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Students and Comic Books

Recommended Graphic NovelComic Books and Graphic Novels - Teen and College Student Report

Comic books and graphic novels have dramatically changed over the years.  When you have titles like Watchman making TIME's 100 Most Important Novels list and Maus winning the Pulitzer Prize, this fresh medium is an amazingly accessible and rich form of literature sure to get teen students excited about reading outside of class.

We assigned our college Editor (and uber-comic-book Fan Girl), Shaina Lucas, to pull together resources, reviews, and thoughts about comic books and graphic novels as a recommended reading choice for not just students and teachers, but for anyone in any life stage (although educators, high school students and college students in particular may find this section helpful).

This is Shaina's report.

Recommended Graphic NovelComic Book and Graphic Novels Trends, Information and Statistics for Teens and College Students

Since the late 1800’s, comics have been a medium diverting us from our own realities to a mystical and often mind-bending vacation world. Comics were designed to entertain and capture some of our inner most desires and fears onto paper (and now digitally) with a visual tie-in through artwork.  Did you know comic books are meant to be read twice?  Reading the dialogue and looking at the pictures tell two different stories to coincide and make them one complete story.

Recommended Graphic NovelReaders of all ages, from teens to Empty Nesters, can explore and find mind-stimulating and heart-wrenching stories within the pages of today's comic books and graphic novels, but their value goes beyond the benefits from reading and literacy development.  They're valuable too.  The highest grossing comic book of all time is Action Comics #1, selling for $1.5 million.  As an industry, total yearly sales in the Direct Comic Book Market (DCBM) gross about $418 million per year.  Total number of San Diego's famous Comic-Con attendees? 125,000 from March 2012.

And with movies based off popular comic book titles, such as The Avengers, becoming international blockbusters, it's important to remember that at the end of the day, comic books and graphic tell us stories from which we can learn and apply the lessons to our own lives, no matter what stage we're in.

Share your comic book or graphic novel essay or recommendationContinue exploring below to find out how reading comic books and graphic novels can positively affect your life.  Check out our benefits, reviews, statistics, graphic novel recommendations and more.  Also, we look forward to your participation in this topic within the Stage of Life community.  Please share your story about comic books or graphic novels (positive or negative) or contact us to submit topics we should add and discuss below.

Recommended Graphic NovelComic Books & Graphic Novels - Resources

I. Basic Information about the comic book and graphic novel industry
A. Benefits of Reading Comic Books & Graphic Novels - Educator Teaching Guide from Scholastic - PDF download

B. Research Abstracts about Comic Books:  Effects of Identification With Comic Book Heroes and Villains of Consumption on Materialism Among Former Comic Book Readers

C. Statistics about Comic Books & Graphics Novels

E. Recommended Graphic Novels

F.  Information about Comic Books and Graphic Novels

G. Top 20 Resource Websites about Comics & Graphic Novels

H. Top 20 Movies About Comic Books

I.  IGN's Top 100 Comic Heroes and Villains

J.  Recommended Comic Book Sellers:  Looking to buy comic books online?  Check out Comic Collector Live!
II. Graphic Novel Reviews
A. Reviews:  Read some quick graphic novel reviews from our comics-obsessed Editor, Shaina Lucas.
1. Watchmen
2. The Long Halloween
3.  The Joker - Greatest Stories Ever Told
4.  Infinite Crisis
5.  Sailor Moon - Manga
Share your comic book or graphic novel essay or recommendationB. Guest Reviews:  Stage of Life is a free blog. Get involved with our literacy mission by sharing your ideals and life experiences about comic books. Whether it’s about the first comic you ever read, or the story that changed your life, all are welcome into this cyber secret lair.  Retired, beginner, or life-long readers we look forward to your story about comics!

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