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Videos about High School and Teens

Videos recommended for and by students about high school and the life of a teenager...

Videos about teens and high school

Stage of Life editors hand selected some of the best student-themed videos appearing on YouTube.  Some of these are pieces produced by students.  Others are aimed at the student audience.  And others are selected to simply inspire high school and college students. 

If you're looking for videos about, for or by teenagers, watch the selections below and please send us your suggestions too.

Stage of Life YouTube ChannelDon't forget to check out Stage of Life's YouTube Channel.  We produce our own exclusive video report on teen trends each month.

Videos about High School and Teens

Featured Video: Teens and Guns produces and releases an exclusive Teen Trend Report each month on its YouTube Channel.  Sometimes the videos are teen statistical reports from the monthly student writing contest and national poll on while others take the form of mini-documentaries.  Here is our Video Report on Teenagers and Guns.  We interviewed teens on both sides of the issue.  What's your opinion?

Featured Video: Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)

Inspirational and helpful advice for students and what they should know.

Featured Video:  A Vision of Students Today

We see over 100,000 teen and college student visitors to each year who read and blog with us.  We found this video on YouTube and thought it might be interesting to our student audience.  Are these questions and statistics true to you?

Featured Video: 8 Things I Wish I knew Before College

Watch this video with tips to help high school juniors, seniors, and college freshman into transitioning into college.

Featured Video:  Fast Times at Woodside High

If you are curious about the latest trends regarding teens and their relationship with technology, this video is a must see.  Stage of Life acknowledges the fact the technology seems ingrained with the daily lives of teenagers, but are there larger questions that this media infused culture should address?


Featured Video:  Best High School Graduation Speech...Ever.

If you thought your senior class president gave a one-of-kind graduation speech, or that your valedictorian was  not only smart but had a truely original commencement address...think again.  A Stage of Life member forwarded us this link and after a quick review, we realized that this graduation speech was probably the best...ever.  Stage of Life's CEO happened to be class president and even he acknowledged that his 1991 graduation speech was like watching paint dry compared to this young man.


Featured College Video: Caroline Casey on

Activist Caroline Casey tells her story during a talk that challenges perceptions, while Casey asks us to move beyond limits we may think we have in our lives.  Recorded in Washington DC in 2010.

Featured Video:  Gina Loring on HBO - Somewhere There Is A Poem.

At some point during high school (or several times if you're lucky), your teacher in English or Language Arts class will turn everyone's attention to poetry.  For some of you, this is a blissful could do this all year.  For others, you just don't get it and you'd rather watch paint dry.  Well, whether you're looking for inspiration to fuel your love of poetry or need extra inspiration to help you discover why poetry is so powerful, view the video below of Gina Loring reciting her original, Somewhere There is a Poem.  Watch the entire gets better as it goes.  This is why poetry can change the world. 


Video:  Four years of high school summed up in less than three minutes.

An insightful and humorous look into what a high school student might experience during freshmen, sophomore, junior and senior year in high school.

Video - Overview on High School

Stage of Life produced a short overview about high school using some lesser-known statistics.


Video:  High School Musical - Twilight Parody

This video is a parody using a mix of High School Musical and Twilight.  The actors are definitely not in high school but this video was submitted by one of Stage of Life's high school bloggers and we found it funny too, esp. with how both HSM and Twilight are a huge part of the teen and pre-teen zeigeist right now.

Stage of Life Videos

High School Video Submission:

Do you create videos?  If you'd like your video to be featured on Stage of Life, follow these submission guidelines:

1.  Create your video about high school or being a teenager.  Keep it under 4 minutes in length.  Productions with foul language will not be selected for the video gallery.

2.  At the end of the video, include the phrase "Video Submission -" as either a verbally spoken line by one of the actors or as a title page.

3.  Upload your video to YouTube.

4.  Send us an email with the link to your YouTube video. Email the video link here.  Please include your contact information for questions we may have.

5.  We will review your submission and contact you if it is selected to appear on the site.

All enteries have the opportunity to appear on the site.  A quarterly winner will be selected which will appear in the "first position" for three months.

Good luck - have fun!

Suggest a VideoDid you know of a great YouTube video about high school or being a teenager to share with us?  Send us the link and we'll consider adding it to our high school video gallery...

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