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Videos about College Students

Informational, inspirational or just plain funny videos about college and college students...

Videos about college

Looking for inspirational videos about college life?  Or funny videos for college students?  Stage of Life has selected a few short video clips about college (or college students in general for that matter).  These college videos were recommended to us by our readers and we welcome your suggestions too.

View Videos about College Students

Featured College Video: Dying College Professor Gives Inspiring Speech

Professor Randy Pausch was diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer in 2006. He made a surprise return to Carnegie Mellon University to deliver an inspirational speech to the Class of 2008 at the Commencement Ceremony.

Pausch was included in TIME Magazine's 2008 list of the world's 100 most influential people. His book, "The Last Lecture", co-written by Jeff Zaslow of the Wall Street Journal and based on Pausch's now-famous talk "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams", is a New York Times #1 bestseller.

Featured College Video: This Is Water by David Foster Wallace

*Contains Strong Language* Author David Foster Wallace's famous commencement speech.

Featured College Video: Caroline Casey on

Activist Caroline Casey tells her story during a talk that challenges perceptions, while Casey asks us to move beyond limits we may think we have in our lives.  Recorded in Washington DC in 2010.

Featured College Video: Music and Life

In life we are always taught to keep achieving and never give up.  This video shows a humorous take on that idea.

Featured College Video:  The Power of Words

Whether you're looking for a little positive inspiration or a reminder on the impact our words can make, take three minutes and watch this short film.

Featured College Video:  CEO of discovers his natural talent in college

This video segment is called, "Rise to the Challenge," and it's by the comedic group, Human Giant (as seen on MTV).  We're featuring this video in this stage of life because while it's obviously a comedic sketch, we thought it was appropriate due to the fact that the central character, the CEO, discovered his talent during college.

Featured Video:  The Cool Guys

Illustrator Lev Yilmaz is an original.  His short, insightful social observations make each piece...real.  We wouldn't necessarily categorize this video as "funny," but rather, "simply truthful on a personal level," and because of that, it's immediately something to which we can all relate.  For at the end of the day, how many of us have felt the same way as Lev because of the "cool guys" in our own lives?

Featured Video: 8 Things I Wish I knew Before College

Watch this video with tips to help high school juniors, seniors, and college freshman into transitioning into college.

If you are a senior in High School or already in college, be sure to check Top 50 YouTube videos for college students list.

Stage of Life Videos

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2.  At the end of the video, include the phrase "Video Submission -" as either a verbally spoken line by one of the actors or as a title page.

3.  Upload your video to YouTube.

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5.  We will review your submission and contact you if it is selected to appear on the site.

Good luck - have fun!

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