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Videos for Baby Boomers

Stage of Life Retirement VideosImportant, Inspirational or Funny Videos about Retirement and Empty Nest...

Stage of Life Editors hand selected the below videos about retirement and empty nest.  Some of these videos were referred to us by our Baby Boomer members or those interested in retirement.  Our hope is that the message or theme from these retirement and empty next videos will give you a fresh perspective on life heading into the golden years.  Some of these are well-known viral videos about retirement or aging, yet others we can guess you have not seen. All will be educational and/or entertaining.  Enjoy!

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Featured Empty Nest Video: How To Get Your Adult Kids to Move Out

With more and more adult "kids" living with their parents after college, some Boomers may just need to get creative with ways to encourage their "babies" to leave the nest.  Here's a humorous take on the idea of getting your kids to leave the nest from a British advertiser.  If you have a personal story or tips to share on this topic, feel free to blog about here on in our Empty Nest and Retirement stage.

Featured Retirement Video:  Day One of Retirement

As 10,000 people retire everyday in the U.S., the question getting asked quite often is, "What will you do on your first day of retirement?"  It's a question and a topic we see people blogging and writing about here on in our Empty Nest and Retirement stage.  As a supplement of our digital literacy efforts in this space to capturing stories from people as they retire, we came across Prudential's Day One campaign - a video diary of sorts detailing those personal stories that tell us what the infamous Day One of Retirement will be like.  This is the retirement story of Hermann Bouska...

Featured Video:  Empty Nest

So you may ask yourself, where did the phrase, "empty nest," actually come from?  Watch three minutes of this video and you'll discover the answer.

Featured Empty Nest and Retirement Video: Doctor's Orders

Question to ponder, What would it mean to you, if your parents lost their healthcare? This scenario is asked of average Americans in this video project released by the non-profit ProtectSeniors.Org.

Featured Empty Nest and Retirement Video: Remembering Woodstock

It's hard to believe that 42 years have passed since the festival of a generation took place in Bethel, New York, August 15-17, 1969!  Some would ask, "where has the time gone?"  Others want to know "where did the times lead us?"  To celebrate the 42nd anniversary of an event that symbolized a generation, here is a great video that looks at these 3 days through the eyes of those who endured and lived those 3 days, at Woodstock.  Enjoy!

Featured Empty Nest and Retirement Video:  Did you have a hard time dealing with Empty Nest and want to keep your child's memory alive?

We find it "fun" how, as parents, we change so much when the kids are out of the house.  There is a definite ebb and flow to the Empty Nest stage of life.  Some times we click....and sometimes we clash, but inevitably we have to find the humor in each others idiosyncricities.  Even if it sometimes hurts!  Here's an example of such an Empty Nest scenario from a video contest entry for the company

Featured Empty Nest and Retirement Video:  Do You Have Enough Money Saved for Retirement?

The Today Show ran a very enlightening (and scary) feature segment about whether baby boomers and Gen X'ers will run out of money during their retirement.  The facts are in...with many Americans living longer, the possibility of running out of retirement money is likely. So what should you do?  

TODAY financial editor Jean Chatzky has tips for creating additional savings.  The research sourced in the segment came from a study released by the Employee Benefit Research Institute.  This is a must watch segment if you're thinking about any stage of life...

Video - Will You Run Out of Money in Retirement? 

Stage of Life Videos

Empty Nest and Retirement Video Submission:

Do you create videos?  If you'd like your video to be featured on Stage of Life, follow these submission guidelines:

1.  Create your video about Empty Nest or Retirement.  Keep it under 4 minutes in length.  Productions with foul language will not be selected for the video gallery.

2.  At the end of the video, include the phrase "Video Submission -" as either a verbally spoken line by one of the actors or as a title page.

3.  Upload your video to YouTube.

4.  Send us an email with the link to your YouTube video. Email the video link here.  Please include your contact information for questions we may have.

5.  We will review your submission and contact you if it is selected to appear on the site.

Have fun!

Suggest a you know of a great YouTube video already out there about empty nest or retirement?  Please share it with us.  Send us the link and we'll consider adding it to our video gallery...

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