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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Actually, it is really dangerous to travel alone for a woman. There are lots of messages about troubles for women on vacations. There are lots of physical assaults, actually. And that is what makes traveling alone both for women and men dangerous. Thieves also easier like single travelers. They can rob you on the street or even in the hotel room.

But there are more unsafe places for women than for men, actually. These places are just unsafe. You should consider all the points of you

To say that I was devastated is an understatement. To say that I was lonely does not even begin to describe what I went through during my divorce after a 7-year marriage to the man I thought was my soulmate. I was dejected, despondent, depressed, and deflated…and my dog got me through it all.
Toby was the runt of his litter. His mom was a massive Labrador Retriever with a shiny black coat and outgoing temperament. His dad was a stocky chocolate lab with a swagger. I will never forget walk

I had a dream, and the dream was about that I could live with animals. So I always asked my mom that I wanted to have a pet but she refused me. It made me feel so sad. Since last day, I thought my dream would come true.
It was a peaceful night, everyone was asleep. I flipped on the bed. Suddenly, I found a shine light outside. The light made me feel improbability. Then, I walked close to the window because I wanted to figure out what happened outside. But I found a cat, it was white cat.

I've always tried to be the best person that i could be. I have always tried to be better then the person i was yesterday and yes we can say we tried, or that we want to, but is it really true? Is it happening? Recently I have been told that I am just being a bitch and this and that and every name in the book you can think of. In reality it's pretty sad because i actually would never intentionally hurt anyone. Being told especially by your family that you are a bitch and always have been fuckin

These days, the snow starts melting, and finally, the spring is coming. Different season has different smells. In spring, there are the fragrance of the grass after raining, the smell of wet dirt, and the aroma of sunshine. However, my favorite smell is the scent of the green tea from my grandpa.
My grandpa is a big fan of all kinds of Chinese tea. Especially when the spring comes, he always sits in the park of our community with a full cup of hot green tea. In summer, he drinks Long Jing

Today, policemen received a phone call which claimed that there would be an explosion in the subway station in today's afternoon from a child. People who worked in police station did note pay attention to this warning. They thought it was just a joke. They had received hundreds of this kind of phone calls before.
However, it was not a joke.
The subway station was exposed. When those policemen arrived at the subway station, there was nothing but a little boy stood there. In front of h

I've played with the idea of entering one of these writing contest before, but I don't have too many interesting personal experiences to share. However, if anything in my life is interesting, it's my dog Max and so I decided to tell you a little bit about him and one of his many talents.

Max is an eleven year old, twenty-five pound, Cocker Spaniel. He has big, brown eyes, and a thick, shiny, black coat. He's an extraordinarily beautiful dog, and I'm not just saying that because he is

Loneliness is a word with a deep meaning where there is no going back once you understand it, life is so short in a blink of an eye it’s all gone, treasure it and treat every day as if it was your last.
About two years ago Marry Jane was a normal girl with a normal life living happy with her family and friends but you never know whqts gonnq happen perhaps a perfect life could turn into a nightmare, one day Marry Jane disobeyed her parents and went into a party with her friend behind thei

Everyone likes travelling; because during the travel you can combine the pleasant with the useful, learn something new about countries, their cultures and people, and get a wonderful rest. This is all true. However, what do famous people think about travels, how do they plan them? Here we have a few tips for travelers who really want to enjoy their journey. They are from the famous Brazilian w

This is a story about my dog; he was really cute and small. His name was bear and he was 2 years old. He loves to play with balls, he would catch the ball if you throw it too him, he likes to wrestle, and he has sharp nails. He is a tannish color he has brown eyes. He has a nose like a pug and I he is really sweet. He doesn’t to take baths; he loves to roll in mud. He likes to chase his tail and he loves to bite a lot of stuff.

A time I felt stressed was when I once to went Canadian Tire, I was with my Dad and my sister, we had went in for a hockey stick, and when we were there a couple with their parents because they were having car troubles, and when we were in line to pay for our item we heard a big bang, and next thing we know is that there was a young man on the ground and his wife was on the ground with him. All you could hear was call 911!!!! She kept repeating, she was definitely nervous for her husband. As my

Sometimes roommates may become a real nightmare. Both of you need your personal space. That is why, conflicts, controversies and fights make a routine practice of students sharing a room. However, there are some effective methods of how to set a balance with them instead of having conflicts. Let’s find out how to be a good roommate and enjoy your co-residence.

It is true that anyone ca

The blazing hot side of the highway was not what Joanna had pictured when she decided to leave the dull sameness of her small home town known as Serenity in the mountains of West Virginia. She had left in the hopes of finding excitement beyond someone catching a fish as big as their arm in the small stream that the people of Serenity referred to as a river. Of course she hadn’t been entirely sure what she should picture because she had only graduated high school a week ago with no real plans ex

The gently creeping autumn wind seemed to whisper eerie secrets as it drifted in through the open window. Emma wondered what stories the wind had to tell. She sat up, brushing her long, tangled, black hair out of her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself, as if her fragile limbs could ward off the cold. She peered out of the window, down at the trash-strewn street, which was vacant save the homeless men wrapped in ragged blankets sleeping on the side of the road. Homeless men weren’t uncomm

Janet sighed loudly, glaring at her six foot three fiancé who was standing on the kitchen table in his socks and a pair of boxers. The only good thing about it being one AM was that the neighbors wouldn’t be likely to be awake and therefore couldn’t look through their windows to see the man who often did yard work for them and fixed their cars crying like a five year old girl.
Janet pulled her tangled mess of dark hair up into a messy bun as she let her eyes wonder across the kitchen flo

Goal Setting in School

My name is Tom Denning and I have 22 years experience as an educator, as both a teacher and administrator. I taught at the Elementary level for 5 years and 4 years at the middle school level. I graduated from Jersey City State College with a BA Degree in Education in 1973 and received my Masters Degree in Administration and Supervision from New Jersey City University, formerly known as Jersey City State College in 2001 . I earned my Doctoral Degree in Organiza

Happiness at work is an important part of career success. It’s easy to be happy in our everyday personal life. However, we can also get happiness at work under control. It comes from regular practices and cardinal changing of mindset.
As Francesca Reigler said, “Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same”. First and foremost

On Easter Sunday my grandfather unexpectedly passed away. He had been in declining health and he had called a sister to say "I'm not doing well." To him, it was exactly the way he wanted to go: in his home. To me, it's devastating because there was no last chance to say goodbye.

As the week went on, I tried to smile every now and again. I avoided the question "How are you?" I begged friends to get together and I shopped for a funeral dress. I prepared for the wake and funeral. I wan

Animals don’t understand humans, so what? Do we understand them? We just love each other… and that’s all that matters.
Ever since I was young I always wanted an animal. But when my mum asked me why, I actually didn’t know, but now I do.
I have this amazing and cute puppy, she is charming and her name is Nora. We have loads of fun together. Of course I have a wonderful family but when I didn’t have a small fluffy ball of fur running around and bringing joy, I felt like something was

For adult children, taking the step of moving out of the house, whether it’s to go away to college, get married, or start a career of their own, is a little nerve-racking, but mostly exciting. It’s a new adventure and one most kids take on eagerly as they finally achieve that independence they’ve been craving.

Move-out day has a different meaning for parents, however, especially when the last child moves away. Yes, they’re excited for their children and ready to see them succeed, and

I have always been a lover of Cats and Dogs and only have been fortunate enough to own one pet in my lifetime. It was an amazing long haired feline by the name of “Miss Kitty.” She was a beautiful show Cat, adorned with 3 to 4 different marking colors; tan, dark brown, black and white. Each color seemed to have been hand painted in a variation of brush strokes by the creator. Miss. Kitty was a rescue cat which I obtained from a friend who had too many pets to care for. At the time I was a si

The eye of the storm is predicted to strike here, in Tampa, after passing through Cuba. It’s August, 2004, and for a year Hurricane Charley will be known as the strongest hurricane since Andrew pounded Florida in 1992. It will last for 6 days, cause 20 fatalities, and $16.3 billion in damages.
I load my cat Sandy and belongings inside my 2 door Mustang, fill up with gas, and head north. It is only twilight and already the sky is devastatingly dark, the highway gridlocked. Everyone

I'm Sha. It'd be nice to know who reads this stuff. I'm kind of curious about everything. Well I'm just a girl who loves to write thoughts down. Fleeting, random thoughts. People used to like my stuff in HS. Lol , how corny do I sound? Like the washed up 40 year old jock who now has a beer belly. I've never really got my full shine on though... Just kinda glistened a little bit.. I wanna shine.

You may have wondered what goes in to determining the insurance cost for a given car. The cost of the car is a given, but there are other factors that are considered as well. For instance, the more powerful the engine, the more likely drivers are to drive a little on the wild side, thus driving up the cost to insure it. Some cars are more likely to be stolen than others which also adds to the cost of insuring it. What follows is a list of the ten least expensive cars to insure. Some of them mig

Recently I have realized that a person who once said that everything is a good in moderation was definitely onto something. Some people say: “Think positively, because happy thoughts can make everything better.”

No matter how awful the things get despite the hardest efforts to think positively, a classical optimist will continue saying that “the glass is always half-full”, “every cloud has a silver lining”, and no matter what “there is a light at the end of a tunnel”.

I'm sure there are problems in everyone's life,people are facing worst part of their life but it is better to remember that morning comes after night i would like to share with you a story. Once upon there was girl whose name was nisha she was the daughter of a very famous doctor and a housewife,she had two older brothers she was childish like others she was just perfect,everyone loved her alot but one day she was playing outside and suddenly someone rapped her(i can't tell that how was she rap

He was supposed to have been in the prime of his golden years. A man who lived 76 years of his life by the rules of simplicity and the strictures of caring for one's own health…that man was not supposed to be afflicted by the tragedy about to unfold. Yet, such is reality…that we are all one day plucked out of existence in spite of all virtues we have to offer.

Hailing from the south Indian State of Kerala I am supposed to be one among its 30 million inhabitants who relishes the aqua

If your allergic to Birds you should not be reading this. I have a bird her name is sweeteie I got her from a bird shelter. She had a broken wing, foot, and a broken beak. It took years for her to adapet to her life style. I had to skip second grade to take care of her I;m in fith grade now. I had to do that because if you want have a bird you have to give he or she lots of attention. Because if you do not give your bird lots of attention he or she will be really depressed! Your bird will bi

I have a deep loathing for winter bicyclists.

I understand that you are trying to be "green" and not use fossil fuels. In fact, in the summer all you bipedalers make me feel a little guilty for driving around in my 15-20 mpg truck. But in the winter? That's a whole other kettle of fish.

First, you must be crazy to be thinking of trying to ride a bicycle on snow-packed, icy roads. It looks plain dangerous. I don't care how beefy your tires are or how many zip ties you put

Dont you ever do something bad and then later on you regret it. Well I do today I told my brother he was an idoit he can not defend him self becuase he is only three. Also once my friend Jocelyn said I was ugly,stupid, and dumb.

If there’s one thing a woman doesn’t want to do is feel a foreign object where there was never one before. It’s creepy, somehow. It’s like, hey, you weren’t there last week, and now you are? But, nevertheless, this foreign object was on the outer aspect of my left breast. The dreaded lump. It’s amazing how one little word, and a funny sounding one at that, can inspire such dread and foreboding. A lump. I have a lump. It could mean anything! You bump your head, you get a lump. A bunch of cash is

Weather here in PA sucks. Its very unpreditiable. Meteorologist may make a predition, but the preditions can be so far off. They could say it's going to be a nice, sunny day with the temperture at 85, but it actually turns out to be a thunderstorm.

I knew Fargo, North Dakota would be a stark difference from San Jose, California and I questioned why I even applied in the Midwest for my psychology residency. The first thing I noticed upon stepping off the plane was how I immediately coughed. The cold January wind knocked the life out of me. I rushed to the hotel where my classmate was waiting for me. We had a weekend until our interviews on Monday and decided to explore the city beginning with downtown. It was not snowing but there was snow

Chapter one
I grabbed my phone and looked at the time, 6:30!! I was runnning late, the bus was going to be here any minute! I threw on some random clothes that were laying on my dresser. I ran down stairs as fast as i could with my hairbrush in my hand and my phone in the other. I grabbed the key off the door step when i walked out, perfect timing i thought to myself.

omg!!she is so pretty ....!! is a common lie said by every girl.WE are so selfish! aren't we?.we cant hear good about anyone but can speak bad about anyone at our level matter how much we decline this fact but the truth is that we judge people on the basis of their appearance.We hate people with bad looks and make them feel inferior.none of us is bad at looks that's why Elmo is red and cookie monster is blue and still cute.we all are god gifted and special i

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent,” Eleanor Roosevelt. Have you ever thinked about the situations around the world today, the way you act, the way you talk or how you treat someone? How you can really impact people’s life in a positive or negative way. Words have power. There are words that can either bring life, or beat your heart down, making you feel less than human.
In this quote, it describes very specifically, that no one can make you feel inferior,

Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” In a sense, that is true. But in a truer sense, it’s not nearly that simple. It is not simply giving someone “consent” to have power over how we feel about ourselves. So let’s look a little deeper. Let’s talk about the power of words.

Read a good story, even a fictional one, and the simple words on the page can make you laugh, cry, mourn, rejoice, and experience emotions as real as if the situations on

I graduated college with a BA in English at the age of eighteen. As I have transitioned into the workforce, I have faced criticism from well-meaning coworkers who inadvertly put me down. As a teacher at a private tutorial, I work with some amazing people. However, during planning meetings, any input I provide is met with apprehension from my coworkers. Nearly every time I suggest something, somebody comments that since I am so young, I don't have the experience necessary to really offer insight

She was my mathematics teacher. At that time, we were in training course before taking an important exam to take a next step to high schools. In this country, this exam represents a significant landmark in each student’s life. Apparently, everyone in my class was supposed to write down and learn by heart everything from her lessons and they were just basic mathematics that I’d learnt before. So basically, I never paid attention to her, just doing my own practises. That is why she hated me the m

Author: Lilybeth Maiers

This was an assignment for school were we write a 7 page short story with three different perspectives. I wanted to write this on 'my wall' here to display my writing skills. This is my first official short story and may need more proof reading, but I plan to improve. Enjoy.

My thoughts are interrupted by a tap on the shoulder "Oh I'm sorry" I say nonchalantly "Oh you know me always getting distracted. So what were you

In my opinion, I associate power with knowledge and I believe the more you know, the more powerful you are. This can be related to work and having authority over a coworker due to your knowledge in the work field, for example. Inferiority can be felt when a greater power is held over you who holds more knowledge and/ or wisdom in a specific area.

Roosevelt is right when she says “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” because there is always room for change. There is

There are two ways of your renting apartment experience. It can be very easy, exciting and really pleasant or just a living hell. Both ways depend on your landlord. It is important to find good and honest one. The main problem of rental fails is bad landlords.

If You Want to Pay Less, Ask
There is no need for negotiable rent, but it is possible for many land lords to compromise on price. Lowering the official rent price is very difficult task. But, it is possible for you

“Could we please have our check?”

It’s funny because I have been in some terribly powerless situations, but waiting tables always comes out on top.

Both customers and waiters have thousands of horror stories to share, I’m sure. However, when the word powerlessness comes to my mind, this memory always comes up.

I worked at a crappy (there is no better adjective) restaurant for several years. I never knew who would show up to work, so I’d often

We only have one earth. There is renewable resources that we can use to replace fossil fuels that harm our ozone. For example the plant named hemp. It has a long history of being used in clothing and textile industry, and has been a reliable replacement/substitute for wood. By using hemp in place of chopping trees down, we can save billions of trees and millions of acres of trees for the faction of the cost and four times the harvest amount. Hemp unfortunately is illegal in many states in the U

Are you a huge traveling aficionado with the guts to see the most unusual world’s sights? SouchSurfing suits those who wish to host travelers and teach them about their place, as well as those who want to travel around the world.
Lots of tourists choose big comfortable hotels. Some stay tiny inns and hostels. But the heart of a true wonderer belongs to the beauty of the local home stay. Overall, the ball park number of those who have used the CouchSuring (or CS) service at least once is a

Just over a year ago, I was sitting inside a cramped room in a foreign place.

Literally, alone. It wasn't the usual my-parents-aren't-home-so-I-can-do-whatever-I-want alone. This time I really COULD do whatever I wanted, and that was what scared me the most.

I bet most of you can relate to the joy and excitement as well as the fears associated with living on your own for the first time. It meant independence. It meant freedom from curfews, and all those other t

Unsung Hero: My Heroes.
I have so many heroes. I don’t think I could just give it to one person. I have so many that have done so much for me. Like my parents they have raised me to the young lady I am today. I have learned so much from them. How to be the young lady I am today. They have been a shoulder for me to lean on. They have supported me through the decisions that I have made in my life. Maybe some of them haven’t been the greatest. But I have to learn some way or another. Even th

My unsung hero is probably my mom. She has always been there for me no matter what. We have not always got along but we have started getting along. She has struggled in her life time she was addicted to drugs for a long eight years. I had to stay with my grandparents while she figured out what to do. She finally got clean. She got baptized here recently and it was like a weight has been lifted off her shoulder and you could see it in her face.

She is super supportive she has came to

When i was homeless on the streets it very hard .But made through it in many ways.Such as there were churches and so where get clothes and food.We had choice be in shelter or not but i chose the camping in tent wanted my own freedom until could find housing.I prey everyday that made through cold nights and i did. We had buddy heaters that helped plus campfire worked .I did this twice in my life.But i sold both street papers help me surrive the days.This short version what it like. I just like s

To me an unsung hero is someone in your life that personally effects you as a hero, and is not recognized among everyone. My unsung hero would be my Mom. She is a hero to me because she is always there for me, she always does everything she can to make my life better, and she provides for all of my needs. I am very grateful to have the Mom I have. I believe she is unsung because not everyone gets to witness all of the great things she does.
I believe that everyone is some kind of hero once

As opposed to who, I reassess notions on the what. In my mind, I am a human. A human girl with all the characters of a feeling and emotion filled female.
I am an individual. I stand my own ground in society and I don't hold any nonsensical notions about my purpose. I am an independent being who can support myself if needed and will, on no account, rely on anyone other than myself. I've seen how well that worked out for me!
I am weak. I claim to have the strength of a steel worker but

“The Dark Ages”, or better known as sophomore year of college, due to the flea infested apartment I moved into, subsequent suing from our landlords, and arrest for underage drinking, all while I was nursing my shattered heart from a failed summer relationship. Despite the misfortunes, it was really my dark, negative energy that infested my outlook on life, jailed my optimism, and kept my heart jagged and jaded.

Finally, after wandering lamely in the darkness, desperately groping f

I saw an angel inside of the grocery store once. Milk, bread, cottage cheese, cookie dough, juice, cheese, and fruit were all that was on my list, and I was trying to stay within a strict budget. As I approached the checkout station, I rolled my cart into the closest line. When I glanced over at checkout station number 3, I noticed a little old lady who only had a few items in her basket and was proceeding to checkout. After my quick observation, I switched over into the other line. The little

When I think of random acts of kindness, two scenarios come to mind. Either there is a conscious effort made to do something kind, where one party does something intentionally to help another. Or someone does something which causes a positive outcome without intention. Regardless of intent, the outcome is ultimately all that matters. In this instance, I would like to talk about something that falls into the latter category.
Just last week, I traveled up to Cleveland, Ohio to v

It was a cold and dark winter eve in december. I was standing at the train station in St. Gallen.
When I was younger, I really, really loved chestnuts during Christmas time.
Before I went up to the stall and bought myself a package of the said chestnuts, I noticed a man walking around it.
He looked hungry and was really skinny. As I was only twelve years old, I was scared of him. He was asking the seller repeatedly "One to try". He had an indian accent, so I knew he was one of t

There are a number of cultural associations that have come to be associated with tattoos. Deservedly or undeservedly, people tend to make certain presumptions about tattoos and people with tattoos. This furthers and cements certain stereotypes that have become associated with body modifications.

Interestingly there have also been certain studies that have demonstrated certain links between tattooing and criminality. If you're considering tattoo removal for yourself or someone you kn

I've never seen her so stressed. Mum juggles cardboard boxes at home, frown lines magnified as she attempts to pack while feeding and entertaining three confused boys. Meanwhile, Dad, flown across the planet, sunbathes on the island of Oahu.
A few weeks before, on a silent evening nearing the end of June, I find Mum lying face down on our flowery brick patio, soaking up the last few drops of sunlight in the day. Her eyes are closed and she whispers to me that she's going to get married to

Giving money to strangers is a rarity for me. I prefer to donate to charities that I’ve screened so I know the money isn’t going for a nefarious purpose. So the night my friends and I decided to go shopping downtown, I never expected to part with a cent that wasn’t for a Christmas gift.

I saw him standing on the corner of a busy intersection. With a scraggly beard, dirty green coat, and even dirtier pants, he held up a cardboard sign that read “Homeless vet. God Bless. Merry Christm

I have been working at a popular restaurant as a server. Oftentimes, I patiently wait on the elderly. I help them with the door, choosing their food choices, and helping them with their trays to the dining tables. It is a very rewarding job with some really good management. Even though I have not worked there long, I feel like part of the family. There are folks in management, cashiers, dishwashers, servers, and cooks. Knowing that I made someone's day by providing them a comfortable expe

It was about, 1:30 PM, and we were on our way to our local Twin Donut to grab some lunch. I was with a couple of close friends. As we were driving there, We figured we could stop at the library park since it was on our way. We pulled into the lot, and sitting on the benches were 3 homeless men.We approached them quickly and started to begin a conversation. One of them, we found out was mute and didn't speak, the other was just a teenager, he did most of the talking and the very last one was an

Random acts of kindness could include telling someone their shoe is untied, complementing someone on their appearance, or ever saying hello to someone. My random act of kindness would probably just be complementing someone on their appearance. I love giving and receiving complements if I tell someone “you look very nice today” I feel like it gives them a confidence boost. Makes them feel good about their selves. I know when I receive one I feel like I can do anything that day or all the time. <

On October the 31, 1995, I was basically told, trick or treat, you have multiple sclerosis by my neurologist. Obviously brain twisted, my future was flashing before my eyes as I drove home, alone. Immediately, I began building a handicapped ramp and studying the disease. I didn't want to live not knowing when my skin would fall off the frame. I can handle the results if I'm prepared, I thought. I was preparing for the worst case scenario while living just ahead of a partial hysterectomy an

“Riiiiing!!!!!” the dismissal bell cries out. I go to the back door of the school to wait for my sister for five minutes. After she got there, we started to walk, but as we walked, people started saying “hi” and “bye” to the teacher. Twenty minutes later, we were more than half way from our house, until suddenly my sister looks at me and said, “Look Oscar, that blind man is trying to cross the street vroom!!!!” Cars were passing us like racing cars, and I looked back to my sister and asked, “Sh

just because go with it and it will all work out


If resolved to treat your handbag designing hobby as a source of stable financial income, now is the time for you to start running your own company. Of course, starting a business from the rock bottom is difficult. Yet, with the smart approach and the right set of designing skills, your purse designing company will stand a chance for success. As your first step, decide how you want to run a business: is there going to be a website or a catalogue? Do you want to draw bag designs and manufacture

I work in fast-food. A large majority of the time, people are rude and angry, for really no reason. This is one of the reasons why I hate my job most of the time. However, since it’s around Christmas time, we’re getting business from different kinds of people. For the past five times that I’ve been at work, people have come through our drive thru, and paid for the person behind them, no matter how large the order is or how expensive. About a week ago, a very nice and very generous lady paid for

I have been looking for a job for the past 5 months with no luck.

My family and I usually go down to TJ to the orphanages to donate food, clothes or toys to the children in need. We usually take gently worn or new clothes. Other times when we go we take food to feed the children. Finally sometimes we take toys. We usually take toys that my brother and I don't use anymore. We give them like toy cars, bouncy balls, basketballs, and frisbees. This one random act of kindeness that my family does when we go down to TJ.

Kindness can be found all around you, living in every nook and cranny of your community. But what makes a random act of kindness so different from just plain old kindness? Random acts of kindness are a bit more special, because most of the time, you’re doing something kind for someone you don’t know. Most people commit random acts of kindness without expecting any personal gain or reciprocation. This being said, there are two sides to these acts of kindness: the giver and the receiver. I have d

December is a cold month. It's also Christmas time. It was the nicest day that I had ever seen. Snow fell down and made a big white blanket covering the ground. The chimneys from many houses had smoke billowing like someone was smoking. Many people entertained themselves by shopping, decorating, and enjoying the happiest holiday of the year with family and friend.
"Ding...dong...ding...dong...", it was the sound of the bell that hung on top of my house's door. I came to the door and

As I cowered on the pavement tangled up in my bike, covered in blood, sand, and grease, I remembered learning about the “bystander effect” in social psychology courses in college a few years back. I was shaking, still in shock after having hit a patch of sand on the bike trail in Venice Beach and sliding across the sidewalk; my leg was throbbing. It felt like it had been scraped with sandpaper and I could see the underlayers of my beet-red skin exposed and raw. I was crying. I couldn’t help it.

Remember the time when we were kids? We had some weird ideas of what we wanted to do with our lives, didn’t we? Grownups seem to always ask you ‘what will you be when you grow up?’ and I always answered with ‘a cab driver!’ much to the amusement of my parents and the grownups who posed the question to begin with. It always seemed like a cool job to have, but then I grew up a little, and realized driving around the city all day everyday night might not be as fun as I thought it was when I was yo

It seemed like life had fallen into pieces perfectly.
I loved him, he loved me. Or so I thought.
I shifted to an entirely different country for him. I lived with his family, negating all personal conflicting thoughts on how I wanted otherwise. That had been the biggest sacrifice for me. I reckon they all expected more.
Like any medieval family from my society, the mother kept a vigilant glance on every move I made, every smile I smiled, and she hung on every word I spoke. I was

Delicious Noodles! I remember them so well. Back in November of 2011, my sister and I went with a friend to Singapore for a friend's wedding. Of course, the wedding was gorgeous, the couple looked so happy, and the food was delicious, but those aren’t the delicious noodles I was talking about.

We stayed at a hotel which is right off the train line. The hotel itself was about 14 stories high and the train station was pretty much right under the hotel. You take the escalator up from t

As I begin my holiday celebrations, I am brought back to my past and the wonderful moments of my grandmother’s kitchen. Granny has been gone for about six years now and I miss having dinner with her for the holidays and her homemade macaroni and cheese. Pasta mixed with milk and cheese help to create a very delectable dish. The mixture helps to enhance my need for cheese, while calming my hunger. Over the years, I have adjusted my recipe many times while stealing various ideas from friends,

“Food tastes better when you eat it with family”-Anonymous. Food has the great power of bringing people together. Many people enjoy sitting around the table talking with their family. Food has often played an important role in my family with many immense chefs. Everyday of the week except for Fridays my parents cook a meal that we all sit down together to eat. However when the thoughts of food occur I often think about my grandparents during breakfast time at their house. This narrative

I just wrote a book 3AM Conversations with God centering on prayer and how and where I learned to pray. I learned to pray at the dinner table. I learned to say grace before every meal and I still do this today. Prayer and food go hand in hand. I am always thankful for the food that is put before me, whether in a fast food restaurant or a meal that is prepared in a restaurant or at home. Sometimes it’s by rote that I say grace, and then there are those times when I am consciously aware of

My hero is my sister, laurel, because she loves me and she bees nice to me she is a wonder sister my other hero is my mom because she feeds me and she is a wonderful women she takes care of me and puts a roof over my head. My other hero is my dad because he takes care of me also and just because he is a great guy. my other hero is my brother Dillon because because he loves me but sometimes hes mean. my other hero is my sister Kristen because she nice and some times she can be a brat. and my ot

When I think of today's Thanksgiving day, I think I have had the best Thanksgiving I have had in a really long time. Most of my Thanksgiving dinners of times past I have spent alone or with one other person. When I think of the idea of Thanksgiving, I think of family and friends getting together with a feast celebration. Not just one or two people getting together, but a group surrounding the Thanksgiving Day feast table. That has not been the case for me until today. I went for Thank

We hadn't yet played our competitive match in football as I sat on the branch made floor, awaiting lunch. After hacking through the jungle, wading across a sizeable river, and climbing up a steep embankment, I found myself among the Bribri, an indigenous tribal people living in modern day Costa Rica.

Our group of outsiders, consisting primarily of sixteen and seventeen year old high school students, had unexpectedly, in our naive eyes at least, been heightened to a position of g

As I review my day of Halloween, I see how irritable I was. I was full of self-pity. I had moved to a different town in a different state. I am single and living in an apartment by myself thinking about how I need to get a new job. While in my apartment alone for only a few minutes, I allowed myself to drift into morbid reflection. Seems ludicrous considering the fact that I was always wishing for alone time. I allowed myself to get sad. I thought of the seemingly trite coping skills I h

In an italian household, sundays are the most important night of the week. This is when mass amounts of food is made and family spends a whole day together eating and enjoying eachothers company.
In my house, spending time with my parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins & grandparents (yes, i have a large family if you couldnt tell) is a tradition to do almost every sunday night. The men are cuddled on the couch watching football while the women are in the kitchen gossiping over the lat

It was always parked in between the Komodo dragons and the sea lions—the old-fashioned white buggy with giant spoked wheels and red chipped lettering. The ornately adorned horse would stomp and kick at the asphalt and buck up his giant head in the speckled sunlight beneath the Spanish moss and Oak tree canopy.

My mom would hand me a quarter, and I would run up to the buggy which towered so far above me that the candy man inside would have to stick his head out of the window and look

The cooking competition in my family all started when my mom found out I loved my grandma’s pancakes. Every time she made pancakes, she would ask me, “Do these taste like Grandma’s pancakes?” But my mom’s pancakes just weren’t the same as Grandma’s for some reason. They weren’t bad, I just loved the way Grandma made them. Throughout the years since the pancake competition began, my brother and I have developed different names that label foods as to who made them the best – Grandma pancakes, Gra

I was young. Innocent. Unknowing. Small. And Weak. And most of all emotionally and sexually abused. I didn't know what sexual abuse was until I was 11 years old. It all happened when I was 4 years old, and I was sitting on my great uncle's lap, not knowing that he was getting ready to abuse me. When it all happened, I was confused. I'm 16 years old now, and I am helping kids and children who've faced sexual abuse. My great uncle never was put in jail, and when he passed away, I was so mad that,

I have been living on my own since I was about 24. Living on my own has dramatically added a lot of stress that I normally cannot handle. I have three sons who needs some if not all of my attention. There is no father in the home, and I find myself playing the roles of both the mother and the father on a daily basis. It is very hard living on your own especially if children are involved. I rely on God, and the help from my mother and my sister to get me through the most difficult days. Though b

A small travel story about My Trip to Nohkalikai Falls.

Nohkalikai Falls is the tallest waterfall in India and is at a height of around 1100 feet. This is a fall that is located near the wettest place in the planet, Cherrapunji. This is also the fourth largest waterfall in the entire world and has the rainwater feeding it. In the months of December and Februray it decreases in the

Sparky was my closest friend; a curious companion who thought the world was meant for sniffing and hygienically questionable bathroom sites. For five years, we grew up together and nuzzled into each other’s hearts, a warm blanket of love and fur. But, like so many good things, it could not last forever. That’s why it was so hard for me to let him go.
Sparky was dragged down to a place I could not physically follow - yet as he fell, I fell with him. So strong was our bond that in my grief

Grace. It's something that's given to us on a daily basis, yet often times we take it for granted. There is a bible verse that says, "For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God." Eph. 2:8
Well, some weeks ago I was reminded of how much we receive Gods gift of grace. Imagine my surprise when I found out on an ordinary Tuesday morning (around 6 or 7 a.m. to be exact) that I would undergo emergency open heart surgery. Just t

Let's Give This A Shot

In the summer of 2012 almost a year after my separation, my divorce was final. And I thought I was ready to start dating. I had an 11 year old and a 4 year old and worked full time but I thought, why not? People do this all the time, right? I can do this. How hard can it be? Who doesn't love short, freckled, sarcastic chicks? Exactly.

So over two years later, here I am...single. Since my first date, I've been telling my people various stories about

My heart is an open mind were my invisible wounds for ever will remain there is no way that I could ever forget them. The most important is that you can learn from these unforgettable scars. When I think really hard I can remember my worst scar. It was a long time ago like about when I was 5 years old, just so you know it was horrible. One day like at about 10 am I and my family were arriving at Dallas for the first time in my life. It was also going to be the first time I went to visit my uncl

I remember the day like if it was yesterday. How you gathered everyone in the living room, how you held me while I cried my heart out. How can a daughter just stand there and watch her mother fade away due to breast cancer. I tried yo be strong and act like everything was okay, but in reality it was terrifying. I wasn’t mature enough or independent, but I had to learn how to do things on my own through out four months that you left. The fact that dad tried his hardest to make us feel comfortabl

Athletics have never really been my thing. My father loved sports though and signed me up for every sport our town offered. Depending on the season, weekends were spent at soccer matches, basketball tournaments, or softball games. I participated dutifully, even though I found it difficult to get the ball in the basket, in my glove, or even just kick it with my foot as it sped past.

As I grew up, my lack of enthusiasm for team sports became apparent, not to mention the increasing

Some days it makes me angry. Other days I make jokes at my own expense to relieve the uneasy looks from friends and strangers. In the morning, when I first awaken, I can see it: half of the room, half of the bed, all of the darkness.

The car accident happened on a dark, cold night in January. Ice covered the roads in patches called black ice. It is called black ice because it cannot be seen, but can be felt if your car tire hits it. Mine did. I hit another car head-on. My th

Evil exists simply because God planned this as part of His marvelous creation. Without evil we wouldn't even be here. Even me. I won't be here right now typing this essay open-minded. That explains how evil has already taken part of our nature. If evil never existed well then we should be living our lives heavenly —without pain, sorrow, grief... But that won't be the reality.

We all know there is darkness somewhere. It may only be inherited in 2 ways, inside us or around us. Our devi

At the age of 11 I sat before a mirror for two hours repeatedly saying the word “ugly” until I knew I convinced myself I was.
Now being a freshman in high school you would think I would forget about such an insignificant act, but I cant. Its quite the opposite in fact. If a persons eyes drift over my childish face for a second too long, I wish to cry. I can not present a project with confidence or meet someone new without my face steadily metamorphosizing into a glowing red. I atte

Language... Religions have told it is a gift given to humanity by the gods/God.
It is an interesting thing, language is. I imagine at first words were made for concrete things, for animals and plants. Now words have, in my opinion, consumed the minds of mankind and lost us into a labyrinth of our own creation. We have made words for the things we don't have words for: "Ineffable" being a perfect example. We think only in words. Thoughts are threads of language woven together. Logic and re

It happened near the nonfiction stacks on the library’s second floor. I noticed her dawdling in my direction, casual, peeking through the aisles for an answer she didn’t seem too intent on finding. Her backpack straps stretched her blue blouse firm under the weight of what I imagined were books. I took her for a college student, likely a few years my junior. Our eyes met and she smiled, holding her gaze longer than the token greeting. She was cute. But I didn’t think much of it.


There are days (moments even) where I sit and zone out. The world around me becomes a swirling circus of noise. Chaotic? No, just the blurring of the ongoing life around me. From the swirls, everyone and everything becomes quiet. The bobbing thoughts in my brain take hold and create visions of where I want to be. Where do I want to be? I want to be in the solace of my studio theatre. The quietness of the orange walls in my office. The squeaking of the door alarming of a new arrival. T

I remember when I was young, I did not want to go to kindergarten, but I'm afraid that's my grandmother, she was very strict so I can not tell her because I know that no matter how I said that she would let me go to kindergarten, It can be said there is no reason to stop me go to kindergarten. She was always very strict on me, no matter what I have to do the best that I have a dislike for her psychological, I think she does not like me.
That day, more than ever, I do not want to g

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