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Videos for Families

Funny, Informational or Inspirational Videos about Parenthood, Families and Kids...

Videos about parenthood

Looking for videos about parenthood?  Stage of Life editors have hand selected some videos about the art of parenthood, raising  children, and the life of being a family.  Some of these clips are well-known viral videos and others we can guarantee you have not seen.  If you have suggestions on other videos about parenthood or raising a family that we should feature, please contact us.

View Videos for Families

Featured Family Video: Parenting Rap

If you're a parent, you can relate to this humorous video about a suburban, Gen Y/Gen X Mom and Dad rapping about the struggles of parenthood.  Lyrics like "When it comes to Candyland I'm a stone-cold playa / Helpin' out wit' da homework I'm an algebra slaya" are brilliant.  Enjoy this special video find!

Parents rap about maintaining their household by videosonlytube

Featured Family Video: Dad and Daughter Singing Together

It's important to find common interests to explore with your kids.  Take a look at YouTube sensations Jorge & Alexa Narvaez - a father and daughter who do lots of cool little duets together.  This clip is of the Dad and Daughter singing an acoustic version of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros song, "Home."

Featured Family Video: Bohemian Rhapsody On The Way To School

A fun loving dad driving his kids to school, singing a classic song while getting everyone excited for their day.

Featured Family Video: Bullying in High School: Tips for Parents

Robert Crosnoe, sociology professor and author of FITTING IN, STANDING OUT, offers tips for parents to help their kids through high school bullying.

Featured Family Video: Gen X Dads CEO, Eric Thiegs, created this video to celebrate the fact that while Gen X Dads across America are growing older, they simply need to look at their kids to remember they are the greatest man that ever lived.

Featured Family Video:  Dad Makes Holiday Horror Movie with Daughters.

Our very own CEO, Eric Thiegs, worked up a short Christmas horror film with his daughters while his wife was at yoga one December morning. This is a short, three minute, silent movie adventure with an important lesson at the end.  You can read more about the creation of the movie from Eric's CEO blog.  Enjoy!

Featured Family Video:  Children See.  Children Do.

Child experts will tell you that children mimic their parents.  This TV and film ad campaign from the Australian non-profit organization NAPCAN ( is a powerful message for all parents to think twice about what they are teaching their children through their everyday actions.  Disclaimer:  There are emotionally intense segments in this video.


Featured Family Video:  A Typical Conversation With My Mom

If you haven't seen or heard of Lev Yilmaz, let us introduce you.  His illustrations and observations on life are fast becoming a part of the cultural zeitgeist.  For all of us adults with caring and loving mothers, the topic of this video will ring surprisingly true, especially if your Mom thinks you still need mothering.  But then again, what Mom doesn't feel that matter how old she is?


Featured Family Video:  "Dick & Rick Hoyt" - Inspirational father and son team running the Iron Man Race.

How do you define the love of a parent for their child?  This video will give you some insight.  Dick Hoyt was told by doctors to put his son, Rick, in an institution, but he refused. Instead, Dick an Rick have spent their lifetimes together travelling the world, competing in events like the Iron Man, and inspiring everyone they meet.


Featured Family Video:  "Kids Dancing to Apple Bottom Jeans by T-Pain"

With over 700,000 views YouTube, you know this one has to be somewhat entertaining.  Watch the boy do the "I'm watching you" move with this hand to his eyes.

Featured Family Video:  Raising a Family Overview

Stage of Life produced a short video about raising a family using quotes from famous people and some lesser-known statistics.

Featured Family Video:  "Charlie Bit My Finger - again!"

This video has over 128,000,000 views on YouTube.  It's one of the most viewed video clips on the web and the family was featured on NBC's morning show because of it.  If you're raising two or more children, you'll find this video refreshingly real.  Here's the description from the parents about this clip, "Even had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn't have, neither were coerced into any of this and neither were hurt (for very long anyway). This was just one of those moments where I had the video camera out because the boys were being fun, and they provided something really very funny."


Featured Family Video:  "Twin Baby Boys Laughing At Each Other"

The two boys in this video are four months old.  If you have small children, show them this clip.  Our CEO/Founder's daughter, who happens to be 4 and half years old, loves watching this video.  It cracks her up every time...

Stage of Life Videos

Raising a Family Video Submission:

Do you create videos?  If you'd like your video to be featured on Stage of Life, follow these submission guidelines:

1.  Create your video about your family, your kids, parenting etc..  Keep it under 4 minutes in length.  Productions with foul language will not be selected for the video gallery.

2.  At the end of the video, include the phrase "Video Submission -" as either a verbally spoken line by one of the people in the video or as a title page.

3.  Upload your video to YouTube.

4.  Send us an email with the link to your YouTube video. Email the video link here.  Please include your contact information for questions we may have.

5.  We will review your submission and contact you if it is selected to appear on the site.

Have fun!

Suggest a you know of a great YouTube video already out there about raising a family?  Please share it with us.  Send us the link and we'll consider adding it to our video gallery...

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