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Sex: Female
Age: 31
Hometown: York, PA
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About Me

My name is Katie and I graduated college in May 2010. I am currently living in Australia until sometime July or August 2011. I am also having the time of my life. It is such an incredible experience to live and explore a new country. Through this trip I will also have spent 1 month traveling around New Zealand. Once I get home, I will study for the GRE's and decide what way to take my psychology degree for a Masters. I love to travel, obviously. Even while living in another country I still get the travel bug to get up and go somewhere new. I love the adventure of new places and feel as though, especially after this trip, I will not be able to stay stagnant for long. Weekend vacations will be more frequent than ever before. I enjoy friends and living live. Reading has turned from a chore into a love. I love reading, and the first book that got me into it was "I Hope they Serve Beer in Hell" by Tucker Max. (The movie doesn't even compare!) Since then I read as much as possible. I LOVE cooking and making delicious food for the people I love. Living in Australia I am in a house with people from all over the world, and have learned so much about Italian and French cuisine. I've also learned how to make Crepes! When I get home, I will spend, most likely, years trying to scrapbook all of my experiences through Australia. I want to highlight things I've seen and done, and I've done way too many cool things. My book will probably be 500 pages long! With all of that said, I'm just a typical girl trying to find my groove in this crazy path some might call life.

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