tend to try to make their dream wedding COMPLETELY homemade, and so the STRESS they endure ends up being worse than the payout! Here are a FEW things you can do to help cut your costs (and keep things low stre... Read More

Fashion Show & Bridal Showcase Report

Posted by: KristieMGrey on 07/27/2009

A week after the Whitaker Center's 3rd Annual Bridal Showcase, I have recovered and can look back and notice some trends. I did not want to blog before my head had a chance to properly absorb all I had experienced.

The show itself was fantastic. We had gowns & tuxes from five shops total: The Bridal Emporium of Elizabethtown, PA, Taylored for You of Mechanicsburg, PA, Creative Elegance from Camp Hill, PA, Capital Rent-a-Tux of Mechanicsburg, PA, & Oxford Hall Celtic Shop of New Cu... Read More

For Central PA Brides: Upcoming Bridal Show

Posted by: KristieMGrey on 07/10/2009

I thought I would blog for a second about the craziness going on!

Two days ago, The Whitaker Center in Harrisburg contacted me and asked me to take over the production & direction for the fashion show at their 3rd annual Bridal Expo on July 19! ACK!

In the last 2 days I have been finalizing models, bridal shops, tuxedos, kilts (yes kilts), finding music, talking to the MC, coordinating with the Whitaker, blocking the models and more.

We are doing two shows, I a... Read More


Posted by: AmyDoodle on 06/28/2009

My niece, the child who’s been the winning number on my Bingo card since she slid into this world backwards one sweaty August night back in the days when I was more interested in bell bottoms than budgets, was getting married again. Money was an issue, but Bingo, nose-deep in Weddings on a Shoestring, had made up her mind.

A wedding on a shoestring? If we had a shoestring to work with, it would be a luxury item. Let’s just say our price range hovered between free and whatever tips... Read More

I Said "YES"! ... Then I thought, "Now what?"

Posted by: KristieMGrey on 06/25/2009

How many little girls grow up dreamers? I can tell you I certainly would sing "One Day My Prince Will Come" while pretending my gown was changing colors thanks to some magical floating friends. How many little girls plan their wedding before they hit middle school?

Well, for many, one day their Prince does come and they fall in love and one magic day he drops to his knee and presents to you a ring... Or he tapes the ring to the ceiling of your apartment and waits for you to notice... Read More

Three Weddings On A Shoestring

Posted by: [email protected] on 06/23/2009

By Beverly Lessard

In our culture, giving birth to a daughter means you get to pay for her wedding. As daughters one and two joined our family, friends chuckled as they reminded us of this fact. By the time daughter number three was born, instead of yelling “It’s a girl” our Doctor brought a financial planner into the delivery room.
“Here,” he advised, nodding toward the gentleman in the three piece suit, “Forget the free diapers from the hospital, take Hal home with you and st... Read More

Tips for a Fantastic Wedding on a Budget

Posted by: vcesari on 06/19/2009

Planning a wedding is no easy feat and is often stressful. You are trying to imagine the wedding of your dreams and make it all come true. The opportunities are endless, but the price tag can be overwhelming. I think some brides struggle with what a wedding actually costs, or at least I did. My fiancé and I had just moved in together, we had just graduated college and started in our careers meaning we were broke, clueless, yet still trying to plan a wedding that met all of our expectations a... Read More

Eleven Things to Remember When Seeking THE GOWN

Posted by: KristieMGrey on 06/10/2009

Sizing is Different. Yes, it stinks. However, just as women are not the same size in Penny’s as they are in Kohl’s, women are not the same size in a J. Crew sundress as they are in a Vera Wang. Measurements are vital to ordering the right size for your gown. Repeat the mantra: It’s just a number. If it really bothers you, white out the “1” so everyone will think you’re a “4”.

Keep an Open Mind, and Don’t Try until You’re Ready to Buy. The specialists in salons are... Read More

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