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Teen Trend Report

"Teenagers in Love" Survey Results and International Writing Contest Submissions:  4,900+ teen visitors, 130+ survey responders, and 200+ teen essay submissions from teenagers talking about love and relationships.

Let's Talk about Teens in Love

Teenagers in Love

“When you're a teenager and you're in love, it's obvious to everyone but you and the person you're in love with." --John Scalzi

“I enjoy writing about people falling in love, probably because I think the first time you fall in love is the first time that you have to figure out how you're going to orient your life. What are you going to value? What's going to be most important to you? And I think that's really interesting to write about.” --John Green

“Love makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.” --Zora Neale Hurston

With prom season in full swing, as part of our international teen survey and writing contest for teenagers this month, we asked high school and college students to share their thoughts about a topic that's been tugging and pulling at teens since the days of Romeo and Juliet.

Background:  Does true love exist in high school? What is it like to be a teenager in love in our modern society? For the April 2014 international writing contest and teen statistics survey, we asked teenagers to share their thoughts and experiences about love and relationships.  

Our writing prompt encouraged students to share stories about the joys and the disappointments of teen relationships - from first dates to first loves.  From long term commitments to parent disapproval.  From fights to getting over broken hearts.

We posed these questions to spur ideas as the high school and college students prepared their essays....
  •     Have you ever been in love?
  •     What was your best or worst date?
  •     How do you feel about prom and the hype surrounding it?
  •     Do you think dating is different or similar now to 10 years ago? 20 years ago? Why?
  •     What do you think makes a lasting relationship?
  •     Does true love exist?
  •     What is society’s perception of teenagers in love?
  •     How did you and your boy/girlfriend meet?
  •     How do you and your boy/girlfriend communicate?
Below you'll find the full teen trend report, statistics, and links to the essays submitted to about teenagers in love...

Teen Trend Report Overview:
  • Teen Trend Report about Teenagers and LoveVISITS:  Over 4,900 teens and college students visited the writing contest during the month's writing prompt (April 2014) from across the US (all 50 states) and dozens of international countries.

  • TEENS and SURVEY DATA:  138 students between junior high school and college fully completed the national survey about mental illness and health issues.
  • ESSAY THEMES:  Out of all of the topics discussed, several major themes were collectively revealed by teens and their feelings about love. 
  • writing contest summary details

    200+ teen bloggers submitted a qualifying essay to the "Why Must I Be a Teenager In Love?" writing prompt. 
  • ESSAY WINNER:  Place winners, along with Runners Up and finalists were selected. 
  • RESOURCES:  View the teenagers in love resources we provided for review during the writing contest period.

PART I Statistics about Teenagers and Relationships

Before submitting their writing contest essay, teens were asked to complete a survey containing some questions about their views on relationships and love.  Here are the teen statistics from the survey from the students who fully completed the poll...
  • Statistics about Teens and Love61%  of teens have been "in love"
    • Boys:  64% of teenage boys have said they have been in love
    • Girls:  59.6% of teenage girls have been in love
  • 10% of teens spend more than $450 on prom.  Download the full PDF report below to see the full spending trends on how much money teens spend on prom
  • 94% of teens believe in true love.  Surprisingly, this is the exact same percentage for both male and female teenagers.
  • 49% of teenagers believe in "love at first sight."  Males are a little bit romantic, with 50% believing in love at first sight while 48% of female teens say they believe in it.
  • 60% of students think that the perception of teenagers in love is "negative" instead of positive.  Boys tend to think more positively about love than girls, with 47% of males saying that the perception of teenagers in love is "negative" while 64% females think teenage love is cast in a negative light.
  • 46% of teens have had a friend "dump them" in favor of hanging out with a boyfriend or girlfriend.  This is more common with girls than boys.  32% of boys have had this happen to them verses 51% of girls
  • 18% of teens admitted that a relationship has negatively impacted relationships with their close friend.  Male friendships seem to suffer the most when a "significant other" is introduced...
    • Boys:  23.3% of boys say a relationship has negatively impacted their friendships when they are dating.
    • Girls:  16.3% of girls say that a relationship has negatively impacted friendships.
  • 61% of teens say they have been in a relationship.  This statistics is higher for girls than boys.  47% of boys say they have been "in a relationship" while 65% of girls have said this.
  • 66% of high school and college students admit to having had their heart broken.  This happens more to girls than boys (70% of girls have had their heart broken verses 53% of boys)
  • Teens and RelationshipsHonesty/Trust, Friendship, and Possessing Similar Values/Morals rank as the #1, #2, and #3 (respectfully) most important factors in having a "lasting love relationship."  Having a similar "social-economic status" ranked last.
    • Boys:  Male teenagers rank Honesty/Trust, Similar Values/Morals, and Similar Interests as the top three most important factors in a long lasting relationship (Physical Attraction came in a close #4).
    • Girls:  Female teens rank Honesty/Trust, Friendship, and Mutual Respect as the top three most important factors in a relationship (Similar Values/Morals ranked #4).
  • 92% of teens want to get married at some point in their lives.
    • Boys:  This statistics is actually higher for males than females.  97% of teenage boys want to get married.
    • Girls:  Compare that to 90% of teen girls who claim marriage is in their future.
  • 24 - 26 years old is the "ideal age" teens feel for getting married.  Both male and female teens selected this as the ideal age range for marriage.
  • 20% of teens have had a boyfriend or girlfriend their parents "disapproved of"
    • 60% of high school students plan to break-up with their current boyfriends or girlfriends when they leave for college.  This percentage is similar for both males and females.
    • 70% of teenagers text their boyfriend/girlfriend MORE than talk on the phone.  Boys tend to text more than girls (73.5% of boys text more than talking on the phone verses 69% of girls)
    • 12% of teenagers spend more time communicating with a boyfriend/girlfriend via Facebook than in person.
    • 39% of teens have NOT told their parents about their current relationship. 
    Statistics about Teens and LoveTo read the full survey results, click the PDF icon to view or save the free download.

    SOURCE:  All statistics above were collected by as part of its monthly teen trend reports containing statistics and writing contest prompt responses from teens on real world issues.

    NOTE:  If you'd like the separate reports that outline the male verses female responses, please contact us and we can email those documents.


    After taking the survey, students submitted their writing contest essays to  From the 200+ qualifying teen essay submissions, several themes emerged:

    Teenagers and LoveThemes and Trends from the Essays:  "Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?"
    • Passively Optimistic: Nearly all teens agreed that love is amazing, magical, and worth fighting for. These writers had either experienced the elusive love themselves, or had friends or parents who were high school sweethearts. Even the teens who wrote negatively about teen love/relationships thought love was the best possible feeling.
    • Mostly Pessimistic: Despite placing love on a pedestal, the majority of teens thought negatively of teenaged experiences with love. The reasons for this varied: teens aren’t mature enough, responsible enough; they should focus on school and college, first, before getting into a messy relationship that will inevitably end badly; or that teens care only about sex and not about real love.
    • Society & The Media: Even though love is magical, society and the media make teenage love look flawless, when it is not. Many teens pointed the finger at romance movies and books for making teen relationships seem like they happen without effort. Love may be fun, but it is also hard work.
    • Self-Love: Interestingly, a lot of teens agreed that it is important for a person to love themselves before they begin to think about loving another person. If you can’t look inside yourself and see how great you are, how will you love another person?
    • What Is Love?: Teen love is pure and innocent. It’s trusting someone else to the fullest extent. It’s being with your best friend. Love is indescribable, and even though it might hurt in the end, it is worth the pain.

    PART III:  READ THE Teenagers in Love ESSAYS

    Teen Bloggers on StageofLife.comImmediately below, you'll find links to the winning essay, our runners-up, semi-finalists, and all qualifying essays from college students and teenagers about love and relationships.

    Please take a few moments to read an essay or two, especially our winner, runners-up, and finalists.

    If you have the time, make a comment on the essays you enjoyed the most.  We know the student writers will love hearing your positive input (they'll get an email notifying them if you comment on their writing contest entry).

    • NOTE:  In addition to the sponsor package of gift cards from IHOP and Papa John's, the top three finalists mentioned below also received a personally autographed copy of a book from one of our participating national authors who support the writing contest.  We are honored by the professional writing community for donating books to award the teen bloggers who participate in Stage of Life's student writing contests.

    Writing contest winnerWriting Contest Winner & Finalists

    First Place:
    Teenagers in Love: Only time can tell by gayatrigkrishnan (There is a time for everything, including love) student essay writers2nd Place: 
    Teenagers in Love: What Shakespeare Never Taught Us by KT (Young love is innocent and new)

    3rd Place:
    Teenagers in Love: She’s in Europe by Josh the Fool (A long distance relationship makes love complicated)
    Writing Contest Runners UpRunners Up (in no particular order) writing contest submissions

    Read teen essays from national writing contest

    Read All Qualifying Teen & College Essays for the Writing Contest - "Why Must I Be a Teenager in Love?"

    The essays below were all written by Stage of Life teen writers for this monthly teen writing contest...

    Optimistic Stories from Teens about Love...

    1. Teenagers in Love: Did Disney get it wrong? by heylyn (Love makes you better)
    2. Teenagers in Love: When you know, you know by mscott16 (Being young and in love is about being with the person you love)
    3. Teenagers in Love: “I Love You Because You’re Human” by Cynthiak93 (Her boyfriend helped her fall in love with herself)
    4. Teenagers in Love: Chapstick Kisses and Holding Hands Under the Table by Millie Jack (Her boyfriend helped her depression)
    5. Teenagers in Love: Not a Bad Thing by superman27 (First break ups can be very hard)
    6. Teenagers in Love: Not Quite an Expert Opinion by LiterarilyMinded (This teen hasn’t felt love… yet)
    7. Teenagers in Love: The Unpredictable by alana123 (She has been with the same boy for 4 years)
    8. Teenagers in Love: It’s Something Real by sfblack12 (You will find love when you stop looking for it)
    9. Teenagers in Love: What is Love? by lexileataylor99 (She is glad to have fallen in love)Teenagers in Love by jeneralynn (Lots of people in her town are high school sweethearts)
    10. Teenagers in Love: What’s it really like? by tiffani_e (True love is wanting to be with someone when you aren’t)
    11. Teenagers in Love: Flickering Flame by Lucy Lee (This teen fondly remembers her crush)
    12. Teenagers in Love: He became my best friend by hannahbanana22 (This teen has been with the same guy for 5 years)
    13. Teenagers in Love: Is it A, B, C, or D? by bochi_tries84 (She has had a lot of relationships)
    14. Teenagers in Love: Unrequited Lurve by MadHats (This teen wrote a love letter to his crush)
    15. Teenagers in Love: What Shakespeare Never Taught Us by KT (Young love is innocent and new)
    16. Teenagers in Love: She’s in Europe by Josh the Fool (A long distance relationship makes for a complicated love)
    17. Teenagers in Love: The definition of a first love by KL51607 (Love is beautiful and pure)
    18. Teenagers in Love: Fairytales Do Exist by StephanieV06 (Her friend has the perfect relationship)
    19. Teenagers in Love: A Stranger and the Stars by midan1996 (Love makes you passionate and brave)
    20. Teenagers in Love: An Acceptance by AnnMarie (Her love was short and sweet)
    21. Teenagers in Love: Reckless by marisawritestoomuch (This teen was excited about being in love)
    22. Teenagers in Love: Our eyes caressing new dreams of the future by Sarah.Sarah (Love triumphs all)
    23. Teenagers in Love: An Ode to Love by SailsClark (Every love is special in its own way)
    24. Teenagers in Love: A West African teen versus his society by Kofi Akosah (Young love had no place in this teen’s society)
    25. Teenagers in Love: The Discovery by erindickman (This teen thought love was a myth, until she fell in love)
    26. Teenagers in Love: Love is love by carly.thompson.7731 (No one is perfect until you fall in love)
    27. Teenagers in Love: The reality by jadedecker (Love is for everyone)
    28. Teenagers in Love: A Stream of Consciousness by jennyspi97 (She thinks she may have found the one)
    29. Teenagers in Love: Stand By Me by JacobTheValkyrie (This teen lost the girl of his dreams)
    30. Teenagers in Love: A Memory by rezartam (She recalls the moments she fell in love)
    31. Teenagers in Love: Is true love a feeling? Or not? by StaceyLove28 (Love is not a feeling, but an effort)
    32. Teenagers in Love: Musings of an Inexperienced Lover by GabrielaMernin (Love is a sham we need)
    33. Teenagers in Love: Pure, Simple Love in the Most Innocent Form by georgiaraber (High school love is pure)
    34. Teenagers in Love: I see it every day by nichole.meyer3 (She drives by a high school and sees teens in love)
    35. Teenagers in Love: Can That Happen? by sledge (Teen love is possible)
    36. Teenagers in Love: The Dream Relationship by cslam (This teen fell in love with her “dream” boy)
    37. Teenagers in Love: Unexpected, Imperfect & Wondrous by indy18 (Love is complicated, but worth it)
    38. Teenagers in Love: The Truth by leximeyer (Teen relationships prepare us for real relationships)
    39. Teenagers in Love: True Love? by PeetaDarylTeo (She only one boyfriend, but he was great)
    40. Teenagers in Love: Probably Just One of the Dozen by Lanilynn99 (Love used to be taken much more seriously)
    41. Teenagers in Love: Caged Birds Can Still Fly by Brinette (She fell in love with her best girl friend)
    42. Teenagers in Love: Crazy, Stupid Love by velociraptorrrrx (Love is stupid, but important)Teenagers in Love by [email protected] (She has been with her love for many years)
    43. Teenagers in Love: Is Teenage Love Real? by cwever (Teenage love helps us blossom and grow)
    44. Teenagers in Love: The Power of Love by Sir Jew12 The Great (The one is out there; it just may take some time to find)
    45. Teenagers in Love: I wore my heart on the sleeve of his flannel shirts by sohocarter (This teen has held a lot of hands, but only one pair was important)
    46. Teenagers in Love: Who Said True Love Doesn’t Exist? by nawalia2213 (This teen got engaged to her best friend)
    47. Teenagers in Love: Lovely strange by Rhondaa23 (This teen met her boyfriend at a carnival)
    48. Teenagers in Love: The Meaning of Love by Riajan (This teen loves the thrill of a relationship)
    49. Teenagers in Love: Sighs from the Depth by Ancient Sunlight (This teen had his heart broken, but was not unhappy with the experience)Teenagers in Love by jonas08 (This teen looks forward to being in love)
    50. Teenagers in Love: What is Love? by jjbaldwin (Love is getting butterflies)
    51. Teenagers in Love: Roller Coaster by allison62997 (Dating is fun, even if it’s not serious)
    52. Teenagers in Love: Mutually Awkward by changingtheworld97 (This teen didn’t expect to fall in love)
    53. Teenagers in Love: Teen Love by ObviousCat (The cynic in this teen melted away and saw love for what it is)
    54. Teenagers in Love: It’s Not Always a Happy Ending by kylievarelas (This teen went through a tough break, but that didn’t shake her faith in love)
    55. Teenagers in Love: My First Real Love by looslichelsea (She holds onto the memories of her first love with fondness)Teenagers in Love by sdeulus (He swallowed his fear and asked a pretty girl for her number)
    56. Teenagers in Love: That One-Sided Love Changed Me by That Uzzlang Girl (This teen fell in love with a boy who barely knew her)
    57. Teenagers in Love: Love at First Sight by girlygirl3 (Love is worth holding on to)
    58. Teenagers in Love: He doesn’t even know I exist! by brianna_rameriez (If you are patient, God will find a love for you)
    59. Teenagers in Love: She doesn’t even know how I feel by NJGagnon (Love is an amazing feeling)
    60. Teenagers in Love by mexican258 (Teens tend to get obsessed with relationships, but overall love is worth it)
    61. Teenagers in Love: Crush at First Sight by missannat08 (This teen remembers her first crush)
    62. Teenagers in Love: Not Only Does He Hold My Hand, But He Holds My Heart by Jamiesparano (This teen is in love)
    63. Teenagers in Love: Something a lot of teens go through by mtejeda (Love makes people crazy)
    64. Teenagers in Love: Is it real? by janelle_husky (Love is something only a few people experience in high school)
    65. Teenagers in Love: It Is Real by adrianaalejo (Love is innocent and pure)
    66. Teenagers in Love: Perfectly Irrational by victor.jimenez (This teen is in love with a memory)Teenagers in Love by llexxii__ (Love is a drug we crave)
    67. Teenagers in Love by aklawlor (Love is worth the heartbreak and drama)
    68. Teenagers in Love: It could be pointless by lbwiebe (Love is important to hold onto)
    69. Teenagers in Love: A Letter to My Future Husband by angelicalagony (This teen wonders what her future love life holds)


    Pessimistic Stories from Teenagers about Love

    1. Teenagers in Love: Been there, done that! by hcastor (Teens are too young to know real love)
    2. Teenagers in Love: What love is to me by Geeky Greek (“Love is a beautiful but cruel creature”)
    3. Teenagers in Love: I Want Real Love, Not The Stuff Hallmark Tries To Sell You by Alli. O (She doesn’t think she’s ever seen a “normal” relationship before)
    4. Teenagers in Love: L’Amour by Fred Jenkins (This teen thinks falling in love is pointless right now)
    5. Teenagers in Love: Second Guessing by lionjin (This teen doesn’t have time for relationships anymore)
    6. Teenagers in Love: Do I Believe in High School Love? by swens08 (Don’t limit yourself to dating one person in high school)
    7. Teenagers in Love: The Director’s Son—True Story by Tia111 (She realized breaking up with her boyfriend was a mistake)Teenagers in Love by KPederson (If teens try harder in relationships, they wouldn’t end up so unhappy)
    8. Teenagers in Love: Is love real? by tlaws (Teens just want sex, not love)
    9. Teenagers in Love: Are you kidding me?! by Janet303 (She thinks teenagers need to calm down about “love”)
    10. Teenagers in Love: Teenage love relationships by babybull18 (Just have fun in high school, even with relationships)
    11. Teenagers in Love: The Disgusting Truth by moriahnew (She thinks her generation needs a reality check)
    12. Teenagers in Love: Why Must I Be A Teenager In Love?: Don’t Pull A Eugene by gvachon (This teen wasted her first kiss on someone she realized she didn’t like)
    13. Teenagers in Love: Not Like the Movies by theatregirl123 (This teen loves 80s romantic comedies)
    14. Teenagers in Love: Why Must I Be A Teen In Love? by alonabarnett (She cheated on her boyfriend)
    15. Teenagers in Love: I Just Don’t Have Time by jcb (This teen feels awkward on dates)
    16. Teenagers in Love: The Hopes and Realities by AT (Young love is wild and reckless)Teenagers in Love by stewy23 (This teen fell in love with a girl who didn’t reciprocate his feelings)
    17. Teenagers in Love: An Antithesis by dwarvenprincess (This teen makes fun of the idea of love)Teenagers in Love by 5novak (Teenagers are not emotionally ready for relationships)
    18. Teenagers in Love: Love story by dannonshumway (Teens don’t take love seriously)
    19. Teenagers in Love: My view of the subject by Corwyn (Teens get hurt too easily)
    20. Teenagers in Love: Waste of a heartache by mushka841 (Girls are forbidden to have relationships with boys outside of their family in this teen’s school)
    21. Teenagers in Love: Still waiting by kaavya1997 (Love could happen, but it can’t be forced)
    22. Teenagers in Love: The fading colors of youth by mikayjavier (Her boyfriend’s mom intervened in their relationship)
    23. Teenagers in Love: Things I Will Never Get To Say To Your Face by mmklock732 (This teen was not very romantic)
    24. Teenagers in Love: How I Learned Boys Are Dumb by mynameislynn (Her ex unexpectedly broke up with her)
    25. Teenagers in Love: What is love? by kni571 (Teens are too young to really love)Teenagers in Love by CSeely (Enjoy life now, rather than worrying about a relationship)
    26. Teenagers in Love: Lesson Learned by KDP (Love is often confused for other feelings when you’re young)
    27. Teenagers in Love: The Untold Truth by dyllanheald (This teen doesn’t believe in love)
    28. Teenagers in Love: Love is Dead by Dylan_Burnell (He doesn’t understand why girls don’t care when he tries to be nice)
    29. Teenagers in Love by RaShe03 (Love is more mature than most teens are)
    30. Teenagers in Love: The Unnecessary Love by ellenmcloutier95 (Teens don’t need boy/girlfriends)
    31. Teenagers in Love: A Peek into the Secrets of the Stars by severalatoms (This teen fell in love with a boy who didn’t feel the same)
    32. Teenagers in Love: Fake Feelings by bobbyshirk (True love is best seen in families)
    33. Teenagers in Love: The true meaning of love by Christian.P (Teenagers tend not to think love through)
    34. Teenagers in Love: Past Versus Present by RioVillalobos (The past was an easier time to fall in love)
    35. Teenagers in Love: What Does it Mean? by jchat11 (Teenaged love is obnoxious)
    36. Teenagers in Love: An Inescapable Vortex of Doom by Bgunnarson (When you’re not ready for a relationship, love hurts)
    37. Teenagers in Love: Is it real? by bebarrios (Only 2% of high school sweethearts marry)
    38. Teenagers in Love: Vulnerability by bbigday (There is nothing wrong with being single)Teenagers in Love by lanekohl (Love doesn’t usually last in high school)
    39. Teenagers in Love: Is there a specific meaning for love? by kpalmer07 (Teens have a hard time grasping the concept of love)
    40. Teenagers in Love: Sitting on a Bench in Square Park by iChloe98 (Her boyfriend broke up with her, leaving her feeling alone)
    41. Teenagers in Love by cwh397 (Love has its good and bad)
    42. Teenagers in Love: The Nightmare Prom Has Become by marycaffrey (Prom is supposed to be magical)
    43. Teenagers in Love: Romantic Comedies Are Lies by RazzleDazzled81 (This teen had a bad first date)
    44. Teenagers in Love: Moving On by jewllllls (This teen is having a hard time moving from her first love)
    45. Teenagers in Love: Society’s Perception by desenwein (Society doesn’t always portray teens correctly)
    46. Teenagers in Love: It’s not all it’s cracked up to be by giannadodgion (Teens confuse being in like with being in love)
    47. Teenagers in Love: A Great High School Experience by The Dude (Prom without a date is pure hell)
    48. Teenagers in Love by mandirose716 (Teens are desperate for companionship)
    49. Teenagers in Love: I Wouldn’t Know by alialipops (Society blows teen love out of proportion)
    50. Teenagers in Love: …Or just a game by theboss7915 (Social media makes break ups much worse)
    51. Teenagers in Love: Isn’t Your Last by jbrooks1199 (Your first relationship isn’t your last)
    52. Teenagers in Love: Well, Sort Of by aiherrera (Teens have a hard time knowing who Mr. or Ms. Right is)
    53. Teenagers in Love by rsherrin (This teen is grateful he doesn’t date yet)
    54. Teenagers in Love: No Need to Rush by acpedersen (High school is stressful enough as it is without relationships involved)
    55. Teenagers in Love: My Opinions by joel_boersma (It’s too early to try to find someone to marry)
    56. Teenagers in Love by cjga (True love in high school is one in a million)
    57. Teenagers in Love: Love in High School by makaylanavila (There are too many distractions in high school to fall in love)
    58. Teenagers in Love: It was never love by khushboo savita (This teen isn’t sure if she’s ever felt love)
    59. Teenagers in Love by Native_Singer (Some teens don’t think of their life goals before love)
    60. Teenagers in Love: Love? by Skylar (Teens aren’t capable of real love)
    61. Teenagers in Love: I Txt U, U Txt Me by Stoich91 (Technology was changed the dating game)
    62. Teenagers in Love: Not Quite by DanaMulligan (This teen is afraid she has a limited number of I love you’s)
    63. Teenagers in Love: It’s All in Our Imaginations by Delaney (Teens aren’t capable of real love)
    64. Teenagers in Love: It’s ridiculous and unnecessary by stevenkirky (Love is a “spiraling vortex of irony”)
    65. Teenagers in Love: Is it real? by smccreath (Love sometimes consumes people for the worse)
    66. Teenagers in Love: But how? by Dakayla Dabney (Love is worth waiting for)
    67. Teenagers in Love: One-Sided Story by cleighopatra (She fell for a boy who is known for leading girls on)
    68. Teenagers in Love: I Often Wondered Why I Fell For Him by melissabaca3357 (She had a long and complicated relationship)
    69. Teenagers in Love: Society Nowadays by jhylton (Teens are too focused on having sex)
    70. Teenagers in Love: Or confused by iaon.griesheimer (He thinks teen girls are too controlling, and that teen boys don’t respect girls)
    71. Teenagers in Love: Love is a crazy thing by maciasn (It’s not necessary to be in a relationship in high school)
    72. Teenagers in Love: Love is as long as my fingernails by camerondallaslover (Her date left her in the road)
    73. Teenagers in Love: The Truth by IDConker (Love is pointless)
    74. Teenagers in Love: A summer story by Firewriath (This teen thought he fell in love)
    75. Teenagers in Love: Maturity is the Real Question by futurejournalist (Are teens mature enough to be in love?)
    76. Teenagers in Love by annie_mae9 (Don’t love someone until you really trust them)
    77. Teenagers in Love: The Truth by breenicole (Teens aren’t mature enough to date)
    78. Teenagers in Love: This is a Joke… Right? by tpe223 (This teen gets a kick out of watching bad high school relationships)
    79. Teenagers in Love: The Real Story Behind It by NP5 (Teens need to step back and think about whether or not they are really in love)
    80. Teenagers in Love: Rarely Exists by breannapaige21 (Teens have to figure out themselves before they can fall in love)


    Neutral Stories from Teens about Love

    1. Teenagers in Love: Indecisively in Love by ibiebprofen (This teen’s life has revolved around the same guy since 8th grade)
    2. Teenagers in Love: Riding to Forever by GiDipasquale (He got into a car accident with the girl he loved from afar)
    3. Teenagers in Love: Great Guy Vs. Troublemaker by suzanneu (She was caught between two guys she liked)
    4. Teenagers in Love: The Sidelines by Amzies (She wants to be noticed by her crush)
    5. Teenagers in Love: There’s a Price by daniellewoo (Teenagers are naturally self-centered, so being in love requires a lot of effort)
    6. Teenagers in Love: Only time can tell by gayatrigkrishnan (There is a time for everything, including love)
    7. Teenagers in Love: My Proof of Love by (She lost the person she loved most)
    8. Teenagers in Love: The Hype About Prom by vfey123 (More girls should ask guys to prom)Teenagers in Love by Esantiago (She’s glad she didn’t fall in love in high school)
    9. Teenagers in Love: Obsession or Love? by kbor1501 (This teen was obsessed with a boy in 8th grade)
    10. Teenagers in Love: How do you know? by Hunt18 (This teen was in a complicated relationship)
    11. Teenagers in Love: Hope is the Thing with Feathers by icybluehue (Teenage love isn’t bound to last, but she can’t help indulging in a crush)
    12. Teenagers in Love: I Loved Him by Shringi (This teen didn’t want to admit she was in love)
    13. Teenagers in Love by macdaddy35 (There is difference between love and being in love)
    14. Teenagers in Love: Sexy 1—From Public to Private School by jmiller (Teen love is like finding a job)
    15. Teenagers in Love: You Never Think It’ll Happen To You by jaymie_leann (In retrospect, this teen knows she was in love with an old boyfriend)
    16. Teenagers in Love: It’s not easy by zhansen (This teen wants to focus on school and having fun)
    17. Teenagers in Love: You Don’t Forget the First Crush by MadHats (She fell in love with her best friend)
    18. Teenagers in Love: One Size Fits All by pizzasteeeve (Do whatever makes you happy)
    19. Teenagers in Love: Outside Looking In by Gingersnap (We have the rest of our lives for love)
    20. Teenagers in Love: Is there such a thing? by VS1026 (Teen love might exist in college, but not high school)
    21. Teenagers in Love: Not as Simple as You Think by evfc22 (Love is complicated and hard to find)
    22. Teenagers in Love: It Started on the Ship by rabience (This teen didn’t have the guts to tell his crush he liked her)
    23. Teenagers in Love: Under Pressure by Nalabala (Teens should consider other things in their life before dating)
    24. Teenagers in Love: Then VS. Now by sadiesarinske (Her parents met in high school and fell in love)
    25. Teenagers in Love: Or so they think by colestevens (This teen wants to focus on school)
    26. Teenagers in Love: And how expectations kill it by saketsek (Teens set high expectations for relationships and love)
    27. Teenagers in Love: From an Unqualified Insider’s Opinion by SMSchmier (Teenage love is an epidemic)
    28. Teenagers in Love: Not Experienced by mraygoza (This teen wants to fall in love, but not be embarrassed or controlled)
    29. Teenagers in Love: Unrealistic Hopes by SummerOsbourne (Don’t have high expectations about relationships in high school)
    30. Teenagers in Love: What is Love? by rni21 (This teen’s not sure what love is)
    31. Teenagers in Love: My view on young love by Trinken (Everyone experiences love differently)
    32. Teenagers in Love by LauraWilliams (This teen wants to focus on school, but she’s aware you don’t choose to fall in love)
    33. Teenagers in Love: My view on young love by Trinken (Everyone experiences love differently)


    Misc. Stories from Teens about Love

    1. Teenagers in Love: An Expectation by michaelalove97 (Teens should focus their effort on falling in love in high school)
    2. Teenagers in Love: True love no matter what he’ll do by ShakyeB (This teen speaks about her relationship with god)
    3. Teenagers in Love: The Mirror by wevegotthesedays (Self-love is possible)
    4. Teenagers in Love: I’ve Never Forgotten the Love of Our Friendships by ahonynikki (She feels completed by her best friend)
    5. Teenagers in Love by meganbartlet (Love comes in many forms)
    6. Teenagers in Love: Infatuated with the Written Word by PHILosophical (This teen loves writing)
    7. Teenagers in Love by tta230 (Sports were this teen’s high school love)
    8. Teenagers in Love: My cat Spike by donkey (This teen loves his cat)
    9. Teenagers in Love: Prom: the new wedding? by TheOneGirlFromOhio (Prom season is out of control)


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    2) Hannah Brencher - “Love Letters to Strangers”
    • Stage of Life Video recommendationFrom TED: “Hannah Brencher's mother always wrote her letters. So when she felt herself bottom into depression after college, she did what felt natural — she wrote love letters and left them for strangers to find. The act has become a global initiative, The World Needs More Love Letters, which rushes handwritten letters to those in need of a boost.”

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    Asking a Girl to Prom

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