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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Read Living On Your Own Questions and Stories

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Last month ago my aunt was rushed to emergency room and suffered of hemorrhagic stroke. She was of kind of stubborn and refused to be treated before she had this. Being stubborn runs in my mother's family side apparently. I suggested to all that she needed to be transported in ambulance and not in our car because I believe she wouldn't make it because I saw few symptoms that cannot be ignored and waited out. If I didn't still push to call the ambulance she wouldn't make because in the ambulance

Teen stress is one of the huge major problems all over the schools. Teen stress cause illness and pain people can even die from it. Teen stress does not suit any teen that suffers with teen stress. The stress comes about when teens feel they can don't do this to that. Most teens that have stress are often are not confident.It also appear when they get difficult work. Health can be related to teen stress because, many teens end up having heart attacks . This is my summary of what I think Teen s

Last year I went camping with friends and family so my dad and I went on an afternoon ride on the quads and my cousin max was with us. my dad and I started to head back to the camp site but all of a sudden I felt the quad tip over. and my dad and I fell out of the quad I was scared because I hit these green stake poles and the quad almost came on top of me but my dad caught the quad before it killed me. so I yelled for my cousin and he ran to me in a pain to come get me up. and he asked me if I

About a girl who was told to describe herself and chose to write about it instead.

Disclaimer: This story is not based on me, and could be triggering. Also this story is not finished and is a start to a short story. I am only sharing this story to get feedback on if I should continue it or not.

Start story below:


Sometimes I wonder what no, correction, I always wonder what my future will come to be. Will I marry someone from my hometo

Do you want to know my greatest fear in life??
Dying alone... But I've been in love once before and now I'm seeing those same lights... But I still live in fear...
Fear of what you ask??
Fear of falling so incredibly in love with a man that doesn't foresee the same things I do again... Fear of having to watch that same man walk away again... Fear of having my heart ripped out of my chest again... Fear that I will be stuck in this same cycle day after day year after year heartbre

Today, policemen received a phone call which claimed that there would be an explosion in the subway station in today's afternoon from a child. People who worked in police station did note pay attention to this warning. They thought it was just a joke. They had received hundreds of this kind of phone calls before.
However, it was not a joke.
The subway station was exposed. When those policemen arrived at the subway station, there was nothing but a little boy stood there. In front of h

A time I felt stressed was when I once to went Canadian Tire, I was with my Dad and my sister, we had went in for a hockey stick, and when we were there a couple with their parents because they were having car troubles, and when we were in line to pay for our item we heard a big bang, and next thing we know is that there was a young man on the ground and his wife was on the ground with him. All you could hear was call 911!!!! She kept repeating, she was definitely nervous for her husband. As my

The blazing hot side of the highway was not what Joanna had pictured when she decided to leave the dull sameness of her small home town known as Serenity in the mountains of West Virginia. She had left in the hopes of finding excitement beyond someone catching a fish as big as their arm in the small stream that the people of Serenity referred to as a river. Of course she hadn’t been entirely sure what she should picture because she had only graduated high school a week ago with no real plans ex

I have a deep loathing for winter bicyclists.

I understand that you are trying to be "green" and not use fossil fuels. In fact, in the summer all you bipedalers make me feel a little guilty for driving around in my 15-20 mpg truck. But in the winter? That's a whole other kettle of fish.

First, you must be crazy to be thinking of trying to ride a bicycle on snow-packed, icy roads. It looks plain dangerous. I don't care how beefy your tires are or how many zip ties you put

I've never seen her so stressed. Mum juggles cardboard boxes at home, frown lines magnified as she attempts to pack while feeding and entertaining three confused boys. Meanwhile, Dad, flown across the planet, sunbathes on the island of Oahu.
A few weeks before, on a silent evening nearing the end of June, I find Mum lying face down on our flowery brick patio, soaking up the last few drops of sunlight in the day. Her eyes are closed and she whispers to me that she's going to get married to

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