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Home Owner Editor's Welcome: March 1st-15th, 2013

Home Owner Editor's Welcome: March 1st-15th, 2013

Toss Up

By Amy Mullis, Home Ownership Editor

Old rock band Tshirt?  Toss.

Old college sweatshirt with frayed cuffs?  Toss.

Jeans that don’t fit and have holes in all the wrong places?  Toss.

“What’s up?” Bill’s been whiling away time on the computer while I’m sweating and sacrificing and getting ready to move.

“I’m cleaning out closets so we don’t take things we don’t need to the new house. What have you accomplished?”

Ratty tennis shoes?  Toss.

“I’ve been researching the best way to refinish the kitchen cabinets that you want.”

“And you can install the dishwasher and the new counter? And the china cupboard with the glass doors?”

“Just call me the Kitchen Whisperer.”

“I’ve heard you in the kitchen when the soup’s on.  Those sounds have nothing to do with whispering.”

Old gym shorts? Toss.

“Just wait til you cruise into that kitchen and everything you need to make meatloaf is right at your fingertips.  By the way, you’ve got quite a stack there. Is that the stuff you’re giving away?”

“Yep.” Poison Green Hawaiian floweredy shirt? Toss.

“You know that’s all my stuff, right?”

“Sure. I thought this would be a hard job, but it turns out that cleaning out the closets isn’t so bad after all.”

“How come?”

“You just need to start with somebody else’s closet.”

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