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Parent, Teacher, Friend.

Posted by: batmanic on 02/18/2013

When I got an unexpected phone call from my father at 1:17AM on January 6th, I decided to put on my old UConn sweatshirt and my least favorite pair of jeans. I didn't want to wear something I really liked, because I knew the scent of sadness would catch in the seams, and those clothes would never cease to remind me of January 6th, 2013.

My sister and her boyfriend came to pick me up at the house, and we drove down the desolate streets as a light snow fell intermittent in the headligh... Read More


Posted by: batmanic on 10/05/2012

With my future rapidly closing in on me, I have been forced to put my big girl pants on and really take a look at what I want to do with my life. I mean, I'm going to enjoy my final year of college, but I should probably put some sort of work into what my next step is.

Especially because the next step I want to take is a huge one.

This afternoon, my only class of the day (Shakespeare) was cancelled, so I slid my finished essay (all about the wily Duke of Buckingham in R... Read More

Breaking Down

Posted by: batmanic on 09/28/2012

Some mornings I wake up ready for the day, and some mornings I end up locked in my bathroom with no means of escape.

I have lived alone for a year now. It’s been a relatively stress-free experience, save for a few security-alarm system snafus. But one morning, after finishing my two-mile run, I took a shower, but when I went to leave the bathroom, I realized the door was locked.

The alarming part is that the door does not even have a lock.

I stared at th... Read More

Where I haven't been.

Posted by: ReganCapitola on 09/14/2012

I haven't been to my dream destinations - whether it's a physical location, or mental state, or just a point in life. It's been awhile since I've been challenged and accepted the challenge. I'm not even sure where my dreams lie anymore.
Last year was rough, academically. I was being challenged, but it'd been too long since I'd been there last. I couldn't work hard anymore, or at least I felt overwhelmed. Here's a secret: I shut down when I think I'll fail. If it's not a sure thing, I quit... Read More

BAM! The Future Strikes Again!

Posted by: batmanic on 08/20/2012

On a warm evening this past April, as I was cruising down the highway with my friends in the car, singing along to "I want it that way" by the Backstreet Boys, on our way home from an epic game of laser-tag/duck pin bowling, the clock in my car struck midnight.

And I came to the sobering realization that I was officially 20 years old.

I know that 20 isn't old - not by any means. But it hit me like a ton of bricks. I'm officially two decades old. I can't refer to myself as ... Read More

No Problem, Mom!

Posted by: warren on 08/12/2012

Permit me to add a post to the College Life Stage. I need to address important linguistic issues that fit better here or in High School than in my rightful stage, Retired. Cutting to the chase, I’m troubled because, in American English, (1) “mom” is replacing “mother” and, worse, (2) “no problem” is replacing “you’re welcome.”

Concerns such as these keep me awake at night, or they would keep me awake if I didn’t fall asleep so quickly.

“Mother” or “Mom”

The fir... Read More

Just a quotidian thought of a 19 year old girl (:

Posted by: alishanicole on 08/05/2012

Disclaimer: I am not a poet, but this just this just flowed through my fingetrtips. I feel as though many fellow college girls can relate to these feelings of lust and romance in a college "party" setting. Tell me what y'all think (:

Loud obnoxious booming voice through the crowd,
Spouting little white lies; never is the moment silent.
Crackling laugher pierces the surrounding air.
I immediately find him once I enter the room, and something changes.
I lose a littl... Read More

Fourth of July Musings

Posted by: ving on 07/05/2012

I suppose it is appropriate that the fireworks people use to commemorate America resound like gunfire. The booms and cracks and rumbles that promote such whimsy in the breasts of those that can hear the Independence Day celebrations all throughout town are the same bursts of sound that fostered terror in the soldiers that heard them roar beyond ramparts and bunkers.

Fireworks are dazzling novas of glittery light that send crystal shards of color soaring through the calm summer sky. T... Read More

Longing for Too Long

Posted by: ReganCapitola on 06/29/2012

I can’t shake the day dream of sitting in a North Eastern coffee shop on a bitter cold winter day around 5pm, so naturally I’m reading my pages upon pages of school work and studying by the dim lights in the cafe, highlighter in hand and notebook close by. Did I mention that the street lamps leave a funny yellow glare on the front window I’m sitting next to, but somehow manage to perfectly backlight the soft, small snowflakes falling into the damp street, barely coating the sidewalk? I’m snuggl... Read More

Listen Up.

Posted by: ReganCapitola on 04/18/2012

This is life. It’s not easy, but it’s not always difficult. There are lucky and unfortunate days, but there’s always got to be a balance. Believe me, I know about balance. Sugar. Insulin. Exercise. Food. It’s all got to even out in the end.
Life does the same thing. It evens out. There are awful times because there are exceptional times.
Everything happens for a reason, and God doesn’t give us more than we can handle. It all works out for the best, and is always within our reach. Read More

Quite Recently.

Posted by: ReganCapitola on 04/11/2012

I feel dizzy with options, but restricted by my path.

Up until quite recently, I thought being a doctor was my only option. Realistically, I’ve always known it isn’t my only option, but personally I feel that is the only profession I’ll truly ever love. At this point I’m too proud to change my ways, and to admit my weaknesses to move on and away from this dream. I’m still not admitting defeat because I’m finishing these courses, dammit, and I’ll always have the option of coming back... Read More

Poetry Contest: Mother's Day, the Year After

Posted by: amanda.tucker on 03/30/2012

Mother’s Day, the year after
Wrinkled fingers clenching rosary beads
That a century’s worn thin.
Trembling hands caress crystal balls
Trying to see life’s end.

Fly a little higher, angel.
Your time ain’t over yet.
Teach me how to spread my wings,
Before you can forget.

Shaking hands grasp a small knife,
That still nimbly makes a meal.
A moment’s slip, and then the blood,
These hands showed me how to feel.

Fly a l... Read More

Growing Up: The Journey Before It Ends

Posted by: Shreyonti on 03/10/2012

We're all differen but there are some things we can't miss while growing up. The bad friends, the pressure to succeed, a gazillion questions about who we want to become- we've all seen those. This is my first part in a series dedicated to the journey of growing up. Relive your own memories through mine. Read More

High School Challenges

Posted by: telltheworld on 03/05/2012

High School is remembered for different things by different people.
What do you think? :)... Read More


Posted by: SJenn on 02/24/2012

Counseling session? Check
Appointment with nutritionist? Scheduled but not checked yet
Self-image? Could use a lot of improvement
Essay due Wednesday? Unchecked
Short story due Monday? Unchecked
Pizza and chocolate pudding for lunch? Check
12 hours of sleep? Check
Am I fixed yet? NO

Okay, so the little recap list above gives little to no room for optimism. But I am optimistic nonetheless. ... Read More

I want a guy to hang out with at normal times.

Posted by: Akimbo on 02/23/2012

You meet this cute boy at the market and exchange digits. He says that. “he wants to get to know you better.” That’s great, but then you get a follow-up text at midnight. What happened to normal hours?

Clubs close at 2 am. The grocery store even earlier. Are we going to spend our first time together whispering in your room like we are in the library hoping not to be reprimanded?

I know you want to talk, but why can’t we do that during normal hours. I know that college kid... Read More

From Creeping Caterpillar, To Still Somewhat Socially Awkward Butterfly.

Posted by: batmanic on 02/22/2012

In my group of friends, I feel as though I am the boring one.

Generally, I don't do a whole lot.

I'm a creature of routine - school, homework, work, sleep, lather, rinse, repeat. I hear about my friends doing all sorts of wonderful and occasionally wild things while we go through our college years, and my life seems so tame in comparison to that. I have nothing to share, when we talk and see how each other is doing - or at least nothing that captivates any interest.
Read More

When did life stop being so simple and neat?

Posted by: ReganCapitola on 02/15/2012

I've been so dizzy with thinking about what I should do versus what I want to do. I just get so distracted with everything. All of my work (which I don't even think I have that much, relatively), all the activities going on around me, everywhere I can go, people I want to catch up with. Just, everything.

Today I realized how much work I don't do, and how it makes me feel inadequate. How it makes me hide my stupidity. And then I just hide altogether. Right now, I'm shut up in ... Read More

College...How is it Over There?

Posted by: agemery on 02/15/2012

I am a junior in high school right now, so I'm in the thick of preparing for college (and especially applying to college). I decided that I want to get some insight on what it's like on the other side. I want to know what color the grass really is on the post-hectic-junior-year/high-school side. Is it greener?

It seems like my whole life has been leading up to this point, leading up to applying to college. Is that bad? I don't know. I've been thinking about what my goa... Read More

Venting, mostly

Posted by: michness on 02/03/2012

Sometimes things don’t always go the way you expect them to.

For me lately, that’s a lot of the time.

First (perhaps the least significant downer): We moved back into school almost three weeks ago to no cable. None. Absolutely no signal. The school recently changed cable providers, meaning we had to pay $35 for a crummy cable box that works sometimes (not to mention the cost of cable the school takes out of our tuition). We finally got cable back yesterday.

Sec... Read More


Posted by: ciaobella14 on 01/17/2012

How many times a day do we trust,
that the plane overhead isn't coming for us?

How many times a day do we hurt,
and believe that the screams aren't meant to be heard?

How many seconds does it take the forlorn,
to shut themselves down and forget they were born?

How many trials and triumphs ahead,
will it take to see that the poor must be fed?

How many minutes can you count on your hand,
and turn into th... Read More


Posted by: amanda.tucker on 01/16/2012

When I was in middle school, one of my best friends was black. One day, I got a really bad pimple, but I didn't have any foundation or concealer. So, I asked to borrow hers.

If you paid any attention at all to my profile photo, not only am I white, but I am REALLY white. For a farm kid, I never really got that "nice" tan. I was even whiter, back then. So, me asking her for make up was pretty funny. I couldn't figure out why she was looking at me so strange--I just asked for mak... Read More

Real vs. Fake

Posted by: mmtys18 on 01/12/2012

I found this quote on my Twitter timeline the other day, "As we grow older we don't lose friends, we just learn who the real ones are" - @TheNoteboook. This has been proved 100% by going off to college.

I was thinking about it the other day when someone at work said that he doesn’t have many friends, and I was thinking about the difference between your high school friends and your real friends. When you had to see everyone from your high school on a daily basis, you could call them ... Read More

Person to Watch in 2012: The Man [or Woman] in the Mirror

Posted by: amanda.tucker on 01/03/2012

The person who needs to be on our radars the most in 2012 is ourselves. Sure, politics and fashion and film and literature are all important aspects to life. But honestly, we are the most influential person in our lives, and we are often the person to whom we pay the least attention.

The easiest way to prove that we need to give ourselves more attention is by the simple question of, “Who am I?” It’s a sad revelation when we realize that it’s easier for us to tell someone e... Read More

Cheap clocks.

Posted by: amanda.tucker on 12/01/2011

The second hand on the clock don’t work and the girl next to me is wearing two watches. I’m still not sure why I’m here. I’m not really paying attention, and I don’t care enough about it to act like I am. The clock is really starting to bother me. How do the minute hand and the hour hand know when they’re supposed to move if the second hand ain’t moving at all? It just doesn’t make sense, to me. I think if I were to make my own watch, I wouldn’t even have a minute hand, or an hour hand. ... Read More

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