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To Move or Not to Move

Posted by: warren on 10/27/2013

How are you at making decisions? I’m big on intuition (ask Myers or her mother, Briggs); but I’m kind of wishy-washy if I don’t have a mountain of information and the results of surveying at least half the people on the East Coast.

Retired, I’m having a terrible time deciding what to do first. Life was so much easier before I retired. Go to work early, come home late, do what I could in the evening and on weekends, feel content. Now, by the end of the day, it’s what I could’a, shoul... Read More

How to Get Noticed in London

Posted by: michael on 08/16/2013

London is huge, with one of the largest and densest populations in the Western World. Traffic jams are commonplace, the London Underground is often more crowded than it probably should be allowed to be, and just walking down some streets (*cough*Oxford Street*cough*) can prove a mission in itself. Jobs are hard to come by, yet still demand never fails to outstrip supply, and Londoners always have to deal with waiting – whether it's waiting for a coffee in the morning or waiting for your house t... Read More


Posted by: warren on 08/12/2013

One year ago, I posted an editor’s welcome on this life stage, suggesting that emergencies would be an outstanding topic for homeowners or others to write about for Stage of Life. You didn’t see it, did you? You may be new to the website, maybe you weren’t a homeowner, you might have been on vacation; maybe you had an emergency.

Since it’s such an important subject and a rich idea-popper for writers, I’m going to repeat and expand on what I wrote earlier.

<... Read More

Meet Your Neighbors

Posted by: warren on 10/19/2012

Some time ago, a Stage of Life editor wrote, promoting meet-your-neighbors activities. I posted a comment, “Good thoughts. I'm embarrassed to admit that I wouldn't even recognize neighbors more than two houses away.”

It’s sad how my neighbor-interaction radius has shrunk over the years.

Neighbor History

Growing up in Upstate New York, I knew nearly everyone for long distances up and down our very long street and for respectable distances on... Read More

Locked Out…Again!

Posted by: warren on 09/14/2012

The Homeowner Editor’s welcome described her trials and tribulations on being locked out of her home. It reminded me that I still need to find a hiding place for our house key.

Breaking In

The first time I locked myself out, I was living alone in Upstate New York. I drove into the garage, which was under the house, got out of the car, grabbed shopping bags from the trunk, and couldn’t open the basement door. I can’t recall why I didn’t have my key to open the deadbo... Read More

Air Conditioning

Posted by: warren on 07/27/2012

I had a manager who judged air conditioning to be the greatest technological invention. I got that secondhand, so I can’t vouch for the superlative, greatest; but I’m sure he ranked AC way up there. Me? Not so much, though I sure missed it for a week.

The Derecho

My wife, Vicki, and I were escaping to Wisconsin. Our meticulously laid plan was to depart dark and early on a Sunday morning. On Friday night, however, we were introduced to a derecho.

“Derecho” to ... Read More

I’ll Just Pull ONE More Weed…

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 06/13/2012

I’ve mentioned the scary state of my landscaping before and the resulting inertia from even sticking my head outside to look at it. It’s totally overwhelming. When we bought this house, we put in every garden bed, tree and ornamental grass in the yard, err, acreage. That included planting three, six-foot white pines without the assistance of machines. I used to love it and keep up with it each season. ... Read More

How Should you Approach for Financial Help on a Mortgage

Posted by: michael on 05/26/2012

These days, under the present economic crisis, many homebuyers are experiencing tremendous financial crisis and seeking help with their mortgages. If the economy is going downward, people are becoming jobless and losing every possible source of income, it can lead toward massive foreclosures. Therefore, today many homeowners are seeking help with their mortgages. If you want similar kind of help, there are several sources to assist you. However, review each option carefully to find out the most... Read More

Coyotes, Bush Hogs and Fertilizer – Oh My!

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 04/30/2012

I’ve mentioned before that I live in the country on some acreage. We moved out here eight years ago, so I like to think that I’ve adapted to life away from the city. I’m used to flora and fauna using my land as a large condo complex. But I have to draw the line with Mr. Coyote.

Coyote Rules

I do have some rules for the squatters, especially the predator variety.

• You may ... Read More

Fun with Taxes

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 04/18/2012

Unless you’ve moved totally off the grid or in a perpetual state of denial, you know that taxes are due April 17th. The date is pushed ahead from April 15th because the District of Columbia celebrates “Emancipation Day” on Monday, the 16th (maybe the IRS thinks of it as “Let’s Emancipate Them from Their Cash Day?”). I wrote about tax prep and organization in a guest editor post, but that was a month ago when I was feeling pretty smug because my piles of tax info were in neat stacks - but now, n... Read More

Is That a Springiness in Your Step?

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 03/30/2012

So what’s more important in your life this March, the Final Four or bragging about your freakish 82 degree weather? March has always been one of my least favorite months, right after February and January. Do you see a pattern there? Winter and the cold, wet, gray month of March is just not my thing. This time of year is when I normally question why I choose to voluntarily stay in this climate instead of moving to... Read More

I Can't Live Without My Extended Pole Light Bulb Changer

Posted by: Suzanne on 03/21/2012

We live in what was dubbed as a “McMansion” a few years ago by builders who accurately assumed that middle income Americans would want to treat themselves to a home that represented their station in life – much like a Ferrari is to a Rock Star or a buying an island is to Oprah. We fell for the fantasy.

In actuality, it is just a pretty ordinary house – with tremendously high ceilings. That part was supposed to create the “wow” factor for buyers and evoke a feeling of spaciousness... Read More

Thistle Wars

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 03/21/2012

The freakishly warm weather this March has made many of us face our garden and lawn shame earlier this year. Sure, sometimes the daffodils pop up early even after a bad winter with a lot of snow, but 71 degrees in mid-March? My grass is greening up by the hour. Since I was out sitting on my deck yesterday afternoon, I decided to mosey around the yard and check out what’s co... Read More

Homeowner Maintenance Roulette

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 02/07/2012

Owning a home is the American Dream. Or I should say owning a home you can afford is the American Dream. But it also comes with a lot of upkeep. Fortunately, I moved from a 1970’s-issue home into a new-build. Like many people, I thought that it would stay clean and perfect forever—new appliances, furnace, floor coverings, etc. Pretty and shiny! Not so much. After almost eight years, things are starting to let me down.


Now I’ve had a home so I know that ... Read More

The Hassle of Relocation

Posted by: ellimanbraun on 02/02/2012

People move everyday due to job relocation, personal reasons, affordability issues, and etc, but it is still a time consuming and costly endeavor. Ideally, you should take a lot of time to really plan everything before you move, but sometimes you will have to move in a relatively short time frame. Here are moving tips to keep in mind when you have relocate.

Get organized:

The first thing you must do is get organized. Go through your entire house and really take ti... Read More

They’re Back! Setting Guidelines for Returning Kids

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 01/27/2012

I dropped out of college and moved back in with my parents. I mainly did it before I flunked out. Somehow, I missed the equation – waiting tables in a bar + 8:00 a.m. classes = bad grades. I’m grateful that my parents were willing to let me crash there for a while. But it was an adjustment for all of us. They had taken to that empty nest thing really quickly. Although the combination of inter-generational cohabiting and my job at a gas-and-go store reignited my educational passion and I headed ... Read More

The mortgage rates are continuing on a significantly low rate

Posted by: michael on 01/26/2012

The mortgage rates had started to lower from 2010. This trend is continuing till now and is supposed to continue for some time after this too. In fact, as per a new record released by Freddie Mac, the mortgage rates are easing to rather new record lows. As a result, the affordability of most of the homebuyers will be high. It will be easier for almost all to take out a mortgage in order to finance their home.

Facts from the reports

Some of the important and new facts about... Read More

Saying Goodbye – Emotional Aspects of Downsizing

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 01/09/2012

Sometimes in the excitement (or stress) of moving, we don’t have time to pay much attention to the emotional components of the move. I recently wrote a post on “making meaning” when you’re leaving your old house for the new digs. It’s a way to say goodbye and preserve memories to mark the e... Read More

Condo Fever

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 01/04/2012

Lately I’ve had this urge to go look at condo models. You know, the ones that are impeccably decorated and dust bunny-free? Maybe it’s because my friends just bought a gorgeous Chicago condo on Lake Michigan and will move in soon. But it might be that the maintenance of a home that’s too big for me (and an eight pound cat) on a rural property with acreage can feel overwhelming. Or could it could be that I had to go out to my shed yesterday in 40 mph winds and put an additive in the gas tank of ... Read More

“Making Meaning” When You Move

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 12/13/2011

There are all kinds of feelings that are kicked up around the word “home” and moving can be an emotional experience. When you’re moving to a new home, it’s easy to get caught up in the activity, stress and deadlines, which doesn’t leave much time or space for introspection. But, think of all the memories you’ve created in this home! Take the time to honor those while in the midst of your move.

In my la... Read More

10 Good Reasons to Sell Your Home in the Winter Season

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 12/05/2011

The last time I moved was in mid-March several years ago. In Ohio, that can mean 79 or 20 degrees - it’s a toss-up. In our case, a “rare winter storm” was predicted for the week of the move. I didn’t choose that particular moving date. After being in contract with three different buyers - the first one shaky, the second one psychotic, and the third one was just right and the sale actually went through. By then, w... Read More

What Do You Mean, We Don’t NEED a Bathtub?

Posted by: NancyMyMoves on 11/09/2011

How to Stay Married While House-Hunting

Admittedly, I watch quite a few DIY/house-hunting/decorating channels on TV and get a little too involved. After a recent international house-hunting show, I decided that I need to move to a bungalow on the beach in Costa Rica. Right now. Oh, and I also need a lanai, even though I’m in Ohio…But I have to say my viewing pleasure has diminished recently and the house-hunting shows in particular make me cranky. Maybe I’ve slipped into a gro... Read More

Because I Can

Posted by: DarkStar49 on 10/16/2011

Home ownership is not necessarily new to me. My wife and I have owned 2 homes in the past 9 years, and have loved it! The stories of satisfaction, memories and such could fill a small book. Like most things, it seems, sometimes we get caught up in our daily grind and responsibilities and we tend to let the gratification take a back seat and, at least in my eyes, makes this short story all the more meaningful.

Fall has come and gone here as it usually does each year and has made ... Read More

Making It Work

Posted by: thiegsr on 07/21/2011

Things fall apart. Relationships dissolve. Children fall on uneven cracks in the sidewalk and scrape their knees. The stress of work buries us without apology. In my world, the “things” falling apart right now are pieces of my home.

We LOVE our old home, and actually, I don’t know if we would ever want to buy new construction. Even with the allure of brand new pipes, walk in closets in every room, finished and waterproof basements, no hidden knob and tube wiring tucked in the i... Read More


Posted by: Bob on 05/17/2011

I came across a great article that talks about the effects of electronic media on our ability to get a good night's sleep (which is important to every stage of life).

I think you'll all find this helpful...

Once upon a time, before humans gained the ability to harness electricity (can you imagine such a time?), our internal body clocks kept to a strict schedule. When it was dark, we slept. When it was light, we were awake. People in pre-electrical times got an average o... Read More

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