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Married Without Kids Blog Archive

Does Your Marriage Need A Chiropractic Adjustment?

Posted by: ThingsYouRealize on 04/12/2013

Which type of couple are you?

Are you the couple who is happily floating along in their relationship? The couple who rarely disagrees and rarely argues? Perhaps you are the couple who is swimming against the current all the time. The couple who finds disagreements and arguments a way of life. Or perhaps, you are the couple who falls somewhere in-between. Most of the time you are happily floating along together, but there are still other times when you struggle against a strong curre... Read More


Posted by: Karl on 05/03/2012

Insomnia affects more than 70 million Americans, and one in six adults considers sleep problems a serious issue in their lives. Yet many of us are hesitant to bring sleep issues up with a doctor. In our workaholic culture, people brag about how little sleep they’re getting because it is seen as the sign of a motivated and efficient person. But the fact is that most people’s bodies rack up a “sleep debt” without a good eight straight hours of sleep a night. And that debt can be hard to pay down:... Read More

Cheating Paranoia

Posted by: Silvia on 01/31/2012

As a women who has been married for almost 15 years, I had a period in my life where I was extremely paranoid that my husband was cheating on me. I had just had our second child, and had decided to be a stay at home mom.

Although I did my best to get dressed everyday, do my make-up, and not wear sweats to run my errands, I always felt like I was undesirable to my husband. That made me question our his loyalty and our entire marriage. Keep in mind my husband hadn't done anything t... Read More

Valentine's Gift Tips!

Posted by: Collette on 01/19/2012

It's that time of year...

...The holidays are over, our New Year's resolutions have slipped by the waste side, and love is in the air.

Valentine's Day is less then a month away and I found some tips to help those out there struggling with gift ideas. ICE recently did a blog post about their new SNÖ of Sweden collection, which would be perfect for warming the hearts of your special someone this winter!Read More

Yes, I have my diamond ring, but that doesn't mean I want a toaster for Christmas

Posted by: Karl on 10/05/2011

As a newlywed husband, I know how hard it is to find gifts for my wife. She has the beautiful diamond ring, the wedding gifts that range from home decor to pots and pans. With the holidays quickly approaching, I started researching jewelry. I found a really helpful article from Ice's blog. If your a struggling newlywed husband like me, these tips will help you get her a great gift...that's not a vacuum or to... Read More

The Key to a Happy Marriage; or Where the BLEEP are my Shoes?!

Posted by: Megan_R on 09/15/2011

I’m not what you would call a “morning person”. In fact, I’m the antithesis of a morning person. Each morning, I crack open my eyes just wide enough to view the alarm clock so very rudely pointing out that I had, in fact, five more minutes to sleep. Grumbling, I turn off the alarm before it sounds, swing my feet out of bed and tip toe to the bathroom, because if I walk like a normal person, Little Toots will hear me and immediate demand a diaper change. Inevitably, she’ll wake up just as I ... Read More

Loving Twentynine

Posted by: DecorandtheDog on 06/07/2011

Hi! I’m Michelle from DecorandtheDog. I was pretty excited when Megan contacted me about writing for Stages of Life. What a fantastic idea for a website!

What’s my current stage in life?

My husband and I are 29 years old. We’ve been married for almost 5 years. I’m a pharmacist. He’s an accountant. We have a 4 year old Wire Fox that we are madly in love with.

We might have human children some day. We might not.

We’re living in our second home... Read More

Newlyweds on a budgeting date.

Posted by: jordyliz on 04/25/2011

Well our budget date didn't go as well as planned. Initially.

Since graduating from college and moving to this dusty state, I have been the sole person in control of my measly checking account to pay bills, pay rent, and spend as I wish. I am an event coordinator by day and while I have to run budgets for each of my events, I am by no means a financial guru. I love to shop and find good deals, and I have a very hard time paying for anything full price. I like to stretch my dollar and... Read More

Take a Vacation to Ensure a Happy Marriage

Posted by: bugcandy on 04/06/2011

I read in bed nearly every night. Sometimes I read for work. Most of the time its for pleasure. Currently, I'm reading a book that covers off on both of those areas - Blink, by Malcolm Gladwell.

I was 20 pages into the book when I came across a passage talking about marriage...

"Marriages are buffeted by more important things [referring to an argument between a couple that was discussed earlier in the chapter], like money and sex and children and jobs and in-laws... Read More


Posted by: jordyliz on 03/08/2011

I have been yearning for community ever since I moved to this dry, desert state three and a half years ago. Which, as a side note, seems impossible that it's already been that long. It seems like just yesterday I was in my college rental house running out of my room yelling to any of the three roommates that were there that I had just accepted a position... Read More

The longest eleven minutes of my so-far-married-life.

Posted by: jordyliz on 02/10/2011

Let's just start with the fact that the day started off with me putting on jeans that I quickly realized were still wet from the dryer that apparent didn't do it's job. That is the worst feeling at 7:30 a.m. when you're in a rush and already cold from the shower and you really don't have time to think of another outfit option.

But I digress.

About a month ago, I started feeling nauseous. As soon as I ate, I felt sick. It lasted for two hours, went away, and then I felt lik... Read More

Goal Setting for Married Couples

Posted by: Karl on 12/29/2010

To our married readers...I wanted to share Stage of Life's free, universal goal setting worksheet for married couples.

Whether you use it as your "New Year's Resolution To-Do" list or as a tool to kick off fresh start with your marriage, this 10-step worksheet will help get you proactively thinking about the goals, possibilities and opportunities ahead.

View ... Read More

All I Want (to Give) for an Edible Dish!

Posted by: ElleoftheBall on 12/04/2010

I am determined to make my husband something incredibly tasty for dinner by Christmas. His favorite thing in the world (well, besides me, obviously) is a delicious meal. While on our honeymoon, he took as many pictures of the food as he did the beautiful scenery!

So with that in mind, I’ve decided that I am going to become an amazing cook; despite the fact that my cooking success rate since we’ve been married is 2 in 10.

And, no, this dream of chefdom has absolutely noth... Read More

Simple rules for a happy marriage?

Posted by: christinalouise on 11/14/2010

I'd say so.

I just finished reading "Stop Calling Him Honey... And Start Having Sex" by Maggie Arana and Julienne Davis.

It's an interesting book.

Arana and Davis are clearly writing for heterosexual women who feel like their sex lives have got... maybe a little stale. There are a lot of references to your relationship with "him" and the significant other is often referred to as a "he."

... Read More

I stopped calling him "honey"...

Posted by: christinalouise on 11/09/2010

And it feels weird.

And sometimes I find myself not calling my husband anything at all, just so I can avoid calling him "honey." I'll pick up the phone when he calls me at work and just say "hey." [Grimacing.] I know... I need to stop that.

I guess it feels strange because I've been calling my husband "honey" for years. It's quick and easy (though, admittedly, not as quick and easy as calling him by his one-syllable name). And it seemed like the thing to do since my parent... Read More

You are what you eat.... and apparently, so are your kids and grandkids.

Posted by: christinalouise on 11/06/2010

You are also what you don't eat, and all of your bad habits.... and so are your kids and grandkids.

Michael Skinner, a molecular biologist at Washington State University, has determined through various studies that your life experiences can permanently alter the genes in your eggs and sperm.

This Newsweek arti... Read More

Wisdom from Weird Places

Posted by: christinalouise on 10/31/2010

"There are 24 hours in a day, so it shouldn't be hard to make sure you spend at least one of them with each other."

-Ozzy Osbourne in Rolling Stone's new "Ask Dr. Ozzy" column... Read More

The "Don't - come - any - closer - 'cause - you - know - how - much - I - love -you" Blues

Posted by: MichaelNYC on 07/20/2010

Finding happiness...Finding love...finding "the one"...this great quest is drummed into our collective heads from the time we are very young. The quest alone can kill you - or at least make you reevaluate your world on an almost daily basis. But, for purposes of today's diatribe, let's jump to the point where you've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

Congratulations! Mazel Tov! Feliz...well, my Spanish is a bit rusty.

So now you're married -... Read More

Forever 21?

Posted by: nedacasta on 04/28/2010

Last year on my B day I was still adjusting to Mj being out of the country and was feeling pretty angry about that. I figured my B day was going to suck anyways so I agreed to go to a 8 hour Microsoft Access Workshop even though it fell on the 1st. BIG mistake. It turns out it was not exactly the beginner class that it claimed to be and I sat there all day halfway falling asleep feeling stupid, confused, and worried that my job was going to be mad at me for wasting their money because I did not... Read More

That Baby Smell

Posted by: kjb2052 on 04/27/2010

In honor of Mother’s Day approaching, I thought I’d share a quick story about something that happened to me recently.

A few weekends ago, my sister, her husband, and her new baby were in town from Texas, and came to my house to visit. My mom also came by, so there was a nice little group of us sitting around in my living room. Three generations of girls, all in the same room – it was pretty cool.

So although I am somewhat terrified of babies, and holding babies (for fear o... Read More

What Makes a Good Friend

Posted by: kjb2052 on 03/11/2010

I've been thinking lately… You know how sometimes someone seems like a really great friend, and other times that same person does not seem like a really great friend? Like one minute you're having a really good time with them. And then the next minute, you're like 'this person is totally flaking on me'. Or, one minute you feel like you're really connecting, and the next you feel like they are just waiting for their turn to talk. And you're like 'why haven't they asked me how I'm doing?' (even... Read More

I don't really NEED Valentine's Day

Posted by: nedacasta on 02/14/2010

I am not one of those people that believes that Valentine's Day is this made up commercial holiday that is forced upon us just to make money. Ok well, it kind of is but forced is a strong word. We do and spend what we want ultimately and if I believed that about Valentines day I would have to believe the same about a lot of other mostly meaningless holidays that we celebrate just for fun. Yeah, it's a money maker but I don't see anything wrong with having another day to show appreciation to you... Read More

Cooking For Dummies

Posted by: nedacasta on 01/06/2010

Since Mj has been home he's been cooking up quite a storm in the kitchen. Everything he makes tastes good and I am pretty much the assistant. I did make beef stew in the crock pot alone but not really because he told me everything I was supposed to do. I want to get into the kitchen and make dinner for him on my own so that's exactly what I did last night. I can't come up with meals off the top of my head like Mj. I don't know what Bay Leaves are or how to season food and put it together but th... Read More

2010 Goal Setting for Married Couples

Posted by: bugcandy on 12/31/2009

As the Founder of, I wanted to wish our married couple readers a Happy New Year in 2010.

To help provide some ideas on new opportunities for your married life this New Year, check out our...

"Goal Setting Worksheet." Print it here.

Feel free to complete this worksheet with your spouse. You'll be surprised at the answers you'll reve... Read More

The Spender And The Saver

Posted by: nedacasta on 12/03/2009

In every relationship there is usually a spender and a saver. It seems like some force of nature that draws opposites in this category to one another. Each person has their designated role and the silent and sometimes not so silent tug of war ensues as the pair makes their way through a life together where the subject of money is simply impossible to ignore. Just one more thing to keep things interesting and although it can be annoying at times I do think it can be a good thing. Guess which one... Read More

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