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Questions and Stories about Living On Your Own

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Listed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that singles have shared on  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for singles. Topics of these blog posts by singles range from dating, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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Read Living On Your Own Questions and Stories

It will be there for a while I am waiting to head for Venice and Rome , feelings truly conformed a romantic relationship between me, Italy and it's tradition.
As I was just about thirteen years old reading Dumas ' one of the high appreciated novels, Ascanio at high school, it came out a while of appreciation , I found the book a perfect example of reputation for the Italian art, history, recognition of tradition led to the profound contribution of the nation and it's donate to the worl

I am a nervous person. I worry about car crashes and spiders and guns and death and the weird way my voice sounds when I talk on the phone.

Some of my fears are unavoidable: after all, I can't control how many spiders take up residence in the garden where I also like to sit. And some of my fears are totally avoidable: I may balk at the thought of skydiving, but luckily, no one has yet tried to push me out of a plane.

However, for all of my worries (founded or not), I have

Everybody have different ideas and view for there happiness. Even do I. My secret of happiness lies in inner peace. Lemme tell you a story which showed me my actual happiness. It was my grandfather's death anniversary and like every year we were getting ready to go out for donation of fruits to necessary and needy people. But just when we all were thinking about which place to go that year a thought strikes to my dad's mind of why not going to old age house this year for charity. Hearing this w

I am annoyed that on several occasions my boyfriend has expected me to sit in the backseat so one of his daughters can sit in the front seat of the car.

The Secret of Happiness: A Life with Many Loved Ones
Happiness comes from many different things from many different people. In my life and from what I have experienced, the secret to happiness is a life filled with many loved ones. My family has been through some really hard times in the past year but with the love and support of each other, we always make it.
My family is the most important thing to me, above school and even athletics. In my life, my family has alwa

It’s not easy playing a part that you’re not. Everyone in their life pretends to be something their not. This causes confusion about who you really are. One day you will break down and tell everyone. There is an amazing story to go with this.

I grew up into a family where you were taught being homosexual was not appropriate. This made me stray away from it. When I was about 10, I started to become interested in males and less in females. I was always taught that this was wrong,

Most people try to find happiness in success, relationships, or money. No matter how successful a person gets in life, money or possessions can't give a person genuine happiness or a sense of fulfillment. The key to happiness is enjoying the moment you're in, and not waiting for work to be over or the week to be done. Look for the gifts God gives us everyday, like the beautiful sunrise every morning or the birds' songs they sing. You then have a humble look on life and enjoy the simple things i

Most people try to find happiness in success, relationships, or money. No matter how successful a person gets in life, money or possessions can't give a person genuine happiness or fulfillment. The key to happiness is enjoying the moment you're in, and not waiting for work to be over or the week to be done. Look for the gifts God gives us everyday, like the beautiful sunrise every morning or the birds' songs they sing. You then have a humble look on life and enjoy the simple things in every day

Most people go through their entire lives living through or for other people. What's the point of living if you're not really doing it for the person that supposed to matter the most to you? Truthfully this was literally myself until earlier this year. My entire life I've lived for other people and I've had to mold myself into something acceptable that society would like. For example,I was picked on and ridiculed alot in school. Day in and day out every year. It happened daily from the same ki

At some points in my life, I felt like I did not want to do anything but lying lazily on my bed, covering myself with the warmth of the furry blanket, staring at either the ceiling or the clock, counting the minutes, and then asking myself, "What the hell am I doing? Why don't I get up and complete what should be completed?" For a while, all of my motivation and energy was gone unexpectedly for no reasons. The same is happening to me at this time. I have a video to complete, a presentation to p

When I was in sixth grade, I liked a boy named Sam, and I believe these romantic feelings were reciprocated.

At our first middle school dance, Sam came up to me and asked me to dance.

Although my head and heart wanted to say yes, I said no.

I went home that night pretty upset—upset at myself for saying no, upset at my shyness, my fear having nothing to say, scared of what yes would imply, what the future would hold. I was uncertain, and because of that I did no

Second Chances: Lead to regret
“Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time” (Anonymous). You never know what is going to happen if you give someone a second chance.
Before you do, think about it first. Think about what’s going to happen if you do. Think about how long it will take you to forgive him or her, too. Most of all, think about if the person is really worth the second chance.
I wish I

Although I am appreciative towards those who had granted me a second chance during a time where I had unintentionally made a mistake and I have done the same towards several others by forgiving them, in certain situations, however, such as one intentionally hurting me or others, one not admitting to their mistakes and if the individual continues to make the same mistakes then I tend to not give them a second chance.
Firstly, when some conduct action or behaviors to purposefully cause harm

Second Chances: Lead to regret
“Sometimes giving someone a second chance is like giving them an extra bullet for their gun because they missed you the first time” (Anonymous). You never know what is going to happen if you give someone a second chance.
Before you do, think about it first. Think about what’s going to happen if you do. Think about how long it will take you to forgive him or her, too. Most of all, think about if the person is really worth the second chance.
I wish I

A pint of spirit will change demeanor, bring confidence in diffident, shy bird and aid to perform that anyone is endeavouring and longing from ages, all these facts appeared worthy and plausible on the day ,a pint actually helped me to bale out.
Let me explain this bale out, before i create any disappointments.It is nothing as exciting as Salman Khan's bail or Amma's bail , it is me bailing out from an aircraft,skydiving most of people would like to say it.
The idea of dropping myse

My ex an I have been divorced for less than a year. To say our marriage was horrible would be an understatement... My aunt was aware of this fact. I was extremely close to my grandfather and wanted this chance to relax an share stories with my extended family. My ex wife has stayed close to my aunt bonded by their common hatred of my mother who my aunt did not invite. My ex wife has refused to come to any of my side of the families function for over 6 years so she hasn't seen my grandfathe

I Hit the snooze button, a bit irritated by the sudden interruption. Just five more minutes,I told myself. Then it hit Me, The kids.I shouted as loud as I could, and then reached to the right side of my bed to shake my husband,so he wouldn't be late for work. The empty responses from my noisy children was a sure sign I was being ignored. Just as I was growing suspicious OF my husband absence,there was that annoying sound again. Only this time I didn't have five minutes. So I recall hopping out

So one of my relatives has this "boyfriend." Who she loves so much! But..he's psycho. He's lived half his life in prison and once he was free, he continued where he started before prison. Everything seems okay but it's not. My relative is in an abusive relationship, physically and mentally. I'm scared for her because she chooses not to see it. I finally stood up for her.. against him. But he knows where I live and said he was coming after me. Did I do the right thing?

Life is the most beautiful gift i have received so far. I know i am not perfect neither i will ever be but i will never give up being better than yesterday. Every life is hard but it does not mean we have to be hard. Life can be hard but we have ti try our best to make it simple. Everyday when i open my eyes, i feel grateful because i have been given one more day to live and to serve whoever i come across.
I am on my own. I have no one to support me for my living, thank god i don't have to

When life gives you a dream so far beyond your expectations.It is not reasonable to cry when it comes to an end.

I lived the life of a millionaire with money floating around me. I had friends or I at least thought I did.The thing is I was not the most loved person in my community everyone thought I was a spoiled kid (I was rich not spoiled).

People never wanted me around their children, They never realized I was lonely.My parents never had other children after me they lef

second chance is an opportunity to prove yourself. it is like a precious thing you have lost and getting it back again, but getting it back depends upon you whether you want it or losing it again by lethargic attitude or ill feeling.
it is a magic happening in life but not always.actually, i dont believe in all these things but circumstances made me believe and realise what it is.
even i got the chance once. Me and my friend were close friends. one day as myself and my friend was st

Moving house with all your possessions, furniture items and big heavy boxes is quite a journey, so the key for a better and smoother relocation is in the preparation. You should take your free time to organize everything in advance and should have plenty of time to supervise all that is going on throughout the moving day. It is recommended to compile a moving checklist, which should be similar and yet different from the inventory sheet. It comes to a checklist like a schedule with tasks and gui

In every action we do, it always has the effects to ourselves and even in our society. We make changes; we accept the changes. It is a give-and-take process that has the results for ours, too. It can be good in nature or evil by choice. It is upon us if we are going to be the pioneer of the good or the evil in our society.
As part of the life of every individual in this world, even adults or young ones, changes are inevitable and feasible. These may go into physical, mental, social, spiri

If you’ve gone out to work before your child could actually walk, you will understand me. After year and a half being on maternity leave I decided to find a job. That wasn’t my desire to break out of a rut but rather necessity dictated by financial obstacles and costly childcare. But, in all fairness, I did want some change in my life that would throw me out of caravan of drab days full of household chores and babysitting.
When I finally found a job, it seemed just what I needed. I made go

Do you believe in life after death?

Be the change... This three word phrase is such a big and heavy word to process uttered by my boss. I am currently working in a government school here in the Philippines. I am a newbie here. I am not familiar with the system yet.
As days, weeks and months pass by, I am starting to see the real picture of the field I've chosen to serve. There are so many loopholes, flaws and imperfections that really demotivates me to become a better teacher.
There were teachers who are senior alread

For society is always paving the way for science, finance etc. with the motive of 'betterment,' fooling all discerning into investing everything into them. These discerning aristocrats then further reward the multitude who are not as gulible to invest in the name of supposed betterment; with money. This is a further motive for even the thin remainder of thinkers and rationalists to invest their heart and soul into science, finance etc. A wise man once said, 'If everything in the world dies th

Doing something in which we are not interested is like forcing a lion to transform into herbivorous animal. People often end up with either of two possibilities, one is to enjoy life by living it as per our own wishes and second thing to suppress our wishes and acts as per demands of situation. Both situation ultimately give personal,social and monetary satisfaction but the one who lives his life as he/she wants,steals the show.

It all started in school when dancing aspec

We can change ourselves because we are always changing without even realizing it.

This Christmas our gift to our adult kids and their families was an overnight stay to an indoor water park. We have three sons and a nephew who Lost both of his parents. One son is married - it's his second marriage now of 5 plus years. Another son lives with a women who befriended the other son's ex wife after his divorce and after developing and moving in with my other son (I hope this makes since - as it's difficult to follow). This, of course, created hurt feelings on several levels. We d

It was a Friday night and I got a call from my friend. As usual I thought, she must have called me to discuss college gossip or about the get together that we had been planning. I was taken aback, when I got to know that she had called me for a social cause. Since Christmas was approaching and she being a member of an NGO, wanted me to volunteer as well. I immediately said yes and was pretty excited about the whole volunteering affair as it was my first time. Everyone is excited about their fir

Last month ago my aunt was rushed to emergency room and suffered of hemorrhagic stroke. She was of kind of stubborn and refused to be treated before she had this. Being stubborn runs in my mother's family side apparently. I suggested to all that she needed to be transported in ambulance and not in our car because I believe she wouldn't make it because I saw few symptoms that cannot be ignored and waited out. If I didn't still push to call the ambulance she wouldn't make because in the ambulance

Today, it’s Mother’s Day. The day where mothers of the world get recognized for all they do for their children. Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.

She has helped me become an adult. Ever since I started college, I've felt lost and scared. But my mom was always there for support. I always go all out for my mom on Mother’s Day. Chocolates, flowers, perfume, everything my mom loved, she got. I actually spoiled her more on Mother’s Day than her birthday. I feel like he

Growing up I had a great child hood. I had to older brothers they born 1974-1979. I always was close to them both and I have a sister a year apart we all biological kids. By both parents. I remember having a nice grandmother who born 1921. She is the older image of me. I remember my high school graduation in 2009. My mom always told me I am beautiful inside and out I told her I feel ugly and cheated out of education. She told me I am not ugly. Now It's 2015 I no longer have my mother she died i

It is nice to believe that changing is easy and that everyone has the ability to do it. But that would be over optimistic. Not impossible, mind you, just optimistic. People are, first and foremost, stubborn. They don’t want to change because they’re afraid or someone is pushing it or they don’t want to be considered a lesser person. On the other hand, some people change far too easily. Child stars, for example, tend to believe that they need to shatter their old “wholesome” image by becomin

Looking forward into the future I am going to change the world very significantly. First to do that though, I will have to start with myself. I have really got to step it up and get to work. What I need to do is really straight forward. I got to just stay in school and focus on nothing else besides my grades. I mean the sooner that I can get to college and get the degree for the counseling field is when change would start to happen. I would start with one person and move to the next. When I am

How often do you find yourself checking your phone before you get up from bed or missing out the breakfast just because you need to get to work timely? Do your days look like a non-stop marathon and until the evening you feel absolutely exhausted? If so, then probably you need to use natural grounding practice to avoid imbalance during the day.

You can fall into the trap of busyness, just when you spend all days

If you feel like your life is stagnating and getting boring and predictable, it may be a good time to do something about it. Sometimes you can feel like you are in a rut, because you do the same things and go to the same places every day. Maybe you also encounter the same people in your life all the time. You will find a great deal of benefits once you decide to meet new people, and here is why.

Fresh New Ideas - one of the best ways to clear your thinking is to include others in th

It’s often hard to find the right words to say or things to do when your loved one is in the middle of grieving. You may be afraid of making the person feel worse with inappropriate words or actions, or perhaps you think that there is little you can do to make things better.

It’s easy to feel lost about how to help a grieving person. Nevertheless, while you can’t take all pain of loss away, you can give much-needed support and comfort. There are many different ways to help a friend i

If I won the lottery today, I would first off thank the gods of economic weather, for the blowing the winds of 102 Kenya shillings selling for one dollar our way. Exchange rates can be a hellhole, but in my case it would be pure heavenly bliss, perfect timing. I digress.

I would find my way to the best mobile phone store I know and get me a nice smartphone, you know, the type that can actually respond to a selfie stick aux cord. For as long as I can remember, I have had a phone that

Once upon a time… Probably the most famous introduction of any story ever published. But what if a certain fairy tale would suddenly happen to you? Nowadays the overwhelming majority of us is utterly convinced that there are no such things as trolls, wizards and Cinderellas, but does that really mean all magical miracles have vanished from our world?

Not the way I see it!

Still, there remains one essential difference between Cinderella and you winning the lottery (includin

Inessa Buniatyan

Winning the Lottery: Wise Spending

When a large amount of money gets put into someones hands they tend to spend it on things that are not going to benefit them in the future. If I was lucky enough to win the lottery I would spend my money wisely. I wouldn't spend it only on myself because not a lot of people get the opportunity to win something as big as that these days. My friends mother passed aw

It was a warm and sunny Sunday Morning no better weather could I have asked for after a long and stressful week. All I could have asked for that day was to enjoy the rest of the day in peace and silence without any distractions from school or work. Ahhh and I did enjoy it. For the first five minutes. If it wasn’t one thing it was another. And then my phone rang, “Janice! Janice! New lottery tickets are out and the prize is better than any ever offered, you have to buy a ticket as soon as you

My favorite book is Wonder by: R.J. Palacio. It has a lot of pages it all starts with August and ends with Miranda I think I'm not sure you have to read to find out. I would recommend this to a friend because they would enjoy it. I would recommend R.J. Palacio to make a book called Wonder 2 and so on because I enjoyed. I wish I met her in person.

Once upon a time i would see leaves falling down from trees and the sun shinning where ever the people go and they would have a shadow following them to watch over you when you are walking outside in few weeks thanksgiving will be coming and the kids are getting excited to have there dinner with family and friends and talk for a while about what they are thankful for. if i had to say about what i was thankful for i would say being with my family and my voice because i love to sing. What are tha

It has been a rough few months for me. I had a personal issue but doing better. There's many people that you meet along the way in life. Some leave a lasting impression. I had energy issues, always felt tired. My own personal doctor of 18 years, tells me "it's all in your head." What doc? No way. So my good close friend went through a virtual program that changed his life, I did the same and it changed my life. So kudos to Dr. Kim Crawford, I owe you so much. I can't begin to thank you enough f

I catch an early morning bus to work from Arlington VA into D.C. each weekday. Generally, I see the same faces riding every morning, each of us zombies of the morning rituals and habits that funnel us to the same vehicle, at the same time, day after day. We read papers, chit-chat with other riders, take quick naps, or pretend to take quick naps so as not to have to chit-chat with other riders. Primarily the same people, same seats, every day.

One morning, however, in the seat usuall

Let's imagine our life with out environment.environment is the natural world,it's surrounding in a person,Animal or plant,IF we protect out environment we Can breath clean air Even our Little pet's Can survive,why we do not wary about our environment?
By removing trees,by air pollution and not caring,we Are destroying our environment,IF we keep this up,there Will be no Animals,plants,humans, no one want to die in this world so we shall keep our environment clean up!

The wind is blowing
The sun is shinning
The leaves are falling down
From the trees
Changing different colors
Going on to the ground
Looking all around
Getting colder
Day by day
Its October
Going to be Halloween soon
Everybody is getting ready
Carving Pumpkins
Making faces
The night before
To light them up
On Halloween
It's almost there
Everybody is excited
Waiting until it is dark
Wearing co

Most students know that feeling: even if you are ready for the test completely, you sit down to take it and feel butterflies in your stomach. Your thoughts become messy. You take a pen in your head, and your mind seems to be completely blank.
Everyone becomes anxious before a test. Some anxiety helps to focus, but too much of it results in poor outcomes. If you think that you may have

As we go about our daily lives it is hard not to take advantage of everything that we have around us that keeps us safe from our environment: Shoes to protect our feet from rocks, ice, and biting insects, clothes to keep us warm and dry, vehicles to travel in speed and at whatever temperature we want on the inside. Even our buildings are provided to keep us as comfortable as possible. Our own ideas, inventions, struggles, and growing civilizations have, without our entire realization but not

Our Founding Fathers determined that Freedom of Speech would be the first and most important right. I believe there’s a good reason for this. Free speech leads to free and open thoughts and ideas and that has the power to change life for the better. If we go as far back as Socrates we know that he was forced into suicide by the government because of those powerful thoughts. His teachings are some of the most profound of the Western world and we are still adhering to his philosophical princi

Walking around the halls
Seeing the drawings on the walls
While we are looking all around
Finding each other
To see everyone
At school
Trying to read their minds
To see if we are better together
Walking to class to class
Doing work everyday
Trying to keep your grades up
From time to time
Trying to figure out
If i should listen everyday
And be respectful
To see if we are better together
How many years you got left

Teen stress is one of the huge major problems all over the schools. Teen stress cause illness and pain people can even die from it. Teen stress does not suit any teen that suffers with teen stress. The stress comes about when teens feel they can don't do this to that. Most teens that have stress are often are not confident.It also appear when they get difficult work. Health can be related to teen stress because, many teens end up having heart attacks . This is my summary of what I think Teen s

I will start this essay in just a moment. Let me take my library lanyard off first. Wait, I am wearing a t-shirt from my internship last summer so I better change. My bag is from Kroger, but I got it for free- I’m not showing support of Kroger. And my socks, they are Nike brand but I promise, I never worked there in my life. They do have the logo on them, so I better ditch them just in case. These are not endorsements. I repeat: these are not endorsements.

Did I mention that these v

When I hear “budget traveling”, the first thing that comes to my mind is Bulgaria. Indeed, holidays in Bulgaria costs quite expensive, and the quality of rest on such popular resorts with well-developed tourist infrastructure, as Golden Sands and Sunny Beach, is quite high.

Let's take a closer look at the benefits of relaxation in Golden Sands in Bulgaria:

Mr. G was my Philosophy teacher back in the day. Since the subject was my minor, I never attended lectures, focusing on scoring credits at seminars without wasting time on theoretical lessons in the area I never gave a donkey's about.

What did I do instead of Philosophy lectures? Well, most often I enjoyed my late breakfast since I had no time to eat before going to studies

After making the best travel time driving from NY,
we decided against staying a nite at Flagler
Beach to going directly to Disney. I call Disney to
see if I can add a night. We had booked preferred
at Pop Century and I didn't want to have to move
in the morning. No problem but at Rack rate.
Finally finding a parking spot. We wait in line
forever then dilly dally around the resort (our first
time there) and around 11 pm or so head to our
room with lug

Vacations are always awesome; the thrill of going to somewhere where you may have never been and may never return. The excitement you receive when there are merely hours before the day of that special time begins. But as everyone knows, nothing beats a good family vacay. Having the family all together at a time, with no distractions like a phone call from work, or a power point that just needs a 'little' extra time on can get in the way. These were all the brilliant fantasies I had brewing insi

We are only one species on this planet who is to say we have the right to destroy our only home when we destroy each other. Why must we pay to live? It should be zero cost to live. Government and men at power are selfish and greedy and keep us slaves all the while we destroy each other over religion and racism. Wake up world.

What can be more romantic and thrilling than the first date! Easy chat, unspeakable pleasure and butterflies in your stomach. Is it always like this? Well, not really. For many young people, the first date is like taking an exam. Your palms are sweating, and you go weak at the knees. And it is not for nothing: stern statistics shows that only 25 out of 100 dates have legs. Are there any ru

It is assured that any person currently living in the 21st century has heard the name Winston Churchill. Churchill was the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, as well as a conscientious politician, and intellectual man. He once stated, “All men make mistakes, but only wise men learn from their mistakes.” It is apparent in our world today, that a large percentage of the population is constantly wishing to have a ‘do-over’ in attempt to fix their empty, mundane lives. In reality, it is the mis

when I get out of high school I will get a boyfriend when I go to mizzou college. if I get rejected from mizzou college, I will work at a pet store and work with animals like dogs, birds, cats, bunnies, lizards, snakes and more. if that doesnt work i will start my own store called "U shop U sell" and people will sell their toys and stuff and they can buy stuff too. when its been 4 or 5 years i wil retire from the store and get one of my employes the store.

The world is full of one-of-a-kind places, which can astonish even the experienced travelers. Here are some corners in the universe you are sure to see at least once in a lifetime.

• Chocolate Hills in Philippines
The Chocolate Hills, or Tsokolateng burol in their native language, are located on the island Bohol, the Bohol Province, Philippines. They are called so because of very close resemblance to the world-loved chocolate truffles – both in form and color. 1.770 “swee

This theme is rather difficult for me because writing and blogging have changed my life significantly, so I don’t even know where to begin. To write this post, I went to my own blog to the very first post I wrote a long time ago (if you are wondering, it was on September 7, 2008). An interesting thing is that I realized that my style and voice have not changed much since then. But, oh my, so many ot

A lot of people love dogs. Known as a close companion and best friend to man, many of these animals are taken in as household pets. There are many breeds of dog that exist today. Some are more desired and in high demand than others. Blue pitbulls, which may be called blue nose pits, are of interest to some dog lovers. Some consider them to be intimidating, which is common when discussing pitbulls. There are plenty of blue pitbull breeders. People s

We women tend to hate on each other. We criticize, judge, and insult other women mainly due to jealousy or our own insecurities. But have you ever noticed that men don’t do this? You don’t hear men calling each other names, such as bitch, whore, slut, ugly, fat, etc. Why can’t we be supportive and positive when amongst our own gender? Why do we behave in this detrimental way? If you ask me, it’s because we’re sipping on some haterade.

According to Urban Dictionary, haterade is:

Living thousands of kilometres away from your only loved one in a big bad city can be tricky. Skype can help you see your Mom's face on your phone no matter how distorted. Hangouts can give a better quality on phone but sometimes just few diagonal lines. But for these fifty year olds getting a hang of the app world, you see how their world crashes down when they can't have whatsapp!

A year younger than my Mom, my land lady's caretaker, Aladin's Ginee, has been asking me, 'Tanu! who's

Alright. So, here begins the story. A single mother with an only daughter to live at the other extreme end of the country, the east to west gap, the network issues and a constant need to be with each other and yet deal with the hypocrisy of the 21st century, life has its own beautiful twists and turns.

If your mom is thirty years older than you, brought up in an orthodox set up, you don't even need to blink before you conclude she won't understand.
You know how she really believ

Visual distraction has often been my adversary. Behavioral scientists will say that distraction, in general, has its advantages, evolutionarily equipping us with instinctual responses that protect us from harm. I do not dispute this, but as a sighted person, and one who has some minor autistic tendencies - prone to sensory overload and “freezing up” in acutely multi-sensory situations - I can tell you that visual distraction is for me, quite often, difficult to endure.


I’m at the mall, enjoying my favorite brewery / burger place. I’ve finished the chapter of my book. I’ve been reading books by blind authors for several months in an attempt to increase both my knowledge of blindness issues and my awareness of the visually impaired community. A reoccurring, fundamental principle of life shouts its truth through the pages of these memoirs: the more we learn about our differences, the more we discover how much we’re alike. On occasion, in my normally comfo

I sat in the center of the downtown restaurant, facing the front, which was a solid glass wall; a giant window through which my eyes caught hold of sidewalk passersby, both casually clad in t-shirt and shorts as well as the professional dress of suits and ties. Through the nonchalant flow of foot traffic, my eyes drove into the street where the metallic glare of the blue-striped street car stretched its slow, shimmering streak across my affixed plane of vision. Across the three lan


My Oxford dictionary defines punctuation marks, such as periods and commas, as marks which separate sentences, etc., and clarify meaning. Clarify? Yes. But separate? Perhaps in terms of their spatial appearance, their literal, spatial proportionality in relation to the surrounding characters they separate, and in terms of their engagement in the function of organizational distinction. Yet, this definition, not unlike many, is incomplete. It fails to observe a

What do we usually know about Switzerland? A common perception of this country is that Switzerland is a sweet home for cheese, watch and high-class banking. And, of course, the harbor for very high social standards. Indeed, Switzerland today is one of the richest and best-developed countries in the world. The Swiss somehow managed to make their economy functional and, as a result, very successful. And the Swiss progress was hindered neither by a relatively small size of the country nor limited

Fingerprint authentication will become a lot more common on smartphones of all prices as sensors get cheaper—and Google’s integration of the technology in the next version of Android will make it much easier for app developers and service providers to make use of them.

Today, fingerprint sensors are mainly available on high-end models from Apple and Samsung Electronics. But that is about to change, according to sensor manufacturers Synaptics and Fingerprint Cards.


Born to learn virtue and vice
The Christmas conundrum of naughty and nice
Repeatedly perturbed by choices galore
Neck in the noose of either, or

Boyhood brought a stab at decision
Blown out candles, wishes in collision
With wants and needs, dreams and dares
Entangled inquiries into my cares

Youth became a game, a stage, a story
While dutiful in diapers, adolescence was "my" glory
Why waste away in gray imitation
When what I saw

With my crazy work hours and busy social life (Only one of those is true) it’s really difficult to find time to exercise. I could be finishing work at 10pm and then starting my next shift at 11.30am the following day (That doesn’t sound all that bad, but you gotta remember I don’t finish work and then straight away collapse into a deep sleep. I drive home. I eat dinner. I have a glass of wine. I wrestle Luke to keep him awake, because I’m awake. I watch Tv. By the time I go to bed it’s like 1.3

Monday my cousin and I woke up at 3:00 in the dad was still sleeping so Paige and I went down the stares and we made some coffee and went to sit on the couch to go watch SpongeBob and Drake and Josh on demand

I went to las Vegas to go see my uncle Jason's Broadway show called Rock Of Ages. and I got to sit next to my two aunts Aunt Bethany and Aunt Cassidy I had so much fun with them. My aunt Bethany was rocking out the show was a lot of fun I saw the show four times.

Last year I went camping with friends and family so my dad and I went on an afternoon ride on the quads and my cousin max was with us. my dad and I started to head back to the camp site but all of a sudden I felt the quad tip over. and my dad and I fell out of the quad I was scared because I hit these green stake poles and the quad almost came on top of me but my dad caught the quad before it killed me. so I yelled for my cousin and he ran to me in a pain to come get me up. and he asked me if I

Wattpad! It's not just an app for us. Wattpad is a free library for everyone. It is a platform to create stories,poems for everyone without need of any degree. People comment on each other's work which helps us to know what more we can do to improve our writing.
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Jonah Hill, Oprah Winfrey, Kelly Osbourne, Christian Bale, Renee Zellweger… Aren’t their examples enough for your inspiration? Do you wish to know how fast they manage to gain extra weight for particular roles, and then immediately lose it without any special efforts? Some of the hints may sound weird and do not work for everybody. But some are really wise and useful. Read them to balance your lifestyle and keep fit.

Are you gone mad about 21 Jump Street star Channing Tatum? Forget

Why do we need to sacrifice a lot for Love?? Why do they say its the best feeling ever experienced when a lot of times you get hurt just to stay in love.... Why can't it be just simple?... Why is it sometimes hard to express even when it is said love has many different languages? They say love is blind.. How can a person be so blind when the person that is standing in front of their freaking eyes is so in love with them. Love can be a very sweet word but at the same time it can also puncture

If you take care about hotel accommodations, car rent and airfare, it is very good, because these things are among the most important in your travel preparation. However, they are only the beginning of your travel without troubles. What else should you do to leave your home and spend your holidays easily and without unexpected troubles? Here are our suggestions.

A small town's high school band, with no more than 54 students, sat on the bleachers of the football stadium with the school's they'd competed against. It was the moment we'd been waiting for since the ending of my junior year.
The 2005-2006 marching contest, as the band's performed the numbers they'd been working on since summer. Premont's marching band became a Cinderella story that year as the 54 piece band took on 'Phantom of the Opera.' It was the show that ultimately restored the he

How an elementary school teacher (namely a trainee to assist thine sixth grade assiduously, dogmatically, generously, joyously, magnanimously and positively changed my life!


Miss Rainbow

A smidgen less than two score and half years ago, this then sixth grader (at Henry Kline Boyer Elementary School located in Evansbu

My third grade teacher was a very attractive young blonde. As an eight year-old boy, I was thrilled to have her, and it wasn't long before I had a crush on her.

Every Friday afternoon when our regular classes were over, she would let us have a game hour. We broke up into small groups to play board games like Monopoly. One afternoon when my group finished our game early, I got up and walked around the room to see if I could get into another game. Over in one corner was my te

In the first grade, I had a teacher who helped me meet my best friend in the whole world. She made an impact on my life by making me partners with my friend who changed my life for the better.

A hero is someone that could be a family member, your friend or even a stranger, that will do something for you no matter what, without thinking twice before doing it. Heros are not always what we expect them to be. They are not the way cartoons tend to describe them. We sometimes think and refer to a hero as someone that will come and save us by flying through the air like Superman, or who can do magic like Zatara, but that is not what a hero is. A hero doesn't hav

Do you ever get that feeling where you feel obligated to do something for someone else? It's almost like you don't want to disappoint anyone so you never say no to them (the one exception being your family or friends on unimportant matters). And do you ever feel like you are being watched? Because of social media, people can see what you are doing at all times, and it is a problem. I have this problem. I really don't like saying no to anyone, because I don't want people to feel disappointed or

About a girl who was told to describe herself and chose to write about it instead.

Disclaimer: This story is not based on me, and could be triggering. Also this story is not finished and is a start to a short story. I am only sharing this story to get feedback on if I should continue it or not.

Start story below:


Sometimes I wonder what no, correction, I always wonder what my future will come to be. Will I marry someone from my hometo

Everyone is an actor. We may not realize it, but we do our fair share of acting on a daily basis. The person taking your coffee order asks you how you are today. You answer "fine" even though you're dying inside. Your parent or significant other ask you how your day was. You say "good" or "okay" without really stopping to think. Sure, some parts of it may have been "good" or "okay" but surely not all of it. Or was it?

Everything happens for a reason. There is not a single leaf that f

“Teacher Appreciation”

One teacher who has made an impact on my life, was my 2nd-4th grade Gifted and Talented teacher. She pushed my friends and me into doing things that we thought were not capable of at such a young age. This teacher pushed my friend and I into developing a plan to prevent geese from flying into airplane engines and destroying them. This teacher stayed after school with my friend and me every Tuesday, we worked with a teacher at our middle school, who helped

I had a good grandmother. She really liked me, and I loved her as well. When I was in kindergarten, she always took care of me. Though I liked a boy when I was young, my grandmother still liked me. I was living with her and my grandfather during that time because my parents were very busy. My grandmother was a teacher, I could see many students which were taught by my grandmother in every spring festival. They would visit my grandmother. Those students always told me that my grandmother was a r

I was living in a funny house with my family before I was in grade 3. That house gave me many memories, and it always left many colorful stories in my life. That house left many impressive things to me. Maybe my house was not bigger than other people’s house but I promised that house must warm than other house for me.
There were three people in my house, my mother, my father and I. My grandparents sometimes liked coming to my house, and I would happy about others coming to my house. I st

I have been lived in Canada for almost eight months. During those eight months, I spent most time with my host family. I played with them when snowstorms came; I hung out with their kids; I enjoyed the life in farm. I really want to share something that really changes my thoughts of marriage and brings me my dreaming life style.
My host family is made up of six people, which including two parents, one son and three daughters. Their son is the oldest one, his name is Daniel. The second old

I once heard an actor encourage people to take an acting class once in their life because it was a useful class for life. I followed this and I could not agree more with him, even with all my major psychology courses. I initially took the class to further overcome my anxiety of speaking in front of people, but in the end I gained so much more, much thanks to my Beginning Acting professor who was one of the toughest professors in the department.
My professor did warm-up exercises at the beg

My parents and I moved a lot. We moved from our old apartment to a new one three times, from my hometown to Shanghai and from Shanghai to PEI. But the house with my most memories is the house we lived from 2000 to 2008. I spent eight years in that house. Although that apartment is not as big as our new one, that old one is full of sweet moments in my childhood.
My mom is a person who loves sleeping. She can sleep for the whole day without eating or drinking. Once she starts sleep

She is 23 and finishing her masters. She tells us that we can do anything we want to the her room. However, she was upset when we remodeled the kitchen saying that the house no longer looked like her home.

I would like to get a step machine and a power plate. The power plate improves bone density. The space station has one. You stand on the plate and do your exercise. The plate moves and increases the gravity. Thus, your workout is more podent.

Do you want to know my greatest fear in life??
Dying alone... But I've been in love once before and now I'm seeing those same lights... But I still live in fear...
Fear of what you ask??
Fear of falling so incredibly in love with a man that doesn't foresee the same things I do again... Fear of having to watch that same man walk away again... Fear of having my heart ripped out of my chest again... Fear that I will be stuck in this same cycle day after day year after year heartbre

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