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Teen Trend Report

Poll Results and International Teen Writing Contest Submissions:  7,600+ teen visitors, 201 survey responders, 190+ teen essays about the hopes & fears for 2014.

What Are Your Hopes & Fears?

Hopes and Fears Writing ContestAs part of our monthly writing contest for teenagers, we asked high school and college students from across the globe to write a letter to a specific person (living or dead, famous or not) to express their hopes and fears for 2014.

Background:  What are your hopes and fears for 2014?  With each dropping of the Times Square ball on New Year’s Eve, resolutions are made, slates are cleaned, and as we look back on the highlights and low-lights of the year before, we project ahead on upcoming possibilities. 

We want to hear your thoughts on 2014, but we want you to address those hopes and fears in an open letter to a specific person.

Consider these questions to spur ideas for your letter...
  • What will the person you address your letter to need to know about your 2014 ideas?  What do you hope for this coming year?  Fear?
  • What or who do you project will be the big news makers in 2014? How will 2013 events influence those this coming year?
  • Why is the person you are addressing the letter to important to the topic you are writing about?
  • Do you want the person to whom your letter is addressed to take action based on your thoughts?  If so, make the call to action part of your letter.
These questions were used in conjunction with our monthly international writing contest to spur thoughts, ideas and memories for the writing prompt.  

Read the feedback and essays we received from high school and college students below...

Video Summary - Hopes & Fears

Video summary will be released around Feb. 28th, 2014

Teen Trend Report Overview:
  • Teen Trend ReportVISITS:  Over 7,600 teens and college students visited the writing contest during the month's writing prompt (January 2014) from across the US (all 50 states) and dozens of international countries.

  • TEENS and SURVEY DATA:  201 students between junior high school and college fully completed the national survey about trends for 2014 and the New Year. 
  • ESSAY THEMES:  Out of all of the topics discussed, several major themes were collectively revealed by teens and their feelings about hopes & fears in today's world. 
  • writing contest summary details

    190+ teen bloggers submitted a qualifying essay to the "What are your hopes and fears" writing prompt - sharing personal stories in an open letter to someone about their hopes, fears, and thoughts for the New Year. 
  • ESSAY WINNER:  Place winners, along with Runners Up and finalists were selected. 

PART I Teen Trends for 2014

Before submitting their writing contest essay, teens were asked to complete a survey containing some questions about their thoughts on the New Year.  Here are the teen statistics from the survey from the students who fully completed the poll...
  • 65.2% of teens make New Year's Resolutions.
  • 80.6% of teenagers are more "hopeful" for 2014 than "fearful."
  • 87.6% of teens feel they have the power to make a difference in the world.
  • 75% of teenagers think about the state of our world either "always" or "often" - compared to 25% that claim they think about the state of the world only "sometimes" or "never."
  • 13.4% of teens say they are "not successful" at following through with New Year's Resolutions.
  • "Educational Goals" ranked the highest in terms of "importance" from a list of "goal categories" given to students.  Other categories included financial goals, fitness goals, travel goals, hobby goals, career goals, purchase goals, friends/family goals, and community goals.
  • Other Questions:  We also asked students some interesting questions such as "Who is the most influential person in your life?" and "Who has the most power to create change in our world."  For statistics and answers to those questions, download the PDF report below.
  • Teen Trend survey results: CivilityWho do you think is the most noteworthy person for 2014?  Want to see how all of students answered this open-ended survey question?  To get the full survey results from the teen poll and to read additional answers collected during the teen trend report survey, download the full PDF report here...
To read the full survey results, click the PDF icon to view or save the free download.

SOURCE:  All statistics above were collected by as part of its monthly teen trend reports containing statistics and writing contest prompt responses from teens on real world issues.


After taking the survey, students submitted their writing contest essays to  From the 190+ qualifying teen essay submissions, several themes emerged:

Themes and Trends from the Essays:  "What are your hopes and fears?"
  • Writing contest themesTeens are Hopeful: Like many others, teenagers are excited for the potential that 2014 has to offer. The New Year is a clean slate, ready to be filled with better decisions and happy memories.
  • Big Changes Ahead: Most teens wrote about big, life-changing moments that were going to happen this year. These teens were fearful about how they would handle the transition from high school to college; would they even get into the college of their dreams? For now, these teens knew to keep working hard and hope for the best.
  • Mistakes Stay in the Past: Of course, 2013 wasn’t a great year for quite a few teens. These teens wrote about the regrets they held from the last year—bad grades, bad habits, bad relationships with friends, significant others, and parents… And while it’s hard to live down some of these moments, these teens know it’s best to leave them where they should be: the past.
  • Change for the Better: In the same vein, leaving mistakes in the past means that these teens are more focused on changing their behavior and attitudes for the better. Whether it’s something as simple as learning more effective study habits, or something more serious as quitting drinking, these teens know that a great year requires great effort—and the results will be worth it..


Teen Bloggers on StageofLife.comImmediately below, you'll find links to the winning essay, our runners-up, semi-finalists, and all qualifying essays from college students and teenagers about their hopes and fears.

Please take a few moments to read an essay or two, especially our winner, runners-up, and finalists.

If you have the time, make a comment on the essays you enjoyed the most.  We know the student writers will love hearing your positive input (they'll get an email notifying them if you comment on their writing contest entry).

Writing contest winnerWriting Contest Winner

First Place: 
Dear Me: Living in the present is more beautiful than you could ever imagine by evanscd (This teen wants to focus on the now)

Place Finishers student essay writers2nd Place: 
Dear Future Self: Thinking with your heart is just as important as thinking with your head by jessicawang727 (Kindness goes a long way)

3rd Place: 
Dear Hamlet: The Deceased and Rather Fictional Prince of Denmark by MadHats (This teen wants to be a philosophy professor)

4th Place: 
Dear Gomez: For Showing Me the Light in the Dark by Christy5544 (She hopes to return an important favor)

Writing Contest Runners UpRunners Up (in no particular order)

  1. Dear Pop: We will survive 2014 by leah.deleon.5 (The new year didn’t start so well for this teen)
  2. Dear Israel: What You Missed by troubledsoul (A letter to an important person she lost)
  3. Dear 10-Year-Old Me: It Gets Better by Noble_Skye (This teen encourages her younger self to be brave)
  4. Dear Taylor Swift: Songs and Birthdays by KT (This teen is a little afraid to grow up) 
  5. Dear John Green: You’re not a teenager by ElikaCitadel (She hopes for and fears change)
  6. Dear John Lennon: It is Hard to Imagine by thethirdplacer (This teen hopes for a world without violence) 
  7. Dear Junie B. Jones: Good Cuticles Are What Really Count by mnickens (This teen doesn’t want her fears to guide her) 
  8. Dear Santa: Maybe you should gift advice instead by winnie (She has been an unofficial psychiatrist for her friends) writing contest submissions

Read teen essays from national writing contest

Read All Qualifying Teen & College Essays for the Writing Contest - "Open Letter - What are your hopes and fears for 2014?"

The essays below were all written by Stage of Life teen writers for this monthly teen writing contest...

Letter to a Parent

  1. Dear Dad: Happy New Year by musa0567 (This teen reveals hopes and fears for 2014)

  2. Dear Dad: Things Look Nebulous by cxl25 (His father always knows what to do)

  3. Dear Mother by HappyChick101 (This teen has a disappointing relationship with her biological mother)

  4. Dear Mother: New year’s hopes and fears by ExtraCredit (2013 went by too fast for this teen)

  5. Dear Mother: Start of New Year! by musa0567 (This teen wants to have a better year than last)

  6. Dear Mom: History is Rewritten by ThatOneGirlFromOhio (She resents the way her mother treats her)

  7. Dear Mom: Hopes and Fears for 2014 by True Sean23 (This teen is confident about the new year)

  8. Dear Mom: Let’s hope this goes well by 45toad (This teen wants to see more positivity)

  9. Dear Dad: 2013 by Jose (He wants more privileges)

  10. Dear Dad by Angelica Toledo (She wants her dad to be safe in war)

  11. Dear Mom: 2014 by kiara1221 (This teen will improve her grades)

  12. Dear Mom: I love you by millibear16 (She loves her mom)

  13. Dear Mom: 2014 by iRickyTorres (This teen learned not to lie)

  14. Dear Mom by IzAnna___ (This teen is trying to turn the negatives from last year into positives)

  15. Dear Mom: I Will Make You Proud by kliu17 (This teen is on the brink of a lot of big changes)

  16. Dear Dad: I hope it’s not too late by rachelelf (She misses her dad)

  17. Dear Mama and Baba: 2014 by manalsayyed (This teen is getting ready for high school)

  18. Dear Mom: Faith in my Tribulation by pinkalicious4ulove (She doesn’t want to become judgmental)

  19. Dear Mom: This Year by hillarywrites (This year may determine the rest of her life)

  20. Dear Mommy by rightlyfe (There is too much violence and sadness in the world)

  21. Dear Mom and Dad by 15brownao (This teen feels close to her parents)

  22. Dear Mom: I need to tell you something by brandy_perc (She is scared to lose her baby brother)

  23. Dear Mom: I want to live life now by emmakwillis (This teen wants to live life to the fullest)

  24. Dear Mum: I wish you knew by sarahraza (She wants to connect with her mother)

  25. Dear Mom: I’ll Make You Proud by kliu17 (She has a life-altering year ahead of her)

  26. Dear Dad: Bring back the old times by maranda.kath (This teen misses her old relationship with her dad)

  27. Dear Mum: Never in My Wildest Dreams… by samantha.murphy.73307 (This teen is trying hard not to be scared for her big year)

  28. Dear Mom: I don’t wanna grow up by kwilfong11 (She doesn’t want to control her future, or make decisions)

  29. Dear 妈妈: I’m trying my best by carrotdude (This teen promises to persevere)

Letter to a Grandparent

  1. Dear Nan-Nan: Can you still hear me? by MaryCaitlin23 (The “baby” of the family is about to move on)

  2. Dear Papa: I’m scared but I’ll be okay by TheGreatGranddaughter (School and life are beginning to get harder)

  3. Dear Grandma: I want to be like you by mocarlock97 (This teen wrote a poem for her inspiration—her grandma)

  4. Dear Grandpa C: 2014 by KatelynnCarneal123 (She is afraid of violence in 2014)

  5. Dear Grandpa Tim: 2014 by destiny.m (This teen wants to do well in school)

  6. Dear Grandparents: I’m Done by bochi_tries84 (This teen wants to remove toxic family members from her life)

  7. Dear Grandma by Endless Love (This teen wants to live closer to her grandparents)

  8. Dear Papa: The Trusted Man by Le’Rain (Freshman year is the hardest year in high school)

  9. Dear Grandfather: Always There by SuperOtakuPotterMerWhoLock (This teen wants to improve relationships)

  10. Dear Poppie by Ariel_E2898 (This teen wants to be better)

  11. Dear Grandpa: I Know You Don’t Know Me by Maddie97988 (She feels close to her dad)

  12. Dear Grant Grandpa: Promises from the World by kevint32 (He wants to see an end to violence, and hopes that everyone can just get along)

  13. Dear Pop: We will survive 2014 by leah.deleon.5 (The new year didn’t start so well for this teen)

Letter to a Sibling

  1. Dear Brother: Let’s Change the World by Katie Mariah (This teen misses her brother)

  2. Dear Israel: What You Missed by troubledsoul (A letter to an important person she lost)

  3. Dear Sis: You pulled it off by JDChamp (This teen misses his sister)

  4. Dear Sara: Life’s no longer simple by rwhit237 (This teen is victim to nostalgia)

  5. Dear Nena: You Give Me Life by dinosaurs-in-airplanes (She is afraid the good times will end)

  6. Dear Irie: Why are you so mean? by pointystabby3x (This teen wants to love her sister)

  7. Dear Benjamin: A letter to heaven by __bonniex3 (This teen seeks advice from her brother)

  8. Dear Jenna: You’re gonna go far kid by Wikidnezz (She has faith in her sister)

  9. Dear Tristan: 2014 by writernina (This teen wonders a lot for the upcoming year)

  10. Dear Sam: I Fear Boredom and Mediocrity. AKA, My Life by AyRayKay (She doesn’t want to live a boring life)

  11. Dear Hannah: Don’t Fear the Future by AngelaL (She wants to serve God)

  12. Dear Brother: Stop Thinking You’re “Cool” by benwa24 (This teen thinks he is better than his brother)

  13. Dear soul sister A.K.A. Samie: I hate change by 525larkspur (She has a lot on her plate this year)

  14. Dear Courtney: My Greatest Hope by JeanKaylee (This teen wants her peers to appreciate education)

  15. Dear Brother Ilyas: I always underrated your advises by salimafghan60 (His brother pushes him to be a better person)

Letter to Other Family

  1. Dear Jasmine: Look Me in the Eye by angelmitchell999 (This teen misses a friendship with her cousin, that was disrupted by her eating disorder)

  2. Dear Family: 2014: Friend or Foe by noname101 (This teen has many hopes and fears for the new year)

  3. Dear Rufus: Keep purring by jewllllls (She wants to feel beautiful)

Letter to a Friend

  1. Dear Abby: Strangers With Memories by music-books-art (She fears the end of a long friendship)

  2. Dear Stephanie by Amy S. (She has many goals, including breaking a 6 minute mile)

  3. Dear Gomez: For Showing Me the Light in the Dark by Christy5544 (She hopes to return an important favor)

  4. Dear Young Stunna by asking_chey_ (Her friend taught her about real friends)

  5. Dear Garrett: Thank you for inspiration by Lanilynn99 (She was inspired to follow God’s call)

  6. Dear Alex: YOLO is for real by liskel (This teen wants to start embracing life)

  7. Dear Dakota by JenniferGold (This teen misses her friend)

  8. Dear Hector: It’s Time to Wake Up by Janet303 (This teen wants to change the world)

  9. Dear Janine: You are the best listener by bridges (This teen has high hopes for the next 12 months)

  10. Dear Gerard: Please take me back by LittleElf (She misses the innocence of days past)

  11. Dear Simill: You’re a great friend by julissa___45 (This teen wants to get better at soccer)

  12. Dear Kim: 2013 by hannah (She doesn’t want to lose the progress she made with her friend)

  13. Dear Manal: Hopes and Fears by Nabiha (She is excited for 8th grade)

  14. Dear Delia: Our Happy Year by theatrepride (This teen wants to be happy)

  15. Dear Jagadheesh: Bleak Horizons by guru1997 (This teen feels burdened by his family’s expectations)

  16. Dear Old Friend by justwritin4fun (This teen misses an old friend)

  17. Dear Mikayla: The Hope and Fear of the New Year is Already Here by bdavis1786 (She will try her best to deal with uncertainty)

  18. Dear Calum: Your Sunshine Musings by aerieyjayne (She feels inspired to do better)

  19. Dear Ashley: Sitting on my bed by ndeturris (This teen doesn’t like her personal space being invaded)

  20. Dear Sheila: Telling Me to Chill by ashleymonaco (This teen doesn’t like to be told to “chill”)

  21. Dear Ashley Monaco: Chewing With Your Mouth Open by mdeodene (Chewing is this teen’s pet peeve)

  22. Dear Laura: Stop Drinking and Driving by emily.smith (Drinking driving is deadly)

  23. Dear Drama Department: A Bittersweet Goodbye by lauradrama (This teen is ready to move on from the drama department)

  24. Dear Josie: I’m Being Strong For Me by Writer Selbe (People are imperfect)

  25. Dear Kaelin: We’re Stronger Than Distance by wevegotthesedays (She wants to stay close her to long-distance BFF)

  26. Dear Friend: Unlock the Doors to Your Life by Jlee (This teen is worried about her friend)

  27. Dear Johnny: I need your advice by rita.shmavonyan (She wants her friend to get well soon)

  28. Dear Ms. Kathy: We can start picking up starfish by equus_0109 (She doesn’t want to lose an important after school program)

Letters to Me

  1. Dear Self: Don’t Forget to Remember by VeroniqueCain (“Decide every day who you’ll be”)

  2. Dear Me by anusha (She does not want to feel stuck)

  3. Dear Me: Make this year yours byMeesh_97 (She does not want to disappoint her mom)

  4. Dear Dylan: A Letter to My Future Self by Dylan099 (This teen hopes to become a better writer)

  5. Dear Future Me of 2014: How Have We Done? by hannahhu0102 (This teen is nervous about completing college applications)

  6. Dear Me, a year later: What are you? by kaavya1997 (This teen hopes to live life, and make it special)

  7. Dear Me: You sit too much by monicak (This teen wants to stop being so afraid)

  8. Dear Myself: A call to action from 2014 by steph0804 (She wants more for 2014)

  9. Dear Me: Don’t forget to read this by Hero (This teen doesn’t want to give up)

  10. Dear Myself: Don’t be afraid to take the first step by Amzies (In times, everything will be clearer)

  11. Dear Nancy: Dream Big by NancyAnn (She wants to change the world)

  12. Dear Emily by emminey (This teen is looking for some faith)

  13. Dear Me by heyitskevser (This teen didn’t have much to say at New Years)

  14. Dear Me: It’s Time for Change by lin45 (She wants to “make life interesting”)

  15. Dear Future Self: Thinking with your heart is just as important as thinking with your head by jessicawang727 (Kindness goes a long way)

  16. Dear 2014 Claudia: It’s time for change by claudialucciola (This teen is ready to move on)

  17. Dear Me: Living in the present is more beautiful than you could ever imagine by evanscd (This teen wants to focus on the now)

  18. Dear Isabel: Give Yourself a Break by ittehan (It’s okay to not be perfect)

  19. Dear 10-Year-Old Me: It Gets Better by Noble_Skye (This teen encourages her younger self to be brave)

  20. Dear Sleeping Me: Wake up! by That Ulzzang Girl (This teen knows she’s meant for better)

  21. Dear Armani: Can I Be Honest With You? by sweetharmani (“Good is good enough”)

  22. Dear Self: You suck (sometimes) by Sheehan Tiffany (She is angry with herself)

  23. Dear Melanie: Read this in 5 years by MissMelbell98 (She wants to try this year)

  24. Dear Me of 2015: Optimism in Traversing the Quirky Path of Life by blueckj (This teen is confident she can overcome any obstacle)

Letters to a Partner, Significant Other, Ex, etc.

  1. Dear Dan: A Collections of Dreams, Passions, and Anxieties for a Young Couple by scottij16 (This teen wants to remember what she is like by herself)

  2. Dear Quentin: That you let me fall when you weren’t going to catch me in the end by latina1997 (Her ex cheated on her)

  3. Dear Crush: If you only knew by kaleipride808 (This teen is scared she might be drifting apart from her crush)

  4. Dear David: A Year of Maturation by Outlander (She doesn’t want to repeat mistakes)

  5. Dear Niall: Dreamality by Maria Tosh (This teen was challenged by a good question)

  6. Dear Ronald: I Refuse to Sink by samanthajosephine (This teen vows to move on)

Letters to Celebrities and Famous People

  1. Dear Tom Hiddleston: You and I by Hiddlestoner91 (This teen is inspired to be the best in her personal and professional life)

  2. Dear President by dts118 (America is depressed)

  3. Dear Walt Disney: I love you by Idepontes (If Walt Disney could make it, so can this teen)

  4. Dear John Green: You Inspire Me by MarinaDooley (She took comfort in this author’s books)

  5. Dear Kurt: Now the Light’s Out by Kemara Night (This teen found solace in Kurt Cobain’s music)

  6. Dear Kikkan Randall by SydneyKahl (This teen wants to travel to Russia)

  7. Dear Shonda Rimes: Changing the Face of Television by writetoinspire (This teen wants to write thought-provoking screenplays)

  8. Dear Malala Yousafzai: Change in Society in 2014 by SarahAnna98 (This teen fears for the good of society)

  9. Dear Taylor Swift: Songs and Birthdays by KT (This teen is a little afraid to grow up)

  10. Dear Nash Grier by youjinkoo (This teen thinks the YouTube star’s latest video was tasteless)

  11. Dear Heath Ledger: Who acquiesced to your mask manifestation by sharewright (This teen wants a clean slate)

  12. Dear Liam Payne: Happy New Year by selena (She is excited for the new volleyball season)

  13. Dear Albert Einstein: Hopes by Zero101 (This teen has a lot of hope for 2014)

  14. Dear George Strait: It Just Comes Natural by A J 4ever (This teen doesn’t want the second amendment to be repealed)

  15. Dear Miley Cyrus: New You by Alayna2014 (She doesn’t know why Miley is still rebelling)

  16. Dear Ed Wood: What Was Running In Your Mind? by PHILosophical (This teen admires the best “worst” filmmaker)

  17. Dear John Green: You’re not a teenager by ElikaCitadel (She hopes for and fears change)

  18. Dear Malala Yousafzai: Do We Take Education for Granted? by erinxz (Americans’ naïve eyes need to be opened)

  19. Dear John Lennon: You may say I’m a dreamer… by jamiewrites (This teen wants to believe in Lennon’s “simplistic” thinking)

  20. Dear Mr. Tolkein: Thank You by missannat08 (This teen felt inspired by The Hobbit)

  21. Dear Sam Berns: Going, Going, Gone by horsesrunwild34 (She wants to break a vicious cycle)

  22. Dear President Obama: Gun Control by JamesScudero (Handguns serve no purpose other than to kill people)

  23. Dear Governor Scott: Stop Homeless People From Begging for Money on the Streets by kwlaurenf (This teen believes there is no reason why homeless people can’t just get a job)

  24. Dear Obama: Gun Control Needs Reform by dsyring3 (Only police officers should carry guns)

  25. Dear Robin Sharma: The road I want to travel by khushboo savita (This teen admires this author)

  26. Dear John Lennon: It is Hard to Imagine by thethirdplacer (This teen hopes for a world without violence)

  27. Dear Demi Lovato: The new year by hannah.scanano (She wants to recover)

  28. Dear Emily Dickinson: Hopeful bird by Ebony18 (She identifies a lot with this famous poet)

  29. Dear Jefferson Davis: Before you fight by alisonryu (This teen longs for a “colorblind” society)

  30. Dear Peter Schiff: Enlighten the Ignorance by ELRT2497 (This teen wants to teach other teens to see unbiased news)

  31. Dear Van Gogh: Everyone Needs Some Brilliance by aimee.cole.146 (She yearns for a new appreciation of art)

  32. Dear Ernest Hemingway: The return of the “lost generation” by ggoldfeder (Standardized tests and other high standards are ruining this generation)

  33. Dear Barack Obama: Time to Take a Stand by ashhleeyg (She wants to help change society for the better)

  34. Dear Tony Abbott by aysha (This teen is upset with the Prime Minister’s actions)

  35. Dear Ahmed Hassan: With Perseverance Comes Results by vveronicka (This teen has a lot of fears related to the American government)

Letter to Religious Figure

  1. Dear God: Am I Making the Right Mistakes? by r.morris95 (This teen wants to make the right choices—and the right mistakes)

  2. Dear Greater Power: I need someone to listen by jessper28 (This teen wants to survive another year)

  3. Dear God: Thank you by huda fatima (This teen feels like God took care of her)

  4. Dear You: Thinking of Choices by a_brighter_spark (This teen has a lot of big choices ahead of her)

  5. Dear God: Baby Steps by angel25thao (This teen is afraid to lose her parents)

Letter to Fictional Characters

  1. Dear Junie B. Jones: Good Cuticles Are What Really Count by mnickens (This teen doesn’t want her fears to guide her)

  2. Dear Santa: Maybe you should gift advice instead by winnie (She has been an unofficial psychiatrist for her friends)

  3. Dear Hamlet: The Deceased and Rather Fictional Prince of Denmark by MadHats (This teen wants to be a philosophy professor)

  4. Dear Superman: I Think You Can Relate by theYashifier (This teen’s kryptonite: time)

Misc. Letter Category

  1. Dear Trees: Who Are My Friends by MusicMaker17 (She wants to save the trees)

  2. Dear Karl Pierson: I am an Arapahoe Warrior by VeganRunner (Hope is stronger than fear)

  3. Dear Feminists: More Education, Less Edgy-cation by luigisarrancino (This teen wants the feminist movement to stop being so “edgy”)

  4. Dear Phreak by Ihatesteve (This teen loves League of Legends)

  5. Dear Ms. Jacqui: Planting Seeds by camkat189 (This teen would love to see Hillary Clinton as president)

  6. Dear Future President: 2014 by REENA (This teen wants to see humanity rise again)

  7. Dear Past: It’s Time to Go by AlexisIsTheName (She wrote a break-up letter to the past)

  8. Dear past: Please don’t come back by princesspants (This teen had a troubled year)

  9. Dear Tammie: Woof! Woof! Hooray! A New Year by melissa16 (She misses her old pet)

  10. Dear Amanda Todd: I’ll change the world you left by LivvyAnn (This teen promises to defeat her depression)

  11. Dear Colleges: You Cost Too Much Money by hipstalexis (Colleges should be much cheaper)

  12. Dear School Boards Across America: Stop Bullying and Inform Students by mcelroyjl (Schools should create anti-bullying classes)

  13. Dear Americans: Income Gap Between Rich and Poor by ErikT777 (The government needs to help close the income gap)

  14. Dear Sea World: Free Killer Whales by samanthapouchak (Orcas are not treated well in captivity)

  15. Dear Highway Patrol: Make the Roads Safer by akole49 (Older people should be tested more often at the DMV)

  16. Dear University of Tampa Board: Let’s Get Fit by kristinc77 (The University’s gym should be improved)

  17. Dear food industry and gym memberships: stop being go expensive by sgoodman (Healthy habits should be affordable)

  18. Dear Teens of the World: Let’s do more talking, not texting by johnnash123 (Isolation is a bad thing)

  19. Dear World: What is money? by michaelakaplan (Money isn’t as important as happiness)

  20. Dear People Who Chew With Their Mouths Open: Please Stop! by nicolesiracusa (Chewing with your mouth open is poor manners)

  21. Dear Youth of America: Stop the Violence by morningglory217 (Share the love, and be kind)

  22. Dear Federal Government: Are You High? by SarahMK2685 (The government should legalize marijuana)

  23. Dear Those Who Are Hurting: Killing yourself doesn’t make you happy, it makes you dead by taylarvo (Life is worth living)

  24. Dear National News Anchor: Make an Impact by jgirsky (Media ratings shouldn’t persuade real journalism)

  25. Dear Fear: You Lose by Sevendwarfs (This teen will conquer fear)

  26. Dear Mrs. York: For the First Time in Forever by Chae Yoon Kim (She feels embarrassed about revealing too much of herself)

  27. Dear Innocence: Why did you leave us? by escuderok (This teen misses the morals of her youth)

  28. Dear Creatures: Unheard Cries from the Animal Kingdom by aisyahlyana (Sick animals are being forced to perform for tourists)

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