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Teen Trend Report

Report on Teens and Weather

Report Background:

Writing contest about the weatherFrom our international student survey, we discovered that 90.5% of teenagers and college students believe in climate change.  Couple this student statistic with the old saying, "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb," We felt this was the perfect month to talk about what we believe is the great equalizer: the weather.  As the great equalizer, it doesn't matter what religion or socio-economic status one may be, we're all subject to Mother Nature's fancy and fury.

We asked over 8,200 teenagers from around the world to take a survey and submit a personal essay (500 words or less) full of vivid details that involves the weather in a central role.  You'll find the top essays as well as statistics about the topic from our student survey below.
  If you like what you see in this exclusive report, please explore our other Teen Trends analyses on student issues ranging from gun control to body image. would like to thank Papa John's, Applebee's and IHOP for helping to sponsor this report and writing contest.

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Teen Trend Report Overview:
  • Trend Report about TeensVISITS:  Over 8,200 teens and college students visited the writing contest during the month's writing prompt (March 2015) from across the US (all 50 states) and dozens of international countries.

  • ESSAY THEMES:  Out of all of the topics discussed, several major themes were collectively revealed by teens in their essays about the weather. 
  • Writing contest for high school students

    120 teen bloggers submitted a qualifying essay to the writing prompt that asked them to share a story about the weather. 
  • ESSAY WINNER:  Place winners, along with Runners Up and finalists were selected. 

PART I Statistics about Weather

Before submitting their writing contest essay, teens were asked to complete a survey containing some questions about the weather.  Here are the teen statistics from the survey from the hundreds of students who fully completed the poll.  If you want to view the full data report and corresponding graphs, you'll find them on our Survey Results Web Page for Teens and Weather Graphs and Data Charts
  • Teen statistics about climate change49.7% of teens have experienced a major weather event or disaster.
  • 90.5% of teens believe in climate change.
  • 46% of students feel the government should spend more time and money on climate change.
  • 81.5% of students report that the weather affects their moods.
  • July:  Of the 12 months, July ranked the highest as the "favorite" month of teens weather-wise.  February scored the lowest.
  • Summer and Fall:  Both of these seasons tied statistically as the "favorite" seasons of students (28.8%).  Winter scored the lowest (17.6% of teens listed this season as their favorite).
  • 48.3% of teenagers report having seasonal allergies brought on because of the weather or change of seasons.
  • Mothers:  Besides the students themselves, when asked "Who talks the most about the weather in your family," the #1 response was "My Mom."  Mothers scored higher than Fathers by 6%+.
  • To see all of the responses, download the full survey report via the PDF icon below or you can view all of the data online on our survey results page here:
Statistics about Teens and Climate ChangeTo read the full survey results, click the PDF icon to view or save the free download.

SOURCE:  All statistics above were collected by as part of its monthly teen trend reports containing statistics and writing contest prompt responses from teens on real world issues.


After taking the survey, students submitted their writing contest essays to  From the qualifying teen essay submissions, several themes emerged:

Themes and Trends from the Weather Essays:
Teenagers and the Weather
  • Weather Can Be Unpredictable: We all rely on meteorologists to tell us how the weather will be, but sometimes even they get it wrong. These teens recalled plenty of times where they were enjoying a sunny campout or hike in the woods only to be pummeled by a torrent of rain. Life happens!
  • Weather Controls Our Moods: Some teens wrote about how happy they felt when the sun was shining; others conceded that rain made them feel sad; and during winter, some teens admitted to suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Whether or not we want to admit it, the weather can determine how we feel.
  • Weather Can Make an Adventure: Sometimes the weather can create some of our most definitive memories: playing sports in the rain, helping a stranger on a sunny day, or even escaping dangerous, torrential flood waters. Nonetheless, these teens will never forget when weather made a difference in their lives.
  • Weather Can Be Destructive: Of course, weather isn’t all good. Some teens remember hurricanes like Katrina and Sandy or dangerous tornadoes that destroyed towns and lives. Mother Nature may be in control, but it’s always important to stay safe.
  • Weather Can Bring People Together: Many teens fondly remembered snowy or stormy days inside—cuddled up in blankets near family or other people they love. Sometimes Mother Nature has mysterious ways of bringing us all together.

PART III:  Read the Teen Stories about the Weather

Teen BloggersImmediately below, you'll find links to the winning essay, our runners-up, semi-finalists, and all qualifying essays from college students and teenagers answering the prompt to share a story about how the weather played an important part of their lives.

Please take a few moments to read an essay or two, especially our winner, runners-up, and finalists.

If you have the time, make a comment on the essays you enjoyed the most.  We know the student writers will love hearing your positive input (they'll get an email notifying them if you comment on their writing contest entry).

Writing contest winnerWriting Contest Winner & Finalists

First Place:

Weather: I Don’t Do Small Talk by Quixotica (Weather is politics, religion, and money) student essay writers2nd Place: 

Weather: A Saved Memory by knicolas (She remembers a soccer game in the rain)

3rd Place:

Weather: The Beat of a Once Painful Reminder by tiffykakakakang (She remembers rain during a funeral)

Writing Contest Runners UpRunners Up (in no particular order) writing contest submissions

    Teen writing contest enteries

    Read All Qualifying Teen & College Essays for the Writing Contest
    The essays below were all written by Stage of Life teen writers for this monthly student writing contest.  They are listed in no particular order or ranking.

    All Teen Essays about the Weather

    Essays about the Weather - General

    1. Weather: Bring Rain or Sunshine by Parris Guinan (This teen longs for rain in hot and dry California)
    2. Weather by JoshMinor (His dad is stationed in Colorado)
    3. Weather by BMB9926 (She misses Florida weather)
    4. Weather: Making the weather the best day ever! by Melita Afalava (This teen always dresses to the weather)
    5. Weather by veronicaornelas (The climate is constantly changing in Colorado)
    6. Weather: Is Ohio the only one with bipolar weather? by kaciowens1 (This teen believes in climate change)
    7. Weather: The bipolar weather of Georgia by iday_royally (The weather might be crazy, but it has its perks)
    8. Weather: Rainbows in the skies by jaydouthit (This teen saw 3 rainbows)
    9. Weather: What Season Is Best? by cecilia.dazzle (She loves fall the best)
    10. Weather by samsallen (Weather can affect our plans)
    11. Weather: And So Goes the Life of an Ohioan by mag8251 (Weather in Ohio can be very random)
    12. Weather: Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away by adree (This teen loves being in the rain)
    13. Weather: 4 Effects of Rain by KianaHamilton (Rain has its benefits, but it can also be disastrous)
    14. Weather: My Best Friend With Multiple Personalities by rberris (This teen believes in climate change because of where they live)
    15. Weather: School of Fright by pennyproblem (Her school was in Tornado Alley)
    16. Weather: The Mood Swinger by albertrodrigo3 (Some think of San Diego as the city of perfect weather)
    17. Weather: Cause You’re Hot Then You’re Cold by baileyj (This Katy Perry song describes weather in Kentucky)
    18. Weather by cameronattisha (Weather can be different in different parts of the country)
    19. Weather: The Rain Dweller by OstrichSauce (Why use an umbrella in the rain?)
    20. Weather: Harshing My Vibe by amymaa (Weather can be severe and unpredictable)
    21. Weather: Not so Sunny or 75 by haleymarie856 (Even in the last few months, residents of her county in Kentucky have experienced weird weather)
    22. Weather: Thriving in the Desert by Ashleyconklinwriting (Weather plays a big part in how we feel everyday)
    23. Weather: A Nice Surprise by l.aurenpiro (She thrives in rainy weather)
    24. Weather: Rain Masti by shreena (She remembers a sudden rainstorm)
    25. Weather: Mother of all Threats by Xjenkins (Mother Nature can create devastation)
    26. Weather: Should We Be Worried? by Aharipriyan (We should be doing more than just walking about weather—we should be acting on it)
    27. Weather: An Uncertainty by Dante Zumbo (The weather can be highly unpredictable)
    28. Weather: My Best Friend with Multiple Personalities by rberris (Weather can be erratic and unpredictable)
    29. Weather: The Bliss of Rain by biancaliri (She loves the peace of rain)
    30. Weather: When the Seasons Never Change by mandersgrace (Poetry prose about the seasons)
    31. Weather: What type of future do you want? by sanjichowdhury1 (Climate change is undeniably real)
    32. Weather: Super Storm Sandy by racleiner (She saw the devastation of Sandy first hand)
    33. Weather: Mother Nature follows no rules by Phoebe (We need to work hard to save our planet)
    34. Weather: Death and Rebirth by adamimperiale (Winter destroys, but spring recreates)
    35. Weather: Is the rain really singing? by MicaelaPB (Rain in Seattle isn’t all that bad)
    36. Weather: I Don’t Do Small Talk by Quixotica (Weather is politics, religion, and money)
    37. Weather: A beckoning enchantment by wonrachel (Poetry prose about a thunderstorm)
    38. Weather: The Wonder of Thunderstorms by XxHol_LeyxX (She never used to like thunderstorms)
    39. Weather: Too Cold to Do Anything by Monica Jackson (Snow days are nice… at first)
    40. Weather: An issue to be locked into the cupboard? by ares1 (Bad flooding in her hometown harmed a lot of people)
    41. Weather: The Storms We Create Are The Ones That Hurt Us The Most by [email protected] (This teen’s parents evacuated their home in Texas and went to Louisiana)
    42. Weather: The Importance of the Unimportant by mhennen214 (“Weather means absolutely nothing”)

    Essays about Weather and Feelings

    1. Weather: The Ultimate Game-Changer by kiralewis (She remembers the devastation of Hurricane Sandy)
    2. Weather: Cloudy day with bitter joy by Erica fung (Her achievement taught her to learn more about life)
    3. Weather: Prepared and Ready to Go by alexerdelatz (This teen loves god’s creation)
    4. Weather: Breezing Through Life by averyveilleux (The weather is constantly changing and so are our lives)
    5. Weather by jdawg2800 (This teen used to be terrified of thunder)
    6. Weather: Thunderclouds by smfuchs (She used to know the language of the clouds)
    7. Weather: The Beat of a Once Painful Reminder by tiffykakakakang (She remembers rain during a funeral)
    8. Weather: On Weather, With a Teenager by kaitlin (She gets happier when it rains)
    9. Weather: The Angel and Devil by Coolkid (The weather determines our actions and reactions)
    10. Weather: Invites a Writing Peacock in Me! by sehgalakku (Rain helps this teen’s negative thoughts go away)
    11. Weather by agosusegzy (He remembers a kind gesture)
    12. Weather: Bringing a Community Together by michellewolk (You may not be able to help the weather, but you can control the outcome)
    13. Weather: It Also Spoils Our Dreams by Anna-Maya (She had a bad dream about drowning)
    14. Weather: 95 Degrees of Separation by Bianca (She loves the “warmth of togetherness”)
    15. Weather: Stranger’s Conversations by mackenziray (Weather can affect your mood)
    16. Weather: The mood changer of the ages by Rubbetoe1217 (He hopes everyone has a favorite weather to enjoy)
    17. Weather: Frozen and Fire by Bunja Joyce (She remembers a particularly cold night)
    18. Weather: Praying my roof doesn’t blow off by CloeRI (She remembers bonding with her family during Hurricane Sandy)
    19. Weather: The Single Bird Chirp by B.Epp (“Weather is an uncontrollable schedule of our lives”)
    20. Weather: Mr. Winter’s Reign by Lanilynn99 (Winter doesn’t make it easy to be cheerful)
    21. Weather: Raindrops, Sun Rays, Snow Dreams by  aiambia (Rain washes away her every worry)
    22. Weather: January Blues by witemil18 (This teen has SAD)
    23. Weather: The Swing Set Days by SamanthaChristine (She remembers swing sets from her childhood)
    24. Weather: Nature’s Mood Ring by kellyhurford (Nature can determine how we feel)
    25. Weather: Am I Just a Puppet in Mother Nature’s Game? by asialaguio (This teen suffers from seasonal depression)
    26. Weather: Takes Your Breath Away by Nuha (The weather unfortunately coincided with her grandmother’s poor health)
    27. Weather: Overcast Obsession by sstokes101 (Rain makes her feel safe)
    28. Weather: A bright new day by coconelly (This teen thinks that weather corresponds with god’s feelings)
    29. Weather: Rainy day and stuck inside by ron0822 (Weather can make us feel certain things)
    30. Weather: Does the Weather Change Your Mood? by brandtl17 (Our mood is very dependent on our surroundings)
    31. Weather: Among the Lucky Ones by clarksona17 (This teen remembers a tornado warning during school)
    32. Weather: The Sky Cries Too by murphasaurus (The weather can make you feel more in tune with yourself)
    33. Weather by baileyellis (God controls the weather)
    34. Weather: The Sky Cries by juliarom (She feels refreshed on rainy days)
    35. Weather: Sunny Smiles and Rainy Tears by julcasella (Why do we feel certain ways in certain weathers?)
    36. Weather: A Failed Equalizer by KaitMags (Weather doesn’t always treat everyone fairly)
    37. Weather: Whether it does some change by SHRIYA SHEKHAR (She worked hard to earn a perfect score on a test)
    38. Weather: More Than a Dreary Day by AvertAvarice (Rain can be therapeutic if it doesn’t stick around for too long)
    39. Weather: To Me by MixedJesus (Weather is life and death)
    40. Weather: Brings People Together by esoderstrom18 (Good or bad weather always bring neighbors and friends together)
    41. Weather: Is this normal? by manysaashira (Her moods often depend on the weather)
    42. Weather: A Small Reminder To Stay Happy by kalystas (Crying in the rain makes you feel so small)
    43. Weather: Is it all that innocent? by S.Berehe (Weather can cause limitless destruction)
    44. Weather: A Strange Concept by msabino72 (Weather affects our actions and moods)
    45. Weather: I Never Could Remember My Stupid Jacket by lora.golden.1 (Her friends didn’t agree with her dating choice)
    46. Weather: Cecite by Pen2Paper (This teen asked God for a sign)

    Essays about Adventures in Weather

    1. Weather: The Beat of my Life by nerdy1 (During the spring, this teen develops a cat-like personality)
    2. Weather: Do you want to build a snowman? There’s plenty of snow! by Erika (This teen had a rough experience with snow)
    3. Weather by rileybrooke2925 (This teen remembers a close encounter with a tornado)
    4. Weather: Wet Day at Camp by dynamicdude951 (This teen remembers a strong storm during camp)
    5. Weather: Thunder Frogs by Danny Vander Molen (This teen remembers a heavy storm during a camping trip)
    6. Weather: Running in the Rain by hootpoot123 (This teen loved practicing in the rain)
    7. Weather: The Heat Wave Strikes Back by ohliffia3 (She remembers the sweet relief of an ice bath after a heat wave)
    8. Weather: From Beautiful to Disaster by joseph_mikolaycik (This teen was enjoying a nice day with his family when all of a sudden it stormed)
    9. Weather: Nature’s Subtle Murder Attempts by multiversal (She’s slipped and fallen on the ice before)
    10. Weather: White on Blue by Yalie Dacia (This teen was having a bad day)
    11. Weather: Dragons in the Rain by Alibaba (This teen remembers playing on a rainy day)
    12. Weather: Early That Morning by star10grade (Her neighbor’s apartment caught on fire)
    13. Weather: Lonely Friend by _joshua_x (A spring day inspired him to be kind to a lonely neighbor)
    14. Weather: A Saved Memory by knicolas (She remembers a soccer game in the rain)
    15. Weather: Making the Best of a Bad Situation by PotatoB (This teen remembers a sudden snowstorm on a family trip)
    16. Weather: Raindrops on my Earthworm Diagram by geetika98 (She enjoyed studying, but not all the time)
    17. Weather: Trials and Tribulations by Mercy4lovGod (God will always be there for you)
    18. Weather: Katrina Came Northwest by mkmoondust (This teen remembers the fear of Hurricane Katrina)
    19. Weather: Keep Running by theodorewahle (This teen remembers a hot day turned rainy)
    20. Weather: Climbing the Living Peaks of Nature by noah.weiner.3 (He loves exploring Auckland)
    21. Weather: An Infallible Temperament by jcorl1224 (She didn’t want to go kayaking in the rain)
    22. Weather: A Matter of Time by gretwade (She was always afraid of thunderstorms)
    23. Weather: A sunny stormy day by englest17 (This teen remembers surprise thunderstorms on the beach)
    24. Weather: A boiling hot, frosty cold kind of Autumn day by xx.monica (Living in Melbourne, she is very familiar with “swautumn” days)
    25. Weather: The Derecho by emily.jamison1 (She remembers a freak storm in DC)
    26. Weather: A Hike Through the Clouds by AllisonArne22 (She remembers hiking the one and only Mount Vesuvius)
    27. Weather: Mirror of Innocence by GraceGilpin (Her family and neighbors were evacuated by the National Guard during a flood)
    28. Weather: Zucchini with a Zest of Lightning by alupop (This teen survived an encounter with lightning)
    29. Weather: Mother Nature Attacks by rachellau1499 (She remembers a sudden storm with an awful flood)
    30. Weather: Magnifies and drives by Jeneen (This teen remembers when rain ruined a campout)
    31. Weather: Monsoon Mayhem by ASarkar (This teen will never forget traveling to India during a monsoon)
    32. Weather: The Perfect Day by Olga (Her “perfect day” wasn’t so perfect)
    33. Weather: A Gale to Break Men by PHILosophical (This teen’s mini golf adventure was brusquely interrupted)

    Video and Informational Resources About Weather

    Ted Talks - Weather ResourcesAs part of the writing contest and teen survey, provided the following video and information resources to the teachers, students, and families participating in the poll and essay submissions:

     "Vicki Arroyo:  Let’s Prepare for Our New Climate"

    As Vicki Arroyo says, it's time to prepare our homes and cities for our changing climate, with its increased risk of flooding, drought and uncertainty. She illustrates this inspiring talk with bold projects from cities all over the world — local examples of thinking ahead.

    "Gavin Pretor-Pinney:  Cloudy with a Chance of Joy"

    You don't need to plan an exotic trip to find creative inspiration. Just look up, says Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. As he shares charming photos of nature's finest aerial architecture, Pretor-Pinney calls for us all to take a step off the digital treadmill, lie back and admire the beauty in the sky above.

    "Camille Seaman: Photos from a storm chaser"

    Photographer Camille Seaman has been chasing storms for 5 years. In this talk she shows stunning, surreal photos of the heavens in tumult.

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