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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Read Living On Your Own Questions and Stories

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I am a nervous person. I worry about car crashes and spiders and guns and death and the weird way my voice sounds when I talk on the phone.

Some of my fears are unavoidable: after all, I can't control how many spiders take up residence in the garden where I also like to sit. And some of my fears are totally avoidable: I may balk at the thought of skydiving, but luckily, no one has yet tried to push me out of a plane.

However, for all of my worries (founded or not), I have

The Secret of Happiness: A Life with Many Loved Ones
Happiness comes from many different things from many different people. In my life and from what I have experienced, the secret to happiness is a life filled with many loved ones. My family has been through some really hard times in the past year but with the love and support of each other, we always make it.
My family is the most important thing to me, above school and even athletics. In my life, my family has alwa

Most people try to find happiness in success, relationships, or money. No matter how successful a person gets in life, money or possessions can't give a person genuine happiness or fulfillment. The key to happiness is enjoying the moment you're in, and not waiting for work to be over or the week to be done. Look for the gifts God gives us everyday, like the beautiful sunrise every morning or the birds' songs they sing. You then have a humble look on life and enjoy the simple things in every day

At some points in my life, I felt like I did not want to do anything but lying lazily on my bed, covering myself with the warmth of the furry blanket, staring at either the ceiling or the clock, counting the minutes, and then asking myself, "What the hell am I doing? Why don't I get up and complete what should be completed?" For a while, all of my motivation and energy was gone unexpectedly for no reasons. The same is happening to me at this time. I have a video to complete, a presentation to p

Growing up I had a great child hood. I had to older brothers they born 1974-1979. I always was close to them both and I have a sister a year apart we all biological kids. By both parents. I remember having a nice grandmother who born 1921. She is the older image of me. I remember my high school graduation in 2009. My mom always told me I am beautiful inside and out I told her I feel ugly and cheated out of education. She told me I am not ugly. Now It's 2015 I no longer have my mother she died i

Looking forward into the future I am going to change the world very significantly. First to do that though, I will have to start with myself. I have really got to step it up and get to work. What I need to do is really straight forward. I got to just stay in school and focus on nothing else besides my grades. I mean the sooner that I can get to college and get the degree for the counseling field is when change would start to happen. I would start with one person and move to the next. When I am

How often do you find yourself checking your phone before you get up from bed or missing out the breakfast just because you need to get to work timely? Do your days look like a non-stop marathon and until the evening you feel absolutely exhausted? If so, then probably you need to use natural grounding practice to avoid imbalance during the day.

You can fall into the trap of busyness, just when you spend all days

If I won the lottery today, I would first off thank the gods of economic weather, for the blowing the winds of 102 Kenya shillings selling for one dollar our way. Exchange rates can be a hellhole, but in my case it would be pure heavenly bliss, perfect timing. I digress.

I would find my way to the best mobile phone store I know and get me a nice smartphone, you know, the type that can actually respond to a selfie stick aux cord. For as long as I can remember, I have had a phone that

Inessa Buniatyan

Winning the Lottery: Wise Spending

When a large amount of money gets put into someones hands they tend to spend it on things that are not going to benefit them in the future. If I was lucky enough to win the lottery I would spend my money wisely. I wouldn't spend it only on myself because not a lot of people get the opportunity to win something as big as that these days. My friends mother passed aw

Most students know that feeling: even if you are ready for the test completely, you sit down to take it and feel butterflies in your stomach. Your thoughts become messy. You take a pen in your head, and your mind seems to be completely blank.
Everyone becomes anxious before a test. Some anxiety helps to focus, but too much of it results in poor outcomes. If you think that you may have

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