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If you're a baby boomer or older...

Must Visit Websites for Empty Nest and gotta check out these must visit websites and resources for empty nesters and retirement.

Stage of Life is constantly sourcing the best must-visit websites and resources for baby boomers and those nearing or in the empty nest and retirement stages of life.  Take a few moments and explore the web destinations recommended below. 

You may just find something inspiring.  And if you have an "Empty Nest or Retirement" life resource to suggest, please let us know.

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Must Visit Websites for Empty Nest and Retirement

Baby Boomer Community

Online Community for Baby Boomers

Boomeon is an online community for Baby Boomers and beyond. They seek to create a supportive and safe environment where people can be both student and teacher, author and reader, adventurer and observer.  Check it out!

Visit website about Baby Boomers

Information on Annuities

Annuities for Seniors?

We were contacted by the Seniors' Outreach Director at  They came across while browsing respected sites on elder care. 

For many, an annuity can be part of their financial portfolio for retirement. Annuities can help seniors build tax-deferred savings to handle retirement costs like healthcare and living expenses. But for those who find themselves caring for an aging loved one, the concept can be a bit intimidating. has extensive information on the different types of annuities, the tax implications involved in owning one and why seniors are often targeted to buy annuities.  Here are a few resources that could be very useful for people in this life stage...

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Don't Pay Full Price for Dinner

Discounts on Applebee's and IHOP Gift Cards's educational mission is supported by Applebee's and IHOP.  As part of this special partnership, the restaurant brands provide a discount on their gift cards to acknowledge our digital literacy mission and support financial savings for our online community. 

The next time you're going out to breakfast or dinner, pick up some gift cards from Applebee's and IHOP first...and save some money!

Discounts on Applebee's and IHOP

Applebee's gift card discount   IHOP gift card discount

How to Find a Professional Geriatric Care Manager  Silver Planet® helps Boomers guide their parents to age in place by providing services and products related to aging at home and housing options. Its Silver Advisors™ are professional geriatric care managers who provide phone consultations on preventing falls, navigating Medicare, evaluating senior driving challenges, and other issues Boomers must resolve while caring for an aging loved one. Silver Advisors clarify concerns, suggest a plan of action, help prioritize next steps, and furnish personalized written reports and recommendations. For a limited time, the first 15 minutes of selected consultations are free. Click here to learn more.

Silver Planet combines its personalized advisory services with relevant, high-quality content from nationally known speakers and authors, timely webinars, blogs, and senior scam alerts in one place, making it an essential resource for Boomers.

Find Grandparenting Resources

Choose to

Will You Run Out of Money In Retirement?  The biggest question many of us face is "HOW DO I PREPARE FOR RETIREMENT?" is a non-profit site managed by the Employee Benefit Research Institute that answers the tough and crucial questions that determine the planning necessary to achieve a comfortable retirement...

  • "How much do I you should save for retirement?"
  • "How long will I live?"
  • "What will be the impact on my take home pay if I increase my contribution to my 401(k) plan?"
  • "What kind of person am I - a planner, saver, struggler, impulsive, or denier?"

On the site, you'll find interactive calculators and quizzes that will be instrumental in helping plan for retirement.  NOTE - was mentioned on the Today Show in a segment entitled, "Do You Have Enough Money Saved for Retirement"

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Free Budget Planning and Financial Management for Baby Boomers+  If you are nearing or in retirement, discover the best FREE money management system you can use to organize your finances. is a secure, online planner to help you budget and organize your family's finances while at the same time planning for life's financial milestones whether it be saving for your grandchildren's college education, buying a new house, planning a home improvement, saving for a vacation, looking ahead to retirement, etc. 

It takes about five to ten minutes to set up, and you can view all of your financial information in one place.  Money Magazine gives it a four-star rating and everyone from the New York Times to Good Morning America are raving about this free, simple, personal finance planner and money mangement tool. 

Stage of Life staff have tested it, use it and warmly recommend it.

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Health Plans of

Compare, Shop and Save on Medicare with FREE Health Insurance Quotes

Health Plans of America is dedicated to helping people find affordable health insurance. Health Plans of America is not a health insurance company.  They are one of the largest and most trusted sources for competitive health insurance quotes.  Whether you’re a retiring or just trying to save money, they can help you learn more about your options, request free quotes, compare plans from different insurers, and lower your costs.

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Resources for your Post-Retirement Career

8 Websites to Inspire Your Career After Retirement

Check out these eight website picks for the places where you’ll find information and inspiration on your post-retirement career .  Submitted by Certified Retirement Coach, Lin Schreiber.

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Seniors for

Resource for Baby Boomers to Find Housing and Care for their Aging Relatives

This is a resource to help baby boomers, or children of any age, find housing, care and nursing facilities for aging relatives or parents no longer able to care for themselves.  Submitted by Seniors for Living.

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