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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Be the change... This three word phrase is such a big and heavy word to process uttered by my boss. I am currently working in a government school here in the Philippines. I am a newbie here. I am not familiar with the system yet.
As days, weeks and months pass by, I am starting to see the real picture of the field I've chosen to serve. There are so many loopholes, flaws and imperfections that really demotivates me to become a better teacher.
There were teachers who are senior alread

If I won the lottery today, I would first off thank the gods of economic weather, for the blowing the winds of 102 Kenya shillings selling for one dollar our way. Exchange rates can be a hellhole, but in my case it would be pure heavenly bliss, perfect timing. I digress.

I would find my way to the best mobile phone store I know and get me a nice smartphone, you know, the type that can actually respond to a selfie stick aux cord. For as long as I can remember, I have had a phone that

My favorite book is Wonder by: R.J. Palacio. It has a lot of pages it all starts with August and ends with Miranda I think I'm not sure you have to read to find out. I would recommend this to a friend because they would enjoy it. I would recommend R.J. Palacio to make a book called Wonder 2 and so on because I enjoyed. I wish I met her in person.

Our Founding Fathers determined that Freedom of Speech would be the first and most important right. I believe there’s a good reason for this. Free speech leads to free and open thoughts and ideas and that has the power to change life for the better. If we go as far back as Socrates we know that he was forced into suicide by the government because of those powerful thoughts. His teachings are some of the most profound of the Western world and we are still adhering to his philosophical princi

Mr. G was my Philosophy teacher back in the day. Since the subject was my minor, I never attended lectures, focusing on scoring credits at seminars without wasting time on theoretical lessons in the area I never gave a donkey's about.

What did I do instead of Philosophy lectures? Well, most often I enjoyed my late breakfast since I had no time to eat before going to studies

A lot of people love dogs. Known as a close companion and best friend to man, many of these animals are taken in as household pets. There are many breeds of dog that exist today. Some are more desired and in high demand than others. Blue pitbulls, which may be called blue nose pits, are of interest to some dog lovers. Some consider them to be intimidating, which is common when discussing pitbulls. There are plenty of blue pitbull breeders. People s

Visual distraction has often been my adversary. Behavioral scientists will say that distraction, in general, has its advantages, evolutionarily equipping us with instinctual responses that protect us from harm. I do not dispute this, but as a sighted person, and one who has some minor autistic tendencies - prone to sensory overload and “freezing up” in acutely multi-sensory situations - I can tell you that visual distraction is for me, quite often, difficult to endure.


I’m at the mall, enjoying my favorite brewery / burger place. I’ve finished the chapter of my book. I’ve been reading books by blind authors for several months in an attempt to increase both my knowledge of blindness issues and my awareness of the visually impaired community. A reoccurring, fundamental principle of life shouts its truth through the pages of these memoirs: the more we learn about our differences, the more we discover how much we’re alike. On occasion, in my normally comfo

I sat in the center of the downtown restaurant, facing the front, which was a solid glass wall; a giant window through which my eyes caught hold of sidewalk passersby, both casually clad in t-shirt and shorts as well as the professional dress of suits and ties. Through the nonchalant flow of foot traffic, my eyes drove into the street where the metallic glare of the blue-striped street car stretched its slow, shimmering streak across my affixed plane of vision. Across the three lan


My Oxford dictionary defines punctuation marks, such as periods and commas, as marks which separate sentences, etc., and clarify meaning. Clarify? Yes. But separate? Perhaps in terms of their spatial appearance, their literal, spatial proportionality in relation to the surrounding characters they separate, and in terms of their engagement in the function of organizational distinction. Yet, this definition, not unlike many, is incomplete. It fails to observe a

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