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Submit Your Moments of Awesomeness

National Moments of Awesomeness contests and submissions

Moments of Awesomeness -

During the month of August, we want to celebrate the best moments of our lives. Whether it's a wedding engagement, college acceptance, or just something awesome that you did with your friends, we want to hear about your one Moment of Awesomeness.

This month, our national writing contest, Twitter contest, and Photo contest will all be themed around sharing your best moments in life. But, we want to make Moments of Awesomeness more than that...

At the end of the month, we are going to compile a video of all of Stage of Life members' most awesome moments. We will take all of the best essay quotes, Twitter entries, photo entries, and video submissions to create the ultimate Moments of Awesomeness montage. There are a few ways to submit your Moment of Awesomeness...

How to Submit your Moments of Awesomeness

National Contest Submissions

Starting August 1st, all of our national contests will be focused on sharing the one moment in your life that you feel is awesome. Submit an essay, Tweet us your entry, or send us your best pictures. All entries will be entered to win our monthly contests, and the top submissions will also be included in our Moments of Awesomeness video recap.

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National Essay Contest

Short Short Story Contest

 Photo Contest

Prompt: In 500 words or less vividly describe your Moment of Awesomeness
Prompt: In 127 characters or less creatively highlight your Moment of Awesomeness
Prompt: Share a photo that captures your Moment of Awesomeness
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Video Submissions

In addition to the contest entries above, we want you to send us your video submissions to be included in our Moments of Awesomeness video recap. Here's what we want you to do in your video:

  • Record a video "selfie" of you completing this sentence: "Stage of Life, my moment of awesomeness is..." followed by your moment of awesomeness! Try to do it in 515 seconds.
Once you have recorded yourself describing your moment, you can send it to us in several ways:
  1. Email us the file. If you have a video on your phone, camera, or other video recorder, just attach the video file and email it to [email protected].
  2. Upload it to Youtube. If your video is already on Youtube, great! Just send us the link to the same email address.
  3. Social media. Whether your video is recorded on Vine, Instagram, or posted to FaceBook, once again, just email us the link.

Rules for Video Submissions

moments of awesomeness

  • Everyone has had different awesome moments in their lives. What matters is how important it is to YOU. If you think it's awesome, send it in!
  • Videos are subject to approval by the team.
  • Submit your videos to [email protected] Submissions elsewhere may be missed.
  • Keep the videos between 515 seconds.
  • Please, no foul language or crude imagery.

Social Media Submissions

If you just want to share your Moment of Awesomeness without writing a contest entry or filming a video, feel free to comment below or share your moment on one of our social media pages. All of our social media submissions will also have a chance to be highlighted in our recap video. No matter how you submit it to us, we just want to hear your best Moments of Awesomeness.

Submit to one of our social media pages and hashtag #MomentsofAwesomeness



Moments of Awesomeness Recap

Check back to see our teen trend report for our national writing contest and the summary pages for our Short Short Story and Photo contests. Also, once we have received all of our contest and video submissions, we will begin compiling all of our video clips, photo entries, and essay quotes into a recap video that shows Stage of Life and its members' most awesome moments. The video, teen trend report, and contest summaries will be posted on this page on or after September 15th, 2013.


Let us know what you think, or share your Moment of Awesomeness!


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