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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Read Living On Your Own Questions and Stories

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Looking forward into the future I am going to change the world very significantly. First to do that though, I will have to start with myself. I have really got to step it up and get to work. What I need to do is really straight forward. I got to just stay in school and focus on nothing else besides my grades. I mean the sooner that I can get to college and get the degree for the counseling field is when change would start to happen. I would start with one person and move to the next. When I am

How an elementary school teacher (namely a trainee to assist thine sixth grade assiduously, dogmatically, generously, joyously, magnanimously and positively changed my life!


Miss Rainbow

A smidgen less than two score and half years ago, this then sixth grader (at Henry Kline Boyer Elementary School located in Evansbu

omg!!she is so pretty ....!! is a common lie said by every girl.WE are so selfish! aren't we?.we cant hear good about anyone but can speak bad about anyone at our level matter how much we decline this fact but the truth is that we judge people on the basis of their appearance.We hate people with bad looks and make them feel inferior.none of us is bad at looks that's why Elmo is red and cookie monster is blue and still cute.we all are god gifted and special i

It was about, 1:30 PM, and we were on our way to our local Twin Donut to grab some lunch. I was with a couple of close friends. As we were driving there, We figured we could stop at the library park since it was on our way. We pulled into the lot, and sitting on the benches were 3 homeless men.We approached them quickly and started to begin a conversation. One of them, we found out was mute and didn't speak, the other was just a teenager, he did most of the talking and the very last one was an

Recently I celebrated a birthday by going to Mexico.

It wasn't on a cruise ship or to an exotic location, but it was to a little town called Reynosa across the border.

I didn't travel with my girlfriends on a jet in first class, but traveled in rented vans with some Spirit-filled believers; my family in Christ. We didn't stay in a fancy 5-star hotel with pillow top mattresses and a spa-like bathroom, but stayed in a little orphanage called Big Heart - on bunkbeds and wit

All my classmate tease me when i arrived at home and i cry in my room my mom knock and my mom asking are you ok? and i say yes and i didnot tell them i was bullied i didn't talk to my mom ever past year ago it's March 18, 2014 i wait the day that i want to go home i tell the truth i don't know what is bully. I ask my friend what is bully and my friend said tease you eveyday and she said why? oh nothing i didn't tell my mom i was bullied i will tell my mom if i'am in high school i am so scared..

Hi I'm Aly and I'm 19, I have schizophrenia,depression,bipolar, and borderline personality disorder. Yes I have all that. This is my story. I was in and out of hospitals since I was 14. I was hospitalized 10 times. I have really bad episodes where I cut myself scream and break things. I don't mean to but I do. I have been on every medication imaginable. I currently take 12 pills a day. No one knows how to help me. I am so tired of being a statistic. I am always scared and confused. I have trie

The shrill sounds of screaming pierce my ears as panic escapes from my student's mouth. She screeches and screeches until suddenly the shouting ceases and turns into cackling and pure, sadistic laughter which bursts out from within her. By now, she has hopped out of her seat and is rocking in an unsteady motion. Her eyes bulge out from her head and appear hollow and distant. Just as quickly, as the episode starts, it stops. Stricken, I run to her and ask her what is wrong. “I had a vision th

Throughout history, the Juvenile Dependency Courts have gradually evolved to become the convoluted and destructive corner in the Superior Courts; at least, one has to believe that the Dependency/ Child Welfare Courts that now span nationwide, at first originated with the real and true Best Interests of the Child at heart. That is most certainly NOT what drives the Department of Family & Children’s Services today, despite the fact that this agency is only in existence as a means of executing and

Runaways have higher rates of depression, physical and sexual abuse, alcohol and drug problems, delinquency, school problems, and difficulties with peers than juveniles who do not run away.

Many runaways have been exposed to high levels of violence, either as victims or as witnesses.

Juveniles in substitute care (e.g., foster care, group homes) are more likely to run away than juveniles who live at home with a parent or guardian. The chances of juveniles in care running aw

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