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College To Do's and Must Visit Websites

College Resources12 Things to Do Before I Graduate

Is there a universal list of things every college student should do before he or she graduates?  Well...yes...we'd like to think so.  So we started talking to college students.  Our staff even looked back at their own college experiences.  From this research, we found a few common themes surface and we share them for you here...

To Do #1:  Road Trip

They've made movies about this quintessential college experience.  Find your friend with a car, pick a destination, and drive.  And oh - don't forget your camera.

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To Do #2:  See Live Comedy

There's nothing better than grabbing your best friends and laughing your heads off at a comedy club.  If you've never seen live comedy, you're missing out on a major life experience. 

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To Do #3:  Travel Abroad

Visiting another county will change you forever so get some global perspective and travel outside the US.  Every college and university has a student travel center on campus - walk in.

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To Do #4:  Get Internship

This probably should be #1 on our list but it appears as #1 on every college list and we figured you'd stop reading if you saw it again.  But seriously, look for internships in the field you love.

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To Do #5:  Argue with a Professor

99.9% of professors are right about everything they say.  They're the experts, right?  Well...stand up for yourself if you think one is off the mark, but make sure you have the proof/research to back up your arguement.  Additionally, this applies to talking with them during office hours on a grade you should not have received (big exception here:  don't do this if you got a "C" but never went to class...count your lazy butt lucky!)

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To Do #6: Eat a Death Burger

What's a Death Burger?  Picture a cheeseburger but instead of it being served between two buns, there are two grilled chesse sandwhiches acting as the "bun" and a fried egg put on top.  Yes, this is real.  Eat it. You're young - you have time to work off the calories.

 REMEMBER:  Make sure you save room for dessert

To Do #7:  Have a Movie Marathon

Girls:  Grab pizza, beverages, pajamas, friends and the following flicks - The Notebook, Dirty Dancing, Pretty Woman, and 10 Things I Hate About You.  Roll film!

Boys:  Same as above but maybe scratch the pajamas part (and pick some different films)

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To Do #8:  Sing Karaokee

You've probably taken Intro to Acting (for non-majors).  It's the easiest "A" if you show up for class.  But some of us still can't get over that feeling of stage fright, even if it's for a small class.  Gain some confidence by hitting the local Karaokee establishment.  Consider it practice for your next big jump - Intro to Public Speaking class (for non-majors of course)

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To Do #9:  Pull All-Nighter, Crash on Friend's Couch

Whether this "to-do" is successfully completed via studying for a big mid-term or from #7 above, it's important to put yourself outside your comfort zone and wake-up without immediate access to your tootbrush.  Let's just hope your friend has a comfortable couch.

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To Do #10:  Start Job Search Early

It never hurts to start looking at your career choices early.  Send letters of inquiry to your favorite companies.  Explore and talk to as many people in your field of dreams as possible.

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To Do #11: Meet Mystery Texter

Remember last night when you had a few too many and you gave your cell number out to that "hottie" who texted you the next day asking to go out for coffee?  Of course you don't!  If you did, you would have gone.  But are you missing out on Mr. or Mrs. Right (see our wedding stage)?  Take a chance and meet wtih your mystery texter.  You gave him/her your number for a reason.  NOTE - do this during the day, in a public place, and only if you feel safe.

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To Do #12:  Take Advantage of Student Discounts

The whole purpose of this site is to give you discounts and coupons for college students.  However, there are a million other sources of student discounts.  Check out Live Books, Mac on Campus, Barnes & Noble for College Students, and anything else that will help you save a buck.  You're in college for crying out loud - life ain't cheap!

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