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Did You Know: Home Ownership

Homeowner statistics

Statistics about Homeowners

Stage of Life has statistics about homeowners. Some of these may shock you.  Others may be more intuitive.  If you have a statistic about homeowners to share, Contact Us along with the source and we'll determine if it should be placed on the Homeowner Statistics page.


Home Ownership Statistics

Percent of Families that owned their homes before the credit bubble crunch.

69.2%: Of families owned their homes before the credit bubble burst.

SOURCE: U.S. Census Bureau

 Percent of Families that owned their homes before the credit bubble crunch. Homeowners aren't any happier than renters. They are more likely to experience stress and pack on extra pounds, perhaps as a result.

SOURCE: Time July 8 / July 15, 2013
Housing Statistics

4.33%:  National average on interest rates for a 30-year fixed rate mortgage.  The national average for a 15-year fixed mortgage is 3.84%.  Both are some of the lowest interest rates for fixed mortgages in history.  
SOURCE: - Sept. 1, 2010

Housing Statistics

66.9%:  Percentage of U.S. homes in 2010 that are owner-occupied (as of Q2).

SOURCE:  U.S. Census Bureau
Statistics on Home Ownership

2,224:  Median home size in squre feet.  Compare that to a median home size of 1,650 sq. ft. in 1978.  Interestingly, the average family size (number of individiuals in the family) was larger in 1978 (3.33 people per household) than it was now (3.15).

SOURCE:  National Association of Home Builders and U.S. Census Bureau
Statistics on Home Ownership

62:  Minimum age to qualify for a reverse mortgage.

  • 196%:  Increase in the number of reverse-mortgage loans in the past five years
  • $625,500:  New home-value limit that can be used to obtain a reverse mortgage
SOURCE:  TIME July 20, 2009
Statistics on Home Ownership

115%:  Percentage amount in which prime-loan delinquencies jumped in 2008 (some 1.5 million homes possibly affected by the foreclosure boom's next wave).  FYI - Prime loans are the lowest-risk category to default.

SOURCE:  Treasury Department - June 2009
Statistics on Home Ownership

6 months:  “New homeowners purchase more products and services in the first six months after moving than an established resident spends in a two-year period."

SOURCE:  Experian

Statistics on Home Ownership

81% Proportion of householders 65 and older in 2006 who owned their homes. This compares with 43 percent for householders at the other end of the age spectrum — younger than 35.

Source: Current Population Survey/Housing Vacancy Survey

Statistics on Home Ownership

35%: Percentage of families who plan to or will move into a new home after having 1st child.

SOURCE:  Survey results conducted by BabyCenter (thousands of moms participated) and released in an article called “The Real Cost of Raising a Baby” by Deborah Pike Olsen. Data last updated August 2007

Statistics on Home Ownership

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