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Married Without Kids Must Visit Websites

Must Visit Websites for Married Without Kids

10 Cheap (But Fun) Date Night Ideas

In today's economy, everyone is looking for a way to stretch the household budget. 

Married couples without kids are no exception, especially when you may be used to going out to eat on a whim. 

We've consulted a few married money-managers and asked what they do to keep romance alive on a tighter budget....

#1:  Rent a Movie

Not the most original suggestion, we grant you that, but put a twist on it by selecting a theme for the night, i.e. Academy Award winners or films with bunnies.

#2:  Game Night with Friends

In terms of good times, it's hard to beat this activity (unless your friends aren't very fun...then play a game by yourselves).

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#3:  Go Parking!

Who says parking is just for star-crossed high school sweethearts?  Spark some romance and find your own inspiration point!

CHECK OUT:  Make sure you have a warm and cozy blanet packed first.

#4:  Coffee and Acoustic Music

Coffee and singer-songerwriters go hand in hand.  Find a local coffee joint that books local talent and have an evening filled with great sounds and yummy aromas.  You can spend an entire evening out on $10-$15.

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#5:  Bowling


#6:  Go Test Drive Some Cars

Have you always wanted to own a Mini Cooper?  Or maybe that Mustang GT whispers your name in troubled dreams?  Well stop wondering what it would be like to sit behind the wheel of your dream car and make a date of it instead!  Visit your two favorite dealerships and go test driving!

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#7:  Have a Night Picnic

It's sorta like that old orange juice commercial..."it's not just for breakfast anymore."  Who says picnics are are reserved for lazy afternoons?  Pack your candles, food and wine and for a little surprise, bring a book of poetry along to pull out at the right moment.  Romance doesn't get any better than this.

#8:  Find Free Art Gallery Showing

You'll be surprised how many independent art galleries may be in your area, looking for sophisicated guests like yourselves.  Whether you love or hate what you see, it'll give you a lot to talk about, because really, "What is art?"

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#9:  Exercise Together

No matter whether it's yoga or hockey, couples who exercise together live longer, healthier lives.  Our favorite suggestion is to take a simple daily walk through your community together.  You'll be surprised at how you'll end up meeting new neighbors and seeing things you've never noticed before right in your own backyard.

CHECK OUT:  Make sure you have the right footwear!

#10:  Find a Recipe and Make Dinner In

In an era of fast food and pre-packaged dinners, buck the system and dust off one of those cook books you got for your wedding, find a recipe together and make dinner from scratch!  The entire experience, from grocery shopping for ingredients to the actual preparation, will give you hours of enjoyment and conversation.

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Have a list or site to suggest?  Contact us.

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