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Health & Wellness - Feature Article

Health & Wellness Feature Article - - Healthy Eating Habits5 Tips for Starting Healthy Food Eating Habits - "Don’t Let Your Food Define You"

by Kristen Cornelis, Health & Wellness Feature Blogger

It becomes very difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you career, education or family demands so much of your time. This is why it is important to do everything in your power not to eat the things that are convenient for you. Just because McDonalds is across the street doesn’t mean you need to settle for it. If you want to eat healthier and stay on track, take a look at the tips for starting healthy food eating habits listed below.

Hundreds of employed people believe they only have one option: breakfast, work, and walk across the street to McDonalds for lunch. People become stuck in these routines and only regret them when they see themselves in the mirror later on that day. It is time to take over our daily meal choices:

1.  Lower the number

You don’t have to quit cold turkey, but you can begin by lowering the calories you take in everyday. If you know fast food contains thousands of unwanted calories, learn from it and pick something fresher – such as an apple or banana chips. There are many options to work with; it is just a matter of finding what you like and eating the right amount.

2.  Keep track of the money you spend

How much money do you think you spend, daily, on the food you buy? This is important when it comes to saving your money and maintaining healthy eating habits. It becomes frustrating, going broke and still being hungry after eating fast food. You will feel much better bringing lunch with you, whether it is a sandwich with lunchmeat or salad. This will make your bank account smile like never before.

3.  Prepare yourself for cravings

Your body may begin to crave fast food the day you give it up. You need to stay strong and hold your ground. Don’t give in! Keep yourself prepared with snacks you brought from home. If your sweet tooth is craving Snickers as a snack, trick yourself into having a sweet fruit instead. Cut up some oranges and bring them with you. When you begin to want candy, have some cold oranges slices. I guarantee you, your body will thank you.

4.  Pick up a new routine

Whether it is bringing water, fruit, or a healthy snack – maintain the healthy routine while ridding yourself from the bad one. This will help you focus on something else and keep busy. The more time you have to think about these cravings and junk food items, you begin to second-guess yourself. Stay focused and stick to your diet. Give it a few weeks and you’ll begin to see it pay off.

5.  Be your own best guidance

Sometimes we don’t realize how good we’re doing until we give up. Try to keep a journal or even some post-it notes by your side to keep track of how well you’re doing. This will help you reference your healthy diet and stay confident as well. It doesn’t need to be a novel, but a quick, “I wanted a cheeseburger so badly today, but had a few, low-calorie, granola bites instead. I’m proud I didn’t break the cycle.”

Maintain your routine and your confidence. When you begin to slip or the devil on your shoulder tells you otherwise, push it to the side! This will pay off as long as you keep working hard. Nothing has ever come easy, but breaking a difficult routine will be worth the struggle.

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