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Sailor Moon: Graphic Novel Review

Recommended Graphic Novel for Students

by Shaina, College Intern and uber-comic-book Fan Girl.

On behalf of the moon, you’re punished!

Sailor Moon review on During the 1990’s, Sailor Moon was a huge hit when the Moon Princess reached the United States. Sailor Moon’s origin started in Tokyo, Japan by her creator Naoko Takeuchi. Today manga, which is Japanese graphic novels, have a huge fan following and market both in Japan and America. During the 90’s when manga and anime were just starting to reach the States, it appealed more to the 90’s generation. Today, the new wave of manga and anime lovers barely remembers the old 90’s anime/manga or don’t know it at all. The reigning anime during the transformation from Japan to America was Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Pokemon as well as other Adult Swim versions such as Inuyasha and Big O.

Sailor Moon has a variety of identities. The Moon Kingdom was very powerful, and the evil forces of Queen Beryl wanted the Silver Imperium Crystal for herself. The crystal held the power to rule the universe. Princess Serenity and her Prince who is known on Earth as Darien protected the crystal. The Sailor Scouts protected the King and Queen from harm. When the Moon Kingdom is destroyed by Queen Beryl, the royals and the Sailor Scouts are sent back in time away from their 30th century home. The Princess is now a 14 year old middle school girl named Bunny who likes to eat more than study for her high school entrance exam. Running late to class, she steps on a kitty with a crescent moon on her head. The kitty later comes to Bunny’s home and announces herself as Luna, who is trying to find the Sailor Scouts and Princess of the Moon Kingdom. During the first novel, Bunny realizes she is the protector of the Moon named Sailor Moon. She finds three other Sailor Scouts: Amy (Sailor Mercury), Raye (Sailor Mars), and Lita (Sailor Jupiter). The Sailor Scouts are all Princesses on their own planets. Now knowing their identities, they must find the rest of the Sailor Scouts and find Princess Serenity. Bunny also runs into Darien, now a high school student. Darien is also her secret protector, Tuxedo Mask. During this point, they do not know each other’s identities or if their friend or enemy.

Sailor Moon was originally for girls, and the anime was for teenage girls.

Now re-vamped and getting a make-over before returning from the hiatus of 12 years, the new manga and anime is geared toward the original fandom. Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts gave a dream to every fan girl. The looks, beauty, clothes and magic all held a surreal fantasy. It led every girl to believe that maybe they were someone special and just didn’t know it. Everyone has something special inside them, and Bunny teaches us we can all be brave and help others even if we are a cry-baby or a bit shy.  With the variety of backgrounds of the Sailor Scouts, it shows women who they can truly be. Amy is a bookworm, Raye is a priestess in her grandfather’s temple, and Lita is a hard-core cook with martial arts knowledge. No matter what your passion is, all women are special. Women can do anything they put their minds to, as long as they believe in themselves.

The outfits of the scouts are also somewhat sexual in nature. For teenage girls, the Scouts are very well “developed”.  Skimpy skirts and adult-ish looks are the traditional manga-drawn girls, but teenage girls in Japan are more acceptable to this cultural difference than American girls.  It is a product of the genre, and it may (or may not) be an issue for some.

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