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Age: 19
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About Me

I'm the kind of girl you'll find writing poetry on the back of my hands or fast asleep, book still in hands. I'm a dreamer, the person who sees galaxies behind your eyes and loves to explore others souls. I'm overly-sensitive. I've got too many questions and not enough answers. Sometimes I feel so out of place and confused and life turns into a big, heavy mess. I'm learning how to swim above the waves, but sometimes it gets stormy and I've almost drowned before. I think about life too hard and notice details society has deemed "unimportant". I'm an optimistic pessimist and I'm still figuring out exactly what that means to me. I'm seen as quiet, but if you could peer inside my mind, I'm the loudest person you'll ever meet. Look into my eyes and you'll see I've got one thousand stories to tell, only if you'll ask. I've got a chain on my heart and I'm searching for the key. It's hard to get to know me, it's hard for me to let others in. But if you do manage to weave your way into my heart, you'll find out I'm really a very different person and I've got so much to say if you're willing to listen. I may seem simple, but my wiring is complicated. I still don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. I've found myself wandering down wrong paths and then just stopping to wonder how the heck I got there. But one path leads to another and I'm still a little lost. But that's okay. I'll find my way.

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