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Teen Trend Report

Report on Teens and Teacher Appreciation

Report Background:

Teacher Appreciation Writing ContestFrom our international student survey, we discovered that nearly 98.6% of all teenagers and college students have had a teacher that impacted them in a positive way

We’ve all had that one teacher in our lives who changed the way that we think about who we are and what we are able to accomplish.  He or she inspired us to be our best self by challenging us.  

In Tuesday’s With Morrie, Mitch Albom writes, “Have you ever really had a teacher? One who saw you as a raw but precious thing, a jewel that, with wisdom, could be polished to a proud shine? If you are lucky enough to find your way to such teachers, you will always find your way back.”

For our May 2015 writing contest and student poll we asked over 5,400 students to submit personal essays about a teacher that made a difference in their lives.

You'll find the top essays as well as statistics about this topic from our student survey below.
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Teen Trend Report Overview:
  • Trend Report about TeensVISITS:  Over 5,400 teens and college students visited the writing contest during the month's writing prompt (May 2015) from across the US (all 50 states) and dozens of international countries.

  • ESSAY THEMES:  Out of all of the topics discussed, several major themes were collectively revealed by teens in their essays about teachers. 
  • Writing contest for high school students

    150+ teen bloggers submitted a qualifying essay to the writing prompt that asked them to share a story about an inspiring teacher. 
  • ESSAY WINNER:  Place winners, along with Runners Up and finalists were selected. 

PART I Statistics about Teens and Teacher Appreciation

Before submitting their writing contest essay, teens were asked to complete a survey containing some questions about teachers.  Here are the teen statistics from the survey from the hundreds of students who fully completed the poll.  If you want to view the full data report and corresponding graphs, you'll find them on our Survey Results Web Page for Teens and Teacher Appreciation Graphs and Data Charts.
  • Teacher Appreciation Statistics89.5% of teens report enjoying school.
    • 64.5% of teens say that a teacher has negatively impacted them.
    • 98.6% of students report that a teacher has positively impacted them.
    • 90% of teens think that their teachers care about teaching students well.
    • 82%  of teenagers think that their teachers deserve more recognition for what they are doing in the classroom.
    • 85% of students think that their teachers enjoy teaching.
    • 81% of teenagers report giving their teachers recognition or gratitude for positively impacting them.
    • What do you think is the single most important factor in a great teacher?  428 students answered this question.  To see all of the responses, download the full survey report via the PDF icon below or you can view all of the data online on our Teens and Teacher Appreciation survey results web page
    Statistics about Teens and AnimalsTo read the full survey results, click the PDF icon to view or save the free download.

    SOURCE:  All statistics above were collected by as part of its monthly teen trend reports containing statistics and writing contest prompt responses from teens on real world issues.


    After taking the survey, students submitted their writing contest essays to  From the qualifying teen essay submissions, several themes emerged:

    Themes and Trends from the Teacher Appreciation Essays:
    Teenagers and Teacher Appreciation
    • More Than Education: All teens agreed that teachers regularly go above and beyond their every day duties by comforting students, befriending them, and helping them in any other capacity possible. Some teens wrote about how their teachers helped them out of abusive households; others wrote how they simply lent an ear in their time of need. Regardless of the situation, it’s clear that teachers do more than teach.
    • Foundation for the Future: Nearly all teens noted that their teachers helped them build a successful foundation or path for their future. These teens felt well-prepared for many of life’s challenges, including college and other difficult stepping stones.
    • Instilling Confidence: Several teens wrote about the tough times they faced while in school. Thankfully, their teachers were around to build these students up and help them realize that they can be better than they thought.
    • Teachers Deserve Respect: Despite the kind of teacher they wrote about—positive or negative—almost all teens agreed that teachers deserve much more respect and attention than they get. This profession is tough, necessary, and should never be devalued.

    PART III:  Read the Teen Teacher Appreciation Essays

    Teen BloggersImmediately below, you'll find links to the winning essay, our runners-up, semi-finalists, and all qualifying essays from college students and teenagers answering the prompt to share a story about a teacher that impacted their lives.

    Please take a few moments to read an essay or two, especially our winner, runners-up, and finalists.

    If you have the time, make a comment on the essays you enjoyed the most.  We know the student writers will love hearing your positive input (they'll get an email notifying them if you comment on their writing contest entry).

    Writing contest winnerWriting Contest Winner & Finalists

    First Place:

    Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Levin’s Power of Faith by PHILosophical (This teen was glad to overcome his limitations thanks to this kind teacher) student essay writers2nd Place: 

    Teacher Appreciation: My Written “Thank You” by dreaminvaderzoe (Her teacher taught her how to put her emotions on paper)

    3rd Place:
    Teacher Appreciation: Gracias, Bertha by g1isgone (Her ESL pupil taught her more than she expected)

    Writing Contest Runners UpRunners Up (in no particular order)
      • Teacher Appreciation: She taught me to fly by blithedays47 (She never could have imagined auditioning for a play before meeting this teacher)

      • Teacher Appreciation: The Power of Proof by Charles_Dickens_Ghost (A student asked for homework help in the middle of his daughter’s funeral, and he did not turn her away)

      • Teacher Appreciation: Kim Cam’s High Heels by ccromer165 (This teen learned a lot more than he bargained for)

      • Teacher Appreciation: Douglas Stubalt by mmueller13 (His teacher was not always conventional, but was always passionate)

      • Teacher Appreciation: The Spark That Lit the Fire For My Future by MilesMiles (She loved her teacher’s ability to relate lessons to real life)

      • Teacher Appreciation: Sweet and Sunny by [email protected] (She can’t wait to be a “sunny” teacher just like him)

      • Teacher Appreciation: The Teacher Who Brought Me Out of My Shell by Melissaloomis (She was painfully shy until she met a kind and understanding teacher)

      • Teacher Appreciation: My Friend, the King by eliu (Her third grade teacher made her feel valuable)
 writing contest submissions

      Teen writing contest enteries

      Read All Qualifying Teen & College Essays for the Writing Contest
      The essays below were all written by Stage of Life teen writers for this monthly student writing contest.  They are listed in no particular order or ranking.

      All Teen Essays about Teacher Appreciation

      Essays about Elementary and Middle School Teachers

      1. Teacher Appreciation: A Gem That Shines Through All by WriterWithADream (Her fourth grade teacher showed her that she had a talent
      2. Teacher Appreciation: The Biggest Lesson I’ve Ever Learned by jasminefigueroa (Her teacher helped her deal with bullying)
      3. Teacher Appreciation: Above and beyond—she saved my life by Finkerbell (Her teacher invited her over to her house a lot)
      4. Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Krug by coolcolin14 (Teachers should be paid better for doing a job well done)
      5. Teacher Appreciation: The one who understood me by Anthony Valencia (His teacher helped him make friends)
      6. Teacher Appreciation: Good and Bad by tiptopyup (This teen remembers a great teacher and an awful one)
      7. Teacher Appreciation: The Inspiration by Sun_nuS (She learned to stand up for herself in the classroom)
      8. Teacher Appreciation: Getting Through to My Brother by TaylorHal (A kind teacher helped this teen’s autistic brother)
      9. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Clark by Tj Hughes (His teacher put him in an advanced reading class)
      10. Teacher Appreciation: The Teacher Who Sparked My Life by Gabec (Teachers might punish us, but they do it because they care)
      11. Teacher Appreciation: And to keep going by Melita Afalava (She didn’t always get along with her favorite teacher)
      12. Teacher Appreciation: Best Teacher Ever by kiersten1339 (Her preschool teacher taught her to play well with others and how to embrace her creativity)
      13. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Ondina by anna0331 (She feels grateful to have been taught by such a nice person)
      14. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Helped by ron0822 (His teacher helped him learn better English on her own time) Teacher Appreciation: The teacher who changed my way of thinking by Holly2000 (Her teacher made learning fun)
      15. Teacher Appreciation: The Power of a Story by ivcooler (Any subject was enjoyable with this teacher)
      16. Teacher Appreciation by kcarpenter (Her teacher helped her value learning and be a better student)
      17. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Iacovelli by kmurphy17 (Her second grade teacher connected with students on a personal level)
      18. Teacher Appreciation: Dedicated to My Favorite Third Grade Teacher by sneitlich (Her teacher made her promise to dedicate her first book to her)
      19. Teacher Appreciation: Extra Help by Nmckeon (Her free periods were often with her favorite teacher)
      20. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Stahlman by bvissicchio (This teen’s first grade teacher was exceptionally patient)
      21. Teacher Appreciation: 3rd Grade Delight by ashleywinthrop (She was first scared of her new school)
      22. Teacher Appreciation: Running towards the sun by RedFox (Her teacher fostered her love of reading)
      23. Teacher Appreciation: She said, “It’s time we both start believing in you” by kensington (This teen had a hard time learning to read)
      24. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Stuck Out to Me by ochumbler18 (Her teacher thought everyone was special)
      25. Teacher Appreciation: One To Look Up To by Kgehring18 (This teen’s kindergarten teacher was very kind to her)
      26. Teacher Appreciation: Finding the Spark by dshinn12 (This teen was influenced inside and outside of school)
      27. Teacher Appreciation: The Honored Living by cloudchan2 (As time passed, she realized what a gem her strict kindergarten teacher was)
      28. Teacher Appreciation: Foundation for a Successful Future by Anagabriel (Constant encouragement from her teacher helped her grow)
      29. Teacher Appreciation: The Best by Abdullahi (Her teacher always had songs with her lessons)
      30. Teacher Appreciation: What I Want to Be In 10 Years by caseymcwilliam (This teen remembers the special fourth grade teacher)
      31. Teacher Appreciation: Mr. K by ke7sey (“Children learn best when they aren’t strictly monitored”)
      32. Teacher Appreciation: My Friend, the King by eliu (Her third grade teacher made her feel valuable)
      33. Teacher Appreciation by laur17 (Her eighth grade teacher gave her lots of valuable advice)
      34. Teacher Appreciation: Not Only a Mentor by gabimartinez (Her teacher encouraged her to stay later to talk about how she was feeling)
      35. Teacher Appreciation: Inspiring Young Minds by msm1854831 (This teen’s teacher took the class on many fun trips, including spaccamp)
      36. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Bailey Rocks by starvjm (This teacher prepared her well for high school)
      37. Teacher Appreciation: The Teacher Who Brought Me Out of My Shell by Melissaloomis (She was painfully shy until she met a kind and understanding teacher)
      38. Teacher Appreciation: Pushing My Limits by celizabethc (She grew better in an awkward transition year)
      39. Teacher Appreciation: Growing Up by Jmoran-360 (His teacher “hoodified” lessons for the class)
      40. Teacher Appreciation: Fourth Grade by leslye390 (Her teacher made her more comfortable with speaking English in front of the class)
      41. Teacher Appreciation: The Gift of a Teacher by andi620 (She had a really tough fifth grade year)
      42. Teacher Appreciation: A woman who made me what I wanted to be by Maham.M.Javaid (Her teacher prepared her well for life)
      43. Teacher Appreciation: The Wonderful and Wacky Mr. Weaver by noah.weiner.3 (He fondly remembers his “spy” teacher)
      44. Teacher Appreciation: Super Motivating by aftertree (She was grateful to have taught the class)
      45. Teacher Appreciation: Sweet and Sunny by [email protected] (She can’t wait to be a “sunny” teacher just like him)

      Essays about English and Language Arts Teachers

      1. Teacher Appreciation: My Written “Thank You” by dreaminvaderzoe (Her teacher taught her how to put her emotions on paper)
      2. Teacher Appreciation: Just a thanks in writing by menisalice (She learned to love writing a children’s book)
      3. Teacher Appreciation: The Buddha by Wolfy (Her teacher never made her feel stupid or naïve)
      4. Teacher Appreciation: Guiding My Future by mattjames (His English teacher pushed his students out of their comfort zones)
      5. Teacher Appreciation: Where She Finds Her Self Worth by Shardae (Her teacher helped her see how valuable she was)
      6. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Brings a Diamond Out of a Carbon by ranjani (Her ESL teacher helped her through hard times)
      7. Teacher Appreciation: Writing is Fun? by livdubi (This teen’s teacher taught her how to write more detailed)
      8. Teacher Appreciation: My Second Soul by arvedui (This teen was pushed to study English in the USA)
      9. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Thomas by animelover220 (Her teacher believes she can turn her grades around)
      10. Teacher Appreciation: Favorite Teacher by Spencer99 (She taught amazing life lessons and stories about WWII)
      11. Teacher Appreciation: My good teacher Sylvester by Mpuhwe Nelly (A good teacher respects and challenges students)
      12. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Falkowski by haleysh (This teen’s teacher may be strict, but she is also good natured)
      13. Teacher Appreciation: My Life Impacted by EmmaDanelle (She loves the “self-expression” method her teacher uses)
      14. Teacher Appreciation: Bring It Into the Light by tanisha.shankar (She had a contempt for the humanities)
      15. Teacher Appreciation: An Absence of Mediocrity by Boeringrules (School can often be “downright painful”)
      16. Teacher Appreciation: Effort where it counts by Sanderson1015 (His teacher gives a good first impression)
      17. Teacher Appreciation: A Guide For the Rest of Your Life by glee6262 (This teen’s teacher pushed her to be a better writer)
      18. Teacher Appreciation: The Value of an Exceptional Teacher by Kaylee B. (Her teacher is a friend as well as a mentor)
      19. Teacher Appreciation: The Installation of My Moral Compass by kristin8 (She got caught cheating)
      20. Teacher Appreciation: A person who helped me a lot by Bojun Yang (“The teacher is a diligent gardener”)
      21. Teacher Appreciation: You’re only as great as you feel by raylen99 (Her teacher helped her through a tough time)
      22. Teacher Appreciation: Literature from another view by Eli_Winchester (This teen found the ideal teacher)
      23. Teacher Appreciation: The Six Week Sub by sohocarter (Even though he was only around for six weeks, this teen loved her replacement AP Lit teacher)
      24. Teacher Appreciation: Rekindled Hope by rakiraccoon (This teen’s teacher inspired her to pursue writing as a career)
      25. Teacher Appreciation: Gang Signs by rachsal14 (Her teacher took a boring subject and made it entertaining)
      26. Teacher Appreciation: The writer awakened by kashish (This teen always thought English was a boring subject)
      27. Teacher Appreciation: How To Take Over the World by Owens324 (Her teacher opened up about abusive relationships with her class)
      28. Teacher Appreciation by ovimaria (Her teacher shows them educational black and white videos every Friday)
      29. Teacher Appreciation: The Alchemist by TARANDEEP KAUR BHASIN (This teen never loved to write until this teacher)
      30. Teacher Appreciation: Honors Humanities by kelvinguyen2 (This teen’s teacher was kind to everyone, including special ed students)
      31. Teacher Appreciation: A Teacher Who Brings Out The Best In Me by valvan (Her first AP Language assignment involved writing down words associated with sneezes)
      32. Teacher Appreciation: The Spark That Lit the Fire For My Future by MilesMiles (She loved her teacher’s ability to relate lessons to real life)
      33. Teacher Appreciation: English by felix.tsai.3 (He learned hard work could be fun)
      34. Teacher Appreciation: Knowledge that will last a lifetime by Diana123 (Her teacher treats her students like her own children)
      35. Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Delinski by sarahbenson (She was warned against a strict teacher, but ended up being one of her favorites)
      36. Teacher Appreciation: Success Shadowed Under by kanudha (She won a silver medal in English contest thanks to her dedicated teacher)
      37. Teacher Appreciation: On Meeting My Reflection Halfway by vanillafireworks (She wasn’t sure how to answer such tough questions)

      Essays about Foreign Language Teachers

        1. Teacher Appreciation: Teachers are Friends by Erika (This teen’s Spanish teacher taught her to be herself)
        2. Teacher Appreciation: Living with the Ribbon by miac26 (She remembers the strength of her Spanish teacher as she battled cancer)
        3. Teacher Appreciation: There is only one like her by blanca.touza (Her teacher teaches tough subjects, but makes them fun)
        4. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Helps Me Succeed by jsylvia (She fondly remembers the Friendship Club)
        5. Teacher Appreciation: Gracias, Bertha by g1isgone (Her ESL pupil taught her more than she expected)

        Essays about History and Social Studies Teachers

        1. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Harper by claire.chaney (Her teacher took a “boring” subject and made it interesting)
        2. Teacher Appreciation: An Emotional Understanding by kayjayaay (She connected with her geography teacher over depression)
        3. Teacher Appreciation: Douglas Stubalt by mmueller13 (His teacher was not always conventional, but was always passionate)
        4. Teacher Appreciation: Coach Kendrick by madysonadams (This teen developed a love for a class she used to hate)
        5. Teacher Appreciation: The Marvelous Doctor Clark by Jesussandres (His teacher respects his students)
        6. Teacher Appreciation: The funny one by Darrell7479 (His teacher makes the whole class laugh)
        7. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Remembered by Karen Onyebuchi (Her teacher challenged her to become a politician or lawyer)
        8. Teacher Appreciation: The Moment by Peacock2000 (This teen remembers a defining moment in her civics class)
        9. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Gave Me A New Life by Vanner1019 (This teen’s teacher helped her out of her abusive home)
        10. Teacher Appreciation: A Teacher Worthy of Praise by murselsab (She loves the high in-class debates)
        11. Teacher Appreciation: My favorite teacher by fer9920 (Her teacher knows all of her students perfectly)
        12. Teacher Appreciation: The Other Jim by Pigabutter (This teen learned that not all teachers need to be strict or boring)
        13. Teacher Appreciation: Intimidation Leads to Success by LilyN0804 (Her teacher may have been tough, but she prepared her class for the future)
        14. Teacher Appreciation: My Greatest Supporter by starvjm (Her teacher would ask how she was doing everyday)
        15. Teacher Appreciation: Kim Cam’s High Heels by ccromer165 (This teen learned a lot more than he bargained for)
        16. Teacher Appreciation: My Saving Grace by Knitwit (She experienced a mental breakdown)
        17. Teacher Appreciation: My Chapter in World History by mccallhe (Her teacher was patient and graceful)

        Essays about Math Teachers

        1. Teacher Appreciation: Love Of Living Teacher by AylaRaff (Her teacher taught her more than math)
        2. Teacher Appreciation: The one that gave me hope by Jhastings (She learned to ask for help when she needed it)
        3. Teacher Appreciation: Turning Point by yoonsuh0417 (Her teacher helped her pick a path in life and think about her future)
        4. Teacher Appreciation: Discovering school is fun by Gem (Without homework or pressure, she learned that learning is fun)
        5. Teacher Appreciation: Unleashing the Fun of Math by baxelrod (Her teacher treated her students like friends)
        6. Teacher Appreciation: Learning How to Talk Normally by Kuhaku (This teen used to have a hard time communicating)
        7. Teacher Appreciation: Sometimes one can be grateful for humiliation by justin8542 (He wanted so badly to join the GPS class)
        8. Teacher Appreciation: The One Who Really Taught Me by briecra (Her teacher made sure she understood the material)
        9. Teacher Appreciation: My Most Beautiful Time by tramdang (Her teacher was strict but fun)
        10. Teacher Appreciation: Our math teacher by temarogo (This teen’s teacher not only helped with math, but also with personal problems)
        11. Teacher Appreciation by ejbraca (Math is not the devil)
        12. Teacher Appreciation: An Inspiration in My Life by Reena167 (Her teacher inspired her to make a change in others’ lives)
        13. Teacher Appreciation: Philosophical Way of Directing Students by sehgalakku (She learned the mathematics of self-confidence)
        14. Teacher Appreciation: The Art of Teaching by karinaseth (This teen learned to enjoy math class)

        Essays about Performing Arts Teachers

        1. Teacher Appreciation: She taught me to fly by blithedays47 (She never could have imagined auditioning for a play before meeting this teacher)
        2. Teacher Appreciation: Cameron Connor by CameronBConnor (This teen remembers his ensemble teacher)
        3. Teacher Appreciation: The Sound of Music by idaquita (She will never forget the valuable “Dowisms” she learned)
        4. Teacher Appreciation: How One Teardrop Didn’t Lead to a Waterfall by jsikorski1 (Take your mistakes and transform it into something positive)
        5. Teacher Appreciation: The Buggy Man by Isacparhm (His teacher is also a friend)
        6. Teacher Appreciation: Space Oddity by Coltonlapp (This teen still keeps in touch with is guitar instructor)
        7. Teacher Appreciation: A Letter to My Piano Teacher by wfang (She regrets not seeing her piano teacher more)
        8. Teacher Appreciation: From Friend to Foe by Antelle (This teen wanted desperately to get out of chorus)
        9. Teacher Appreciation: The All Knowing by lars (This art teacher will never judge your decisions)
        10. Teacher Appreciation: Sing It! by linlettuce14 (Her choir teacher pushed her to work harder)
        11. Teacher Appreciation: A Thousand Blessings by angelica.christine (Her piano teacher taught her how to cope with tragedy)
        12. Teacher Appreciation: 50% of My Smiles by Leanne_ennaeL (Her theater teacher taught her confidence)

        Essays about Science Teachers
        1. Teacher Appreciation: One that made me see by ‘Tav (Her science teacher helped her see that not everyone in the world is cruel)
        2. Teacher Appreciation: My Rock Solid Year by kristinnorrach (She originally wanted to be a musician, but wanted to join the medical field after taking this class)
        3. Teacher Appreciation: Selflessness by johannyang (This teen had an initially poor experience with this teacher)
        4. Teacher Appreciation: Loving What You Do by clarksona17 (Her teacher genuinely loved to teach)
        5. Teacher Appreciation: Profession Beyond Borders by TheGreenpaw (Her teacher knew teaching was her passion during a stay in The Philippines)
        6. Teacher Appreciation: Last Summer by aj_adlawon (You can never fully learn some things until you experience them on your own)
        7. Teacher Appreciation: The rose without thorns by JoanaCruz (Her kind teacher helped her adjust to public school)
        8. Teacher Appreciation: Above and Beyond by Enigma (This teen fondly remembers Bio Camp)
        9. Teacher Appreciation: Volatile Beginnings by oxiax.ailaht (Her teacher helped her rise from the depths of failure)
        10. Teacher Appreciation: Thank You by sarai villatoro (This teen’s teacher taught her not to give up)
        11. Teacher Appreciation: The Power of Proof by Charles_Dickens_Ghost (A student asked for homework help in the middle of his daughter’s funeral, and he did not turn her away)
        12. Teacher Appreciation: To My Science Teacher by yaquelinp (Her teacher believed in her ability to do better)
        13. Teacher Appreciation: More than Just a Number by chu (This teen’s biology teacher believed than knowledge was more than standardized tests)

        Essays about Teacher Appreciation (Misc.)
        1. Teacher Appreciation: Why do you study? by vvvvvicky (It was not easy to love her homeroom teacher)
        2. Teacher Appreciation: A Guiding Star by shreena (She wrote a poem for all of the teachers that touched her life)
        3. Teacher Appreciation: The future begins today by swiftsaber15 (Without this computer applications class, this teen might not know what to do in the future)
        4. Teacher Appreciation: Seeing the Real Me by dhayes (He enjoyed a Catholic theology class when he is Pentecostal)
        5. Teacher Appreciation: A special someone by The_One_and_Only (She speaks about her greatest teacher—her mother)
        6. Teacher Appreciation: A High Schooler’s Brief Account of Learning by brown1311917 (This teen had a hard time finding people to trust after escaping a compound)
        7. Teacher Appreciation by burg8 (Teachers are often undervalued)
        8. Teacher Appreciation: Mrs. Stewart, the One Who Motivated Me to Work Every Day by caitlinn (She didn’t hear very good things about her strict health teacher)
        9. Teacher Appreciation: My Role Model by brittany_shields (Her agricultural teacher has inspired her)
        10. Teacher Appreciation by mikebischoff21 (His track and field coach has helped him grow as a person)
        11. Teacher Appreciation: Middle School Memories by elakino (This teen remembers a life changing assignment)
        12. Teacher Appreciation: Storytelling Substitute by emer] (This teen’s substitute told a variety of helpful and interesting stories)
        13. Teacher Appreciation: Just A Simple Thank You by malindamiranda (Her ASB teacher was quirky and fun)
        14. Teacher Appreciation: Inspiring With Love by cassidy stevens (Her gymnastics coach inspires her to be the best)
        15. Teacher Appreciation: Professor, Advisor, Friend by mdulman (This teen’s professor was always available)
        16. Teacher Appreciation: My Hero by AmritaBenipal (Her teacher helped her adjust to high school)
        17. Teacher Appreciation by Irislan (Her teacher helped her adjust to the unfamiliar land of Canada)
        18. Teacher Appreciation: You Can See Me by FullOfLaughter (She was struggling with depression until a kind teacher reached out)
        19. Teacher Appreciation: Show Your Appreciation by Dillonlumpez (Teachers work very hard and get little in return)
        20. Teacher Appreciation: Respect by jellybeanjoe (A good teacher needs to respect students)
        21. Teacher Appreciation: Humans Too by UyTran (Teachers are just like us: they are human, after all)
        22. Teacher Appreciation: How teachers can be misters by Gloria Garcia (Her tutor makes her appreciate learning)
        23. Teacher Appreciation: Change for the Better by danielfeeeee (This teen was challenged to join a computer science class a little late)
        24. Teacher Appreciation: The turning page of Life by Shraddha21 (God is a teacher)
        25. Teacher Appreciation: Ms. Levin’s Power of Faith by PHILosophical (This teen was glad to overcome his limitations thanks to this kind teacher)
        26. Teacher Appreciation: Harsh Words Lead to First Place in Race by ASarkar (This teen was never very competitive in gym class)
        27. Teacher Appreciation: Thank You, Jay by lydiachewhew (Her teacher was very young)

        Video and Informational Resources About Teacher Apprecation

        Ted Talks - Teacher AppreciationAs part of the writing contest and teen survey, provided the following video and information resources to the teachers, students, and families participating in the poll and essay submissions:

          Rita Pierson’s Ted Talk “Every Kid Needs a Champion”

        Rita Pierson, a teacher for 40 years, once heard a colleague say, "They don't pay me to like the kids." Her response: "Kids don't learn from people they don’t like.” A rousing call to educators to believe in their students and actually connect with them on a real, human, personal level.

        Diane Laufenberg’s Ted Talk “How to learn? From mistakes”

        Diana Laufenberg shares 3 surprising things she has learned about teaching -- including a key insight about learning from mistakes.

        "Great Lessons from Famous Teachers"

        A three minute compilation of movies and t.v. shows that feature teachers giving their students important life lessons

        "From ABCNews: What Makes a Teacher Great?"

        ABCNews investigates what are the factors that create amazing teachers?

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