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If you're married but don't have kids...

Must Visit Websites for Married Without gotta check out these must visit websites and resources for married couples!

Stage of Life is constantly sourcing the best must-visit websites and resources for married coules without kids.  Take a few moments and explore the below web destinations. 

You may just find something inspiring.  And if you have a "Married Without Kids" life resource to suggest, please let us know.

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Must Visit Websites for Married Couples Without Kids

Great Date Deals
Stop Being Boring and Try Something New! is a membership website where couples and dating singles can discover great dating activities at attractive discounts.We're your one-stop shop for great date ideas.Save 50% - 90% at your favorite local restaurants and events, or find new adventures with that special someone.Become a member and we will help you plan anything from a first date to a 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

Recommended website from
Money Crashers
Planning for the future with or without children can be a challenge, and Money Crashers is there to help you through the process. Changing professions, or looking for a new and stable high-paying job? Preparing your finances in case of unemployment? Money Crashers offers tips that will help you advance your career, overcome hardships, and earn a better income. Also, be sure to check Money Crashers for money saving tips relevant to people of all ages, including advice on retirement planning, stock market investing, reducing credit card debt, preparing taxes, and more. Money Crashers is the place to go for answers to any questions you may have about your personal finances.

Free Budget Planning for Married Couples  Discover the best FREE money management system you can use throughout your entire life. is a secure, online planner to help you organize and budget your finances while at the same time planinng for life's financial milestones whether it be paying off your wedding or college debt, getting a new job, buying a new car or house, planning a big vacation, looking ahead to retirement, etc. 

It takes about five to ten minutes to set up and you can view all of your financial information in one place.  Money Magazine gives it a four-star rating and everyone from the New York Times to Good Morning America are raving about this free, simple, personal finance planner and money mangement tool. 

Stage of Life staff have tested it, use it and warmly recommend it.

Resources for Married Couples

Stiletto Woman, Inc.

Sassy Career Women

Stiletto Woman, Inc. is a sassy, yet sophisticated inspirational new-media communications and empowerment network exclusively for women. They realize the modern woman is not just a mother, wife, or single female. She is a leader. She is visionary—an independent thinker. She is nurturing and adventurous in seeking all that life has to offer. Through Stiletto Woman, contemporary women are engaged and inspired to live fulfilled.

Stage of Life highly recommends this great resource of women in any stage of life. 

Resources for Married Career Women

Stage of Life Feature Article

Top 10 Ideas to Save Money on Date Night

In today's economy, everyone is looking for a way to stretch the household budget. Married couples without kids are no exception, especially when you may be used to going out to eat on a whim.  Try some of our ideas and let us know if they proved to be both fun...and cheap!

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The Nest

Relationship Resources

The Nest is a relationship wesite.  It has great ways to keep a relationshp going and running smoothly, and we all know that can be important after the big day.  It discusses everything from buying a house, to money, to dinner recipes, to love and sex.

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