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Educational and Motivational SpeakersStage of Life® staff performs customized motivational  and educational speechs or seminars for your organization, college, school, workshop or company. 

The sessions are interactive, tailored to your group and conducted by one of our core speaker team members.  Often, the speakers will present together as necessary for your group or event.

Meet our Motivational Speakers:

Rebecca Thiegs, Co-Founder

Becky - Motivational and Educational Speaker for Stage of LifeRebecca is a 12-year high school English teacher.  She has her Masters in Education from the University of Minnesota and graduated summa cum laude with a BA in English on the Waller scholarship from the U of M after transferring from Penn State University (where she was awarded the Walker Award). 

She lived in London for six months after college via the BUNAC program and brings a wealth of life experiences to her presentations from working on a local farm for eight years in her hometown near the Mason Dixon Line in Pennsylvania to putting herself through college using a variety of jobs from 3rd shift factory work to waiting tables at Ruby Tuesday's at the Mall of America. 

She played in a rock band during the late 90's and early 2000's.  As a passionate "life-long-learner" and "student of life," Rebecca asks herself and those around her tough questions everyday such as...

  • "Are you happy?"
  • "What are you doing to make a difference?"
  • "What do you want to be doing differently right now and how can we get there?" 

Having Rebecca at your session will both challenge and enlighten your group.


Eric Thiegs, Founder

Eric - Motivational Speaker for your event or workshopSince this site is designed to be a roadmap for people to use throughout their lives, Eric thought it might be best if he shared a short outline of his far. 

One of our interns interviewed him and created this bio below.

Like his wife, Rebecca, Eric draws from many of his life experiences during his speeches and seminars, but always placing the core focus of the presentation on the group participating at the event.

Eric has provided seminars at the following...

  • Red Lion Area High School, Red Lion PA - Theater performance workshops and assemblies
  • Spring Hill College - Live webinar for Blogging/Writing Class with overview on launching a start-up
  • York College of Pennsylvania - Public Relations workshop for PR class
  • Penn State, York Campus - Resume and Career Pathing
  • 1,000+ live presentations at hundreds of high schools over the course of two years in his position as a Big 10 college admissions recruiter for the University of Minnesota.


High School experiences1. HIGH SCHOOL:  Eric spent his early childhood moving around, i.e. four different elementary schools in three different states.  He learned fast how to be the "new kid." His parents eventually settled down in Southern York County, PA when he was in fifth grade where he ended up as senior class president of his graduating class in 1991.  He acted in the theater during high school, worked on the student newspaper, was named Prom King, visited Sweden as an exchange student, and otherwise thought the world revolved around didn't...which he found out in college.


College Experiences2.  COLLEGE: He left his small town in Pennsylvania (Glenville, PA) to attend the University of Minnesota.  He funded his own way through school doing everything from working as a line cook at the dorm to a dishwasher to waiting tables.  Eric is the oldest of nine children (yes...he has stories for you) and his parents told him when he was 14 years old that if he wanted to go to college, he was going to have to do it on his own. 

This reality check was good for Eric.  It was from this mindset that he realized nothing in life is a free hand out...that you create your own path. 

However...this is still a rude wake-up call for a former Prom King.  For instance, during his entire freshmen year in college, Eric showed up for work at 6am to start making 1,000 pancakes for the dorm breakfast.  He never took a spring break but instead worked double shifts during is upperclassman years to pick up extra money for his next semester's books, rent, etc. 

But this isn't to say he didn't have fun during college.  He traveled.  He had internships.  He played guitar.


On My Own experiences3.  ON MY OWN:  His first job after graduating with honors was beating out 302 applicants for one of the open positions in the recruiting office for the University of Minnesota.  He attributed landing this first job to the fact that a) he smiled a lot during the interview and b) he didn't have a family and the University could send him out on the road...for months on end. 

For the next two years, Eric worked for his Big 10 university alma mater as an admissions recruiter giving over 1,000 PR presentations to high school students across the Midwest to groups as small as five and as large as 2,500 speaking about the benefits and life experiences of college.  There were strings of months in which he was giving three or four presentations day, living on the road, traveling between Chicago, Milwaukee and the Twin Cities...spreading the word to high school students about college.

NOTE - It was during this time that Eric got his head shots, found an agency to represent him, and did some acting.  His closest shot at "the big time" was having his screen test for the role of Steve make it to the producers of Blue's Clue's in the mid 1990's.  However, realizing that acting required a LOT of time and energy (and that it only paid well in spurts), he decided that he preferred to have a steady income, i.e. he liked to eat on a regular basis and not just once a day, and decided to pursue his career in business.


Wedding experience4. WEDDING:  In 1998, Eric moved into the world of partnership marketing.  He landed a job at the world's largest marketing firm, Carlson Marketing Group, based out of Minneapolis, MN on the Visa U.S.A account.  A year later, in 1999, he married his high school sweetheart, Rebecca.  

He stayed at Carlson for the next six years but did leave for a period after 9/11 for about six months to do some consulting, marketing and B2B sales for a...well...bakery in Philadelphia called Bredenbeck's in Chestnut Hill.  Yes...seriously...there's a story there.  Aside from eating a LOT of donuts and cakes and learning the business from owner, Karen, it was his first experience with seeing how a real small business is run.  He'll tell you about it if you ask. 

NOTE - it was during this time that Eric and his wife formed an urban folk rock band called Bug Candy, playing over 150 gigs at all of the major bars and clubs in Minneapolis and St. Paul, including some folk gigs in Greenwich Village, Philadelphia, etc.  He released four albums, got some radio airtime, and was featured on the evening news a couple of times.  But...realizing that being a musician required a LOT of late nights and that he preferred to get a good night's rest instead, Eric decided to stick with his day job in the business world and stayed focused on marketing.


Having a first baby5. HAVING A BABY:  In 2003, he left Carlson for a year and a half stint at a boutique advertising agency, Barry Group, helping clients with brand building, PR, marketing, advertising, etc.  He was head of client accounts and new business, working directly with both the creative director and the president of the firm. 

During his tenure here, Eric and Rebecca had their first daughter.  He cried with tears of joy when she was born...and then ate a McDonald's cheeseburger that his buddy, Dan, had brought him as an after-labor gift for the "coach." 

NOTE - it was during this time that Eric found out a local high school (Red Lion Area Senior High School in Red Lion, PA) needed a new theater director.  Sounded interesting, he thought.  He applied for the part-time job and because of his acting, music, and student background...he was hired.  This was in 2001.  He's still the active theater director at Red Lion and works part-time in the late afternoons and evenings from December through March while managing his duties with us.  Putting on a production involving over 120 students and managing 10 adult staff is a lot of work but something he could never give's a passion and working within his community to make a difference one-on-one with students is important. 


Raising a Family experiences6.  RAISING A FAMILY:  A partnership marketing and merchant funded rewards company in Salt Lake City hired Eric at the end of 2004 as the Director of Partnership marketing.  He helped build their national list of merchant partners from under 40 to over 300 in under three years.  But after building merchant partnerships for Fortune 1000 clients ranging from Visa U.S.A, CapOne, Wyndam Resorts, Affinion Group, 2.2 million NEA teachers, et al, Eric had a light bulb go off...

He saw an opportunity to launch a site that helped and inspired people during each stage of life.   "People need a place to share and find wisdom, inspiration and advice, and I hope we can be a resource for that," he likes to say.  After launching the site in April 2009, they also positioned their mission to assist organizations in providing employee perks, member benefits and discount programs.

In May of 2009, Eric and Rebecca had their second daughter.

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