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Are You From Generation Z?

Generation Z is defined as...

...the “iGeneration” (1991-Present)

Gen Z’ers are constantly connected: to the internet, to their phones, and to their music. These “digital natives” are extremely tech-savvy, and are known for consuming media at a rapid pace. Whether they’re tweeting, texting, or blogging, Gen Z’ers are definitely unafraid of technological change—they’re already waiting for the next “i-invention.”

According to Wikipedia, "Generation Z is also known as Generation M, the Net Generation, or the Internet Generation.  Many of this generation have had lifelong use of communications and media technologies such as the World Wide Web, instant messaging, text messaging, MP3 players, mobile phones and YouTube, earning them the nickname "digital natives".  No longer limited to the home computer, the Internet is now increasingly carried in their pockets on mobile Internet devices such as mobile phones. Generation Z are known for curating online at a rapid pace: sharing thoughts and observations on a variety of media, topics and products."

*The below research outlines the cultural influences that were released during the birth time of Generation Z.  Obviously, Generation Z members are also influenced by other generations.  For more on other generations, go to our generations menu.

A Note From Our Resident Gen Zer

Our resident Gen Z'er is currently writing up their summary of Generation Z. Stay tuned to see what they have to say...

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Cultural & Political Milestones

  • Collapse of the Soviet Union, 1991
  • Operation Desert Storm, 1991

  • Official End of the Cold War, 1992

  • Cult Compound in Waco, Texas Raided, 1993

  • O.J. Simpson Arrested for Double Murder, 1994

  • Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995

  • Mad Cow Disease Hits Britain, 1996

  • Scientists clone sheep, 1997

  • Tiger Woods wins the Masters, 1997

  • Princess Diana Dies in Car Crash, 1997

  • Titanic Most Successful Movie Ever, 1998

  • U.S. President Clinton Impeached, 1998

  • JFK Jr. Dies in Plane Accident, 1999

  • Killing Spree at Columbine High School, 1999

  • NATO Attacks Serbia, 1999

  • Human genome mapping starts, 2000

  • 9/11 attacks, 2001

  • The United States State Department issues its report in the War on Terror, 2002

  • A tragedy at NASA occurs when the Space Shuttle Columbia explodes upon reentry over Texas.  All seven astronauts inside are killed, 2003

  • The War in Iraq begins, 2003

  • The groundbreaking ceremony for the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, the former site of the World Trade Center complex destroyed during the September 11, 2001 attacks, occurs in New York City, 2004

  • The southeast Asian tsunami occurs following a 9.3 Richter scale earthquake in the Indian Ocean.  Two hundred and ninety thousand people die from Sri Lanka to Indonesia, creating one of the greatest humanitarian tragedies in history, 2004

  • Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast, 2005

  • The first female speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, Representative Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco, California, is sworn into office, 2007

  • Michael Phelps, the United States swimmer from Baltimore, wins his 8th Gold Medal of the Beijing Summer Olympic Games, surpassing the record of seven, 2008

  • John McCain chooses Sarah Palin, 1st term Governor of Alaska, as his running mate, making the contest between Barack Obama and himself, the first time a presidential election included both an African-American candidate and a woman amongst the Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees for president among the Democratic and Republican tickets, 2008

  • Barack Obama, Democratic Senator from Illinois, the election for the 44th President of the USA over John McCain, making him the first African-American president in the history of the United States of America, 2008

  • Swine Flu, is deemed a global pandemic by the World Health Organization, 2009

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