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Financial Literacy - Money Resources

Definition of Financial Literacy

What is "Financial Literacy?"

Whether you're in high school or in retirement, every person in every stage of life should have an understanding of how their finances work.  This understanding, or awareness, is what helps build and improve what is known as your "Financial Literacy." 

Definition:  Financial Literacy, noun.  In its most basic form, Financial Literacy is your ability to understand money and command your finances to benefit your life.  From planning a budget to getting an education to buying a home to planning for retirement, there are crucial moments in life that require you to increase your awareness of key financial matters that most directly impact your financial well-being. 

#1 Financial Literacy Resource:  Read the Top 10 Financial Tips for Life

Top 10 Financial Tips for Life

Feel free to explore and read our other free financial literacy resources below...

PART 1: Feature Articles - Financial Literacy

Recommend Financial Tips and Articles Helpful financial tips and money-saving articles

Explore our feature articles, exclusive reports, and money saving tips to help you with your financial well being.  Whether you're curious about the Top 10 Financial Tips for Life or need some resume advice, you'll find a wide array of financial literacy resources below.  And...if you have a financial resource, financial literacy idea or original article to contribute, please don't hesitate to contact us.  We always welcome well qualified financial experts to add their voice to Stage of Life's free, financial literacy resources.

Enjoy our free financial literacy resource articles...'s Investing Basics  Investing Basics
How does one reach the point of financial freedom in their retirement years? Investing of course!'s financial literacy A Simple Approach to Teach Kids About Money
Teaching children about the concepts of money and money management can seem like a daunting task.  Most people today question, “how are we supposed to educate our youth on proper money handling when most adults can’t even manage their finances?
 Financial Advice for Newlyweds - 5 Financial Tips for Newlyweds
There are many wonderful rewards that result from the sanctity of marriage, but with the romance also comes a few challenges – one of them being shared financial decisions. - 5 Tips for Getting Your First Car Loan  5 Tips for Getting Your First Car Loan
Teens and college students that hold a steady, part-time job may be able to obtain a car loan with the co-signature of an eligible adult.
 Tips for Budgeting in the New Year - 5 Tips for Budgeting in the New Year
Tis the season for a fresh start, a new beginning, and a time to set a list of goals and visions for the New Year ahead.
 Tips to say on budget this holiday season 8 Tips to Maintain a Practical Holiday Budget
With the holiday season in full swing, the mad dash to fit everything in this month can make you blow your holiday budget. Don't.  Follow these easy steps and stay on budget.
  5 Tips for a Successful Interview
A job interview is face-to-face introduction with your prospective employer and a chance for you to sell yourself on the position.  You don't want to mess it up! Financial LIteracy Article: Effective resumes Top 5 Tips for Creating an Effective Resume
Whether you're a student just starting your career or a seasoned career veteran, this article outlines the top five tips for writing the best, most effective resume.
 Financial LIteracy Article - Tips for Eating Healthy on a Budget Eating Healthy on a Budget
Eating and being healthy doesn't have to break the bank.  Read six tips for eating healthy on a budget
 Financial LIteracy Article - Back to School Money Saving Tips Back to School Money Saving Tips
Stage of Life Financial Literacy blogger, Lauren, shares five Back to School Money Saving Tips for Parents and Students
 Financial LIteracy Article - Top Ten Money Tips for Life Top 10 Financial Tips for Life
This article outlines 10 actions that everyone, no matter their stage of life, should consider for their financial well being.
Financial LIteracy Article - Teens and Money
Stage of Life's Exclusive Teens and Money Report
Read Stage of Life's summary on its writing contest that asked teens how they feel about money.  This particular writing contest resulted in media coverage by, TV Show "Mary Talks Money," etc. and produced some amazing insights into how high school students feel about money and the financial state of their lives.

Financial Literacy Feature Articles

PART 2: Finanical Q & A

Financial Q & A with Stage of LifeFinancial Q & A for Every Life Stage - NEW

"Have a Question About Money? Ask Stage of Life."

Do you have a financial question that pertains to your life, or a life stage you or your family are about to transition into?  Submit your money question directly to us, and we'll ask either Lauren (our resident Stage of Life Financial Literacy guru) or one of our financial experts.  We'll then post your question and the feedback here on Stage of Life. 

Click your life stage below to view the specific Q & A responses for each life stage and to submit your own financial question to Stage of Life.

Money tips for teens

Financial Questions for High School

Financial Q & A for high school students planning for college expenses, setting up savings, etc.

Money tips for college students

Financial Questions for College Students

Financial Q & A for college students about budgeting, setting up savings and every day expenses.

 Money tips for singles

 Financial Questions for On My Own

Financial Q & A for singles on budgeting, managing your finances, and planning for your future.

 Money tips for engaged couples and newlyweds

Financial Questions for Engaged Couples and Newlyweds - Wedding

Tips for planning your wedding on a budget, managing your finances, and saving with your spouse.

 Money tips for married couples

 Financial Questions for Married Couples Without Kids

Financial tips for budgeting, managing joint finances, and planning for your future.

 Money tips for Homeowners

Financial Questions about Home Ownership

Financial Q & A dealing with home project, mortgages, saving, budgeting and other money saving issues regarding home ownership.

Money tips for Having a Baby

Financial Questions about Pregnancy and Having a Baby

Financial tips for new parents dealing with new family budgeting, creating savings for your baby, and family financial planning.

Money tips for Parents and Families

Financial Questions about Raising a Family

Money saving tips for parents dealing with budgeting, creating savings for you children, family financial planning and more.

Money tips for Grandparents

Financial Questions for Grandparents

Financial Q & A and tips for grandparents

     Money tips for Baby Boomers

     Financial Questions for Baby Boomers in Empty Nest and Retirement

    Money and Financial tips addressing budgets, savings, retirement, travel, and downsizing.


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