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Advice for College and Must Visit Websites

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Must Visit Websites for Staying Healthy When in College

Staying Healthy and In Shape In College

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a challenge that faces most college students. These tips, tricks, and helpful websites should help you stay healthy and in shape while you earn your degree. 

Eating Habits of College StudentsTo Do #1:  FOOD

Dining hall food, late night munchies, skipping breakfast, and surviving on caffeine can all add up. Fortunately, there are little changes to your busy-lifestyle diet that can make BIG differences. 

With late nights and early morning classes, coffee tends to be a staple in the college diet. However, you may not realize how many calories are packed into that daily cappuccino. Check out this Starbucks Calorie Counter to find the healthiest choice for your caffeine fix.

When it comes to meals and snacking, it is easy to find yourself overeating, undereating, or just eating the wrong things.

Be aware of the four W's:

1. WHAT you eat: select nutrient dense high carbohydrate, low-fat foods instead of "empty calorie" and high fat foods

2. WHEN you eat: eat 3-5 small meals throughout the day and ALWAYS eat breakfast; avoid eating 3 hours before bedtime

3. WHERE you eat: eat in a stress free and relaxed environment, this will allow a person to eat slowly and enjoy the meal

4. WHY you eat: eat because you are hungry not because you are bored, stressed, or lonely

Also check out the University of Oregon’s 10 Healthy Eating Tips for the Busy College Student


College Fitness AdviceTo Do #2:  FITNESS

Now that you’re not playing a sport every season like you did in high school, you may find it difficult to stay as active as you used to.

It gets awfully boring trying to make to the gym day after day when you’re used to doing different activities. This is why many college students take up running as a form of exercise. Changing the path you run can provide an escape from the gym routine that becomes monotonous over time. Try training for a 5k, or if you’re really brave, training for a half marathon. You never know, running may be just what you need to work off stress, stay active, and feel good about yourself. provides training schedules, as well as sports and fitness information for an active lifestyle.

Studying for hours can also put strains on your body and not just on your mind. Try taking a break from that research paper and do some yoga at your desk. It will help keep you aware of your body so you don’t get too physically worn out while studying.

Having Fun in College by Being HealthyTo Do #3:  FUN

Sparkpeople is a great, FREE website designed to help people lose weight and stay in shape.

You can log your exercise for the day, as well as keep track of your daily food consumption including calories, protein, calcium, and other nutrients. There are fitness and diet tips, as well as recipes and fun facts. You can become friends with other users (be my friend! Username: ltreible), check out blogs, and join groups based on common interests (check out the college student groups).

Even if you don’t want to lose weight, this is a great website to use to become more aware of what you re doing to stay fit and healthy.

To Do #4:  Find Student Discounts

Use the Stage of Life college discounts to save money and have a little extra cash for that new mountain bike you've been checking out.  Saving money also helps reduce stress...always a big plus for when you're in college and figuring out to how ace that next exam or paper.

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Contributor:  Stage of Life college intern, Laura T.

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