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An Angel Without Wings

Posted by: laurengripp14 on 02/11/2015

I am completely lost and have nowhere to go,
I begin to scream and shout and yet no one will show.
My hands feel numb and my knees are weak,
someone to care for me is what I seek.
There is no place for me to hide,
I feel as though my insides have died.
This is when I saw the light,
it made me wince; it was so bright.
Once it faded it became clear,
my friend, this is when you came near.
You pulled me with you and carr... Read More

This City is a Fairy-tale

Posted by: ciaobella14 on 07/29/2014

each glimmer shows a blessing
from the city that stole my heart
you can't see them from a window
separation from the magic

every droplet reveals secrets
of the life in every light
of the revving of the tires
against the current of the noise
and the movement of the buildings'
reflections in the water
in the glasses on the rooftops
in the bubbles in the goblets
the reflection of the swaying
to the hum of our desire
and t... Read More

A Misguided View on Poverty

Posted by: awdavis2014 on 12/22/2013

If you were paying attention to the news during the past couple of weeks, you likely heard of the fast-food-worker strikes in which workers demanded, amongst other things, a minimum wage of $15 an hour.
Of course if you had the pleasure to be around others when hearing this news story, you likely heard some curmudgeonly grumbles along the lines of “Are they out of their minds?” or “I never made that when I worked those jobs!”
This attitude is understandable to a ce... Read More

Get Up

Posted by: MariaRose on 11/19/2013

"Get up, get up, get up."

These two words, said three times, have become my Friday night mantra. Regardless of the uniform you wear, I say it every time. "Get up, get up, get up".

It is not something said in a menacing tone, a calloused call to suck it up and get back in the game. As a student athletic trainer, I would far rather you be honest with me and my bosses and say you're hurt when you are, rather than risk further injury by playing the tough guy. No, I say "get up... Read More

The Problems with Romanticizing our Past

Posted by: awdavis2014 on 10/22/2013

Columbus Day passed somewhat quietly last week. Aside from the lack of Catholic school students walking to my neighborhood bus stops in the morning, there were few other noticeable signs of the holiday.

I like to think, perhaps somewhat optimistically, that this is a sign of the increasing number of Americans who have come to reject the romanticized narrative of Christopher Columbus as a great explorer who conquered an untamed world in the name of Western civilization. In reality, ... Read More

The GOP's Shrinking Tent

Posted by: awdavis2014 on 10/15/2013

When you hear the word “rhino,” you might think of a large tusked mammal roaming the savanna of Africa. But lately, certain members of the American Right have given the term a new spelling and a new meaning.

For those of you who don’t share my enthusiasm for the Far Right and all of their hilarious little sayings and slogans, that new spelling is “RINO,” and it stands for “Republican in name only.”

The directions for using this buzzword are quite simple really: Apply lib... Read More


Posted by: MariaRose on 09/11/2013

Eleven years ago, a group of terrorists carried out a plan to attack American soil on a scale never seen before.

Eleven years ago, the skyline and story of New York City changed in an instant.

Eleven years ago, I was in Kindergarten.

I am a member of the last generation that will have any coherent memory of 9/11. Those of us who were six, seven and eight when the twin towers fell will be the last to tell the firsthand story of what happened that fateful day, ... Read More

Hyocrisy in the Syria Debate

Posted by: awdavis2014 on 09/05/2013

I'll get my own opinion out of the way early in this piece: I don't think the United States should intervene militarily in Syria. But as much as I believe in non-interventionism, I'm angered by the hypocrisy I've seen from certain non-interventionists.

When I refer to these "certain non-interventionists," I speak mostly of the "tcot" (top conservatives on Twitter) crowd, a group of conservative Twitter users, the most vocal of which are typically the most extreme. Now when I use the ... Read More

[from the editor] An Apple Pie of Love

Posted by: yiyijessicali on 08/21/2013

I’m not the only one on this planet who has ever asked his/herself whether good deeds will ever be rewarded. In fact, as cynical as it sounds, many people would wait and wait for that tangible, material give-back even at their death bed, grieving as though it never came.

I’ve tried to remain a firm believer in true service. It makes me happy, yes, whenever I see a smile lit up upon an elder’s wrinkled face as I picked up his fallen wool hat or when a tiny, chubby hand reach... Read More

The Reality of High School Marching Band

Posted by: awdavis2014 on 08/08/2013

In a few days, I will surrender the last three weeks of my summer to stand outside in the heat for hours at a time. I will spend approximately 70 hours a week around the same group of 100 people, a situation that guarantees that at least several people will develop overwhelming desires to maim and/or kill the others.

Now you're probably asking: What activity could possibly prompt a rational human being to put himself through such torture?

The answer? Marching band. So sin... Read More

Our Unfortunate Anti-Intellectual Culture

Posted by: awdavis2014 on 08/01/2013

Go on your television and browse through the cable channels.

Chances are you'll see one mind-numbing reality show after another, many featuring people whose only remarkable accomplishment is their fame. You've now only scratched the surface of America's anti-intellectual culture. It is a culture that puts wealth and fame and vanity above knowledge, and in a republic this is particularly bad news.

Nowhere does this culture of anti-intellectualism manifest itself quite as... Read More

Patriotism: To be Above Earth

Posted by: LuckyStar101 on 07/31/2013

People have believed in their countries and these beliefs have killed them; beliefs so fervent it’s frightening- frightening that people are willing to put their life on line for them. Many would consider them corrosive but to some people, belief was their life.

Canadian History is a famously boring class- my grade was groaning about it before it even happened. For all the sweat and blood associated with this land under my feet, I feel oddly detached. Coming upon the prompt of this ... Read More

Battered Frames

Posted by: cellobanana on 07/10/2013

A white, shapeless figure glows in a void of darkness.
What could it be?
A ghost? A fluorescent mineral embedded in an empty cave?
Or a gangly fifteen year old girl grappling her book underneath her bedsheets, her breath smothered by her blanket and her face illuminated by the dim light of her cellular device?
My "candle" lit evenings began since second grade. I guess you could provide me with a list of how detrimental sleep deprivation it is to my health, but these rituals... Read More

To Serve and Be Served

Posted by: MariaRose on 06/21/2013

I have spent the last five days with twenty people who truly understand what it means to serve.

I have never had greater hope for the future.

Two of these incredible people work for the nonprofit that brought the other nineteen of us together for a summer internship program. We are students from around the country with ages varying by six years and experiences by six factors. The only characteristic we share is a passion for hunger and poverty reli... Read More


Posted by: MariaRose on 05/21/2013

Published. It’s a word I always dreamed of seeing by my name, and now it is there. After almost 15 months of writing, re-writing, editing and writing some more, I am very proud to announce the publication of my first novel, Scrambled Eggs.

You can find it available on Amazon and Read More

"Shooting Stars" and Scared

Posted by: MariaRose on 04/12/2013

A few hours ago, I plopped myself in front of my TV to catch up on Glee before heading to bed.

That was not a good idea.

I’m not a fervent Glee watcher, but I often allow myself this guilty pleasure after a long night, in this case one occupied by studying for a pair of Honors tests tomorrow. I can always rely on the lighthearted comedy to leave me with a song stuck in my head and a brain ready to shut down for the night. Now instead, I’m up far past my be... Read More


Posted by: ciaobella14 on 03/18/2013

Time slips then two years shatter
Glassy pieces drop down walls,
Reflections rise, so long forgotten-
Jagged memories never there.

One last shimmer, leathered sunlight-
seeping deep in breaking heart,
Love still lurking in the darkness,
endings now unknown forever.

Simple time has dissipated,
jaded sections brighten glass-
morphing others left unspoken,
The seams, of what should be.

Kicking dirt around the bas... Read More

To The Boys of Steubenville

Posted by: MariaRose on 03/17/2013

*Author's Note: for those unfamiliar with this case, visit for an overview.*

To The Boys of Steubenville -

Every inch of my being wants me to tell you that you are terrible people, that I hope you are never forgiven for what you did, that there should be no mercy or pity for you because what you did was so utterly despicable.

But I won’t.

Every cell in my body wants to... Read More

are you in shape yet?--

Posted by: ciaobella14 on 11/16/2012

The burning sensation sharpens at the climax of realization
A stiff jointed cliff, tied together intricately,
In a process easy to be harmed- but hard to revive.
The short bolder’s temperature rises to a blistering heat,
The rain begins to drip, drop, timely, down each crease in the land-
Urging it all to not give up.

It sings through the speaker clouds
that the main character has reached a far point on the game board
and when one goes that far, tur... Read More

Just don't think

Posted by: wendyjo96 on 11/14/2012

Ever since I was a young girl, I was clumsy and fell down a LOT. Also cried a LOT (from those falls). Each time, my parents would scold me and say, "Wendy, think before you walk!" Of course as time passed, I became pretty good at walking and even good at sports. I think of those childhood years as years of preparation for harder and more arduous sports. Any way, so my motto has been for a long time, "think before you do anything."
Few days ago, I got a chance to play piano at the Carnegie... Read More

Banned Books

Posted by: MikkiB326 on 11/09/2012

The time of year has come for English research papers to begin popping up. My topic for this sophomore year is "Censorship in schools." So, I need some help fellow Stage-of-Lifers! Can you please take the attached poll to describe to me your views on censorship? For those of you that don't know, here's a quick summary of my topic:

Some schools ban books and other media for students in their school. This is because the books contain risque and controversial topics.... Read More

Keep Calm and Apply On

Posted by: ciaobella14 on 11/09/2012

PSAT. SAT. ACT. AP Tests. College Visits. Importance of grades. “The most important year of high school”. I’m sure that most of the upperclassman realize that I’m describing junior year. Dubbed as ‘the year with the most stress I’m sure that all of my fellow seniors are pretty proud of themselves for having survived endless standardized tests while trying to maintain good grades with an excruciatingly demanding workload. Although I do not want to undermine how stressful junior year inevi... Read More


Posted by: ciaobella14 on 11/04/2012

the butterflies have fluttered back,
happily, their wings intact,
Innocence is withheld here,
knowing that their Love is
sheer- in a time when their dear friend,
the jitterbug can still pretend
how to rid them of that sign-
a new feeling left behind.

the butterflies know this now,
as they grow- they will Learn how
their inner beauty shines aloud-
from everything they've seen-
they know you feel- how in between-
every day an... Read More

The Parade

Posted by: ciaobella14 on 10/29/2012

Rising to a shaft of an enlightening parade we fly up on balloons
Hanging upon thin strands of dear life
Vivid colors fill the vacant sky
The view is unimaginable- everything can be seen
Reluctantly, we join the procession of butter-crème colored clouds
Desiring nothing more then what we have
We float up to the shafts of luminescent light, wondering about the future
I gain the unique ticket of entry-
And waltz in upon the trail of petals-
Provided m... Read More


Posted by: wendyjo96 on 10/18/2012

“Look up” the girl says
Lying with legs and arms spread wide out
On the white Caribbean sand next to the tranquil sea
The light summer breeze touching up on their rosy chubby cheeks,
The salty but pleasant smell filling the endless horizon
“That’s us up there” the other girl whispers
Out of all the stars in the clear moonless night sky
Among the copious constellations,
Rest the two children arm in arm,<... Read More

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