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Infinite Crisis: Graphic Novel Review

Recommended Graphic Novel for Students

Infinite Crisis by Shaina, College Intern and uber-comic-book Fan Girl.

To understand the backstory to INFINITE CRISIS, we first have to understand how it began. Almost twenty-five years before this story was published was another story that changed the DC Universe. CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS was the beginning of the cosmic shift that separated the space time continuum into different Earths in different dimensions. Imagine another world where the JLA was a super villain group and the Joker and Lex Luthor were heroes. After some mass-squishing the space-time continuum became one again, folding other heroes and villains (i.e. Power Girl) into one Earth.

In INFINITE CRISIS, Batman has created a rogue satellite technology called the O.M.A.C project. These tiny computer chips were placed inside humans all over the world and when activated they became alien-like technological beings that are ordered to destroy to “create” a better world. Wonder Woman has killed a man, the world capturing the image to be displayed to everyone. The world has descended into chaos, and no one trusts the Justice League. If you’re a die-hard Batman fan and hate Superman, the comment Bruce makes to Kal-El is quite hilarious: “The last time you really inspired anyone, was when you were dead.”

Someone is trying to create the perfect Earth by using the same methods as in CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS. Taking people from each dimension and placing them on one world is creating a cataclysmic event which erases and destroys many heroes and villains. I won’t spoil too many of the details for you. Sadly, Joker is only seen twice in the comic but he really makes his mark. In the end, Superboy from Earth Prime is destroyed by Superman from Earth One. Superboy controlled the O.M.A.C’s to help create this new Earth. Alexander Luthor, the man behind the scheme, you’ll have to read to find out what happens to him. The comic is hard to understand if just reading it by itself. The novel that goes with it, same title of course, gives a more in depth background of what’s going on and in the past. Reading those two will help better understand the gravity of the situation in place during this time.

The creation of the O.M.A.C’s reveal humans can be exploited. They represent a Big Brother government where we can all be at risk for control. When Wonder Woman kills for the first time, she shows us fear of power. With great power comes responsibility, which she threw away. We all fear power, but when it is in our grasp we revel in it, breathe it in. Batman can also represent a Big Brother sort of government, for he spied on his own comrades and the world with his project. The entire novel shows us the result of chaos, which we must rely on our own intuition rather than others. But also we must stand together against evil. There is always a ying and yang to these situations. Many lives are lost at the cost of freedom, but we then learn from our mistakes and good triumphs over evil. This comic can represent any life stage, for everyone is affected by the mass chaos and end of the world. Over 70 years of history is engulfed in this work, and people from 5 to 99 can relate to these iconic characters we’ve known in our culture since we could remember.

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