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Featured Blogs about Raising a Family

Parents give advice and wisdom for Raising a Family.

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Raising A Family Blog Archive

Nature: What You Make It

Posted by: laurengripp14 on 06/14/2012

I walk on the beach by my friend's shore house with a towel wrapped around me. I smell the salty air that leaves a sensational taste on my tongue and makes my hair dance as the sun shines magnificently above me. The water is lucid and warm around my ankles. I take everything in as i close my eyes. Sounds of the peaceful waves coming out to shore fill my ears and make me forget my surroundings. I relax as my spirit binds... Read More

1st child, or only child?

Posted by: Megan_R on 06/07/2012

My daughter is a Daddy's Girl. Whether it's brushing her hair, fixing her dinner, or helping her get on the potty, the constant refrain is "No Mommy! Daddy do it!" Sometimes she tells me to go away, and it breaks my heart.

I think back to when she was an infant. I breastfed, and while I was super tired from night feedings, I loved that I was her world. I was her nourishment and her comfort. I was the center of her universe. Now, she's a super independent two year old, totall... Read More

Why I’m Glad My Toddler Tells Me “No”

Posted by: TheBookWormMama on 06/04/2012

According to the experts, children between the ages of 12 and 24 months experience great leaps in their vocabularies and talking ability. My daughter is living proof. At 17 months she is collecting words like crazy.

Mama. Dada. Go. Baby. See. Thanks. Sit—which actually sounds like a curse word if she is drooling a lot. I celebrated each new addition, up until the day I tried to feed her broccoli and got a surprise. She is not a vegetable fan to begin with. On that fateful afternoon,... Read More

How to Cope When Your Child is in Trouble

Posted by: NicPenningtonSmyth on 04/30/2012

Remember the carefree days when you could watch Maury and just laugh? Even as the correctional officers tried to scare those unruly preteens straight, you could sit back and say, “That'd never happen to my kid.” Now your own child is in trouble with the law, and you'd give anything to go back in time and scare some sense into him (or her) yourself. Unfortunately, time travel is not an option. So what can you do? You might not have a TV prod... Read More

Friends and Family Sale!

Posted by: Silvia on 04/19/2012

If you are a mom always looking to save money like me, check out Bare Necessities to save 25% site-wide, even on brands which are often excluded! Here are the details:

WHAT: The Bare Necessities Friends and Family Sale. Save 25% sitewide on the finest selection of brand name and designer bras, lingerie, swimwear, hosiery and more (men’s underwear too!)

WHEN: Wednesday 4/18 – Monday 4/23

Read More

Remind Me Who I Am

Posted by: LisaGraf on 02/17/2012

Just because I have 4 children doesn't mean I am a super mom, or a parenting expert, or have any parenting secrets, or even am head over heels in love with parenting. Truth is; I am far from super mom, I daily feel like an inadequate of a mother, I am an expert of more unsuccessful parenting techniques than successful methods, and as painful as it is to admit; sometimes I really strongly dislike parenting.

This winter has been especially difficult for my family as everyone has battle... Read More

Being A Teenager - Being A Conformist?

Posted by: REENA on 02/14/2012

Being A Teenager – Being A Conformist?
You like loud music, hanging with friends and you can never have enough parties. You just cut your hair to match your best friend’s and you love wearing jeans. You’re a teenager. But being a teenager is more than just music and clothes – being a teenager is about being you.
Depression. Stress. Anxiety. Well over half the teenagers who experience depression, stress, anxiety or a combination of the three, experience it because they think they don’t... Read More

I read my daughter's diary tonight

Posted by: bugcandy on 02/09/2012

Yes, just as the title of this essay states, I read my daughter's diary tonight.

Now, before all of you privacy buffs start throwing stones about me trampling all over my daughter's trust (yes, she did ask me and my wife NOT to read it), let me first say that she's only seven years old.

She's in 1st grade.

I feel that at this stage in the parent-child relationship, my curiosity trumps her privacy.

I guess it's not surprising my little girl is keeping... Read More

If there were no consequences

Posted by: CeeKay on 01/26/2012

to anything that we do, what would you do?

We all work (most of the times) within the parameters set by the real or perceived consequences of our actions. When we, intentionally or unintentionally, do things without considering the consequences, we face them. Eventually. That, I believe, also works as an effective parenting technique. What better way to teach your child to heed the consequences of their actions than to let them have a brush with a few unpleasant ones?

S on... Read More

Parent's Need Naps Too!

Posted by: Penelope on 01/25/2012

Most moms and dads can agree, being a parent is hard work and at the end of a long day, we just want to get a good nights sleep.

There will always be those late night potty breaks, babies crying, feedings, and dogs barking, but our mattress should be the least of our worries when we close our eyes at night.

Your mattress matters; if you’re waking up stiff, or less than refreshed, your aging mattress could be part of the problem. Consumer Reports recommends that if you a... Read More

Getting in shape and buying the right sports bra

Posted by: Silvia on 01/12/2012

As a mother kicking off 2012, I really want to get in shape. So, I started thinking about what I can do to accomplish that. Last week, I went for a run. I took the dog and just went. It was great to clear my head, but then I realized that if I wanted to keep up this new stress relieving fitness activity I was going to need a sports bra.

Once I go... Read More

Heirarchy still exists

Posted by: oorvimehta on 01/08/2012

Look at her, the ‘leader’
With her nose held up so high
Strutting past these school halls
With her superiority complex, but why?
The crowd she carries along
Like nobles to a king
Be like the tail of the dog, and
Into a higher class she shall bring

Oh yes! This is feudalism
She shall be the permanent queen
Awards status to build an entourage
Is still valid the Old Regime?
Hierarchy still exists
The aristocracy isn’t dead Read More

Are Vitamins Really Good for You?

Posted by: Silvia on 01/06/2012

We've had a few emails from Stage of Life readers recently asking about the benefits of vitamins. Most of the questions boiled down to the question, "Is a multivitamin good for you?"

As an Editor for the site, I was assigned to answer this question. Here's what we do in my family...

Just this last fall, I started buying and giving my two children a daily multi-vitamin. It's a gummy bear vitamin and my kids love it (obviously). The reason I'm doing this is my seven-year... Read More

Let Your Kids Make the Rules...

Posted by: mcoly618 on 12/30/2011

It's not what you think, I promise.

I just wanted to share an article I found during my daily reading. The article, If Your Kids Could Make The Rules of Divorce, makes some pretty good points that parents could learn from. It lists ten rules for parents to follow to make divorce easier for kids, including...Read More

Buying Myself a Gift This Year

Posted by: Silvia on 11/23/2011

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching, I've been making shopping list for family, friends, and co-workers. My list goes on and on, it spans over multiple shops and stores, and the worst part about it is, there is nothing on the list for myself.

As a mom, wife, daughter, co-worker, and friend, I want to buy myself a gift this year. Is that selfish? I hope not, because after my past Black Friday experiences my family are lucky I even shop these days.

I took ... Read More

1st Time Passion with 4th Time Perspective

Posted by: LisaGraf on 11/17/2011

Being in a Biggest Loser competition makes it feel like much of my life revolves around formulas. Formulas of how many calories, how many ounces, how many grams, how many miles will combat how many pounds.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could break parenting down into a formula. How easy would parenting be if there were concrete formulas like; practice so many spelling words and get an A, give so many time outs and get a well behaved child, so many hours of sleep and no crabbiness, so man... Read More


Posted by: ciaobella14 on 10/26/2011

Why- here comes the Lion,
Carrying most spectacular of gifts--
acceptance to the select,
Presenting on the pedestal-
Those that clawed their way in

Baby blue and white,
The façade of Innocence encourages,
Onlookers to advance through the arena

Memory cements such dreams with serenity,
but abrupt slice of strain strikes peaceful skin
pressure sinks the aura-
Stress treading most expertly

Perfection must be eminent,Read More

What Is Your Best Quality?

Posted by: stephw9288 on 10/26/2011

Just recently, I began practicing for college interviews and I came across the question, “What is your best quality?” I thought about this for awhile, but could not think of a definitive answer. I have several good qualities (including modesty). For the sake of this essay, let’s call my interviewer Suzy. If Suzy is a bit OCD, maybe my best quality is that I am extremely organized and I absolutely relish in my ability to make lists for every occasion, whether they are pro-con lists, to-d... Read More


Posted by: stephw9288 on 10/26/2011

Alzheimer’s disease infected grandpa’s brain, scooping out chunks of his memory. His usual plaid golf cap, lopsided on his rectangular cranium, conceals his balding head. His almond eyes rest in the hat’s shadow, surrounded by deep wrinkles, droopy lids, and purple bags. They are glossy with inevitable oblivion. A bulbous schnoz supports black frames that span his aged face. Thick lenses magnify his benevolent gaze. Bushy white brows, sprinkled with silver highlights, sprout out of his ... Read More

Picky Eater

Posted by: Megan_R on 10/26/2011

I have a weird relationship with food. I want to call it a love/hate relationship, but I feel that those words don’t accurately describe it. There was a period in my youth when I would eat nothing but spaghetti with butter, or cream of wheat. Then, in college, I spent an entire summer eating fast food. I ended up becoming very sick, and my weight fluctuated between 20 and 30 pounds every year. Now that I am a “grown up”, I understand my body better. I know what I can eat, what I can trea... Read More

Food For Thought

Posted by: DarkStar49 on 10/12/2011

One of the best things that could have ever happened to me was my mom teaching me to cook at a young age. Not only was it fun, and a good bonding experience, it helped me with self preservation and survival after I had moved out on my own! It wasn’t very often that you would find me having less than my own home cooked meal as an independent single living in my apartment. In fact, my pad was the home to my friends and cousin of such weekly rituals as ‘taco feed’ nite with homemade spanish ric... Read More

Crafting a Halloween Costume? It’s Sew Simple.

Posted by: SouthMainMuse on 10/07/2011

Does a witch need a hat? I gather modern witches don’t wear them much. Most make do with a garland halo of flowers or something.

For Halloween, I thought sewing a costume would bring hours of mother and daughter bonding.

Bonding moment number one: Flipping through the pattern books, she asked, “Is this all they have? No Skulls and Stars Gothic Fairy?’

Thank goodness there was no gothic fairy. I began the delicate task of steering her toward a costumes wit... Read More

Making Your Fall Photos Great

Posted by: Silvia on 09/27/2011

My family and I take photos all the time, but to me fall is the best season for photos. All the colors and shapes make for some great photos. I recently read an article from Kodak with some tips on how to make your fall photos fresh and fun.

If your a mom like me, who ... Read More

Top 3 Ways to Avoid Being Late

Posted by: LisaGraf on 09/14/2011

Do you or someone you know need to purchase this shirt?

Put your cash and checks back in your purse, hang on to that credit card & first read this post. Then share it with your late loved ones!

I'd be remiss if I tried to tell you I've never been late. I have been late. I know that maddening, rushed, frustrated, embarrassed feeling of slunki... Read More


Posted by: CeeKay on 08/27/2011

“But you said…”

“Yes, I know. But things have changed”

“But you promised!”

“I know darling! But, you know, things are different now”

“All I know is that you PROMISED!”

“Listen, I… See. I can’t, anymore…”

“I thought you’d keep your word”

“I always do. It’s just…”

“No you don’t! You aren’t keeping it NOW!”

“You HAVE to understand. Please understand”

“I understand. But still, you promised.... Read More

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