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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that college students have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for college students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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When we are young we do not look at challenges one faces throughout life. We grow up living, laughing and playing when we are young. As we grow up we are taught an on board set of principles to help us steer clear of most problems . We're taught in one way or another at some point “Go to school”, “Get a job”, “Make money” and the rest will fall in place. All these things are challenges in themselves, but we are raised, taught and shown how to accomplish these challenges.
One of the toughe

Since I was little, I was raised to treat people with mental illnesses just like anyone else. I remember my mom used to volunteer to pick up this woman every Sunday and bring her to church with us, then after the service we would drop her back off at her facility. This woman was in her 50's, her name was Kay, and she had down syndrome. However, when I was seven years old, I didn't understand why she was so different. One day I asked my Mom why Kay acted the way she did, and her answer is somet

The "Jungle Book" candles on my 4th birthday cake scared me. The flames burned a hot orange, reflecting onto my mom's face as she lit them.
"Happy birthday to you-"
Her face is too close
"-happy birthday to you-"
What if she burns her skin?
"-happy birthday dear Katie-"
Stop. She needs to stop. She's going to catch on fire.
"-happy birthday to you."
I don't think anyone expected the pale, shaking birthday princess to start c

I am scared of THE DEATH: Death is the universal truth and every men and women in this world has to taste it once in their lifetime. We people would have heard some people saying someone was dead. We might not know how the death will be? until it visits our doorsteps or it takes the soul of someone we loved in front of our eyes.

April 12,2013 midnight 12:45am I was in my bed awaken without sleeping. I came to know that my grandma was feeling very difficult to breath. I knew that t

That was the time I studied my 8th grade. Iam still remembering that situation which shows the depthness that caused in my heart. In my school, no students would be treated wisely. Unless they were a Top graded students.
Unfortunately in that high class school, I was not the person in that list. All A+ Graded students used to see me as if I was their Archenemy. They even backbited about me and they seperated me by giving a Lonely Last seat in the Last bench inside the classroom.

Goal Setting: Exploring More Sides of the World

Ever since I was a child, I loved traveling and exploring the world. I am thankful that my parents were able to fly me to so many places from a young age. Being able to travel around the world triggered me to become a very internationalized person. I find traveling the best source of observing and learning about the world and different cultures. My top priorities and goals in my life have always been traveling to as many countries as p

Goals, they keep changing.They may be something really great goals or even a small thing like participation in some activity. They make us perform our best. They are the things which make our life more enjoyable. I had also a critical goal to accomplish yesterday.

I had to capture a beautiful flower in my 10 megapixel digital camera and edit it using photoshop for a local floral photography contest. That was the day when I drove home from my college in mere 2.5 minutes where usual

Old people, stroke patients, and persons with disabilities- these are the people who occupy a great place in my heart along with those street children and underprivileged individuals begging for alms on the overpass, knocking to every car’s window, and wiping the shoes of every passenger on the jeep.

Surely, it’s my grandmother who taught me (not literally taught, but it’s one thing I really have learned for my whole life staying with her.) to be like this, to feel compassion to thos

As we all know,now-a-days we people get busy in our works always,we tend to spend some time watching tv which helps us to relax.In such cases tv shows play an important role.They give us entertainment,happiness,joy,some experience etc.
TO say,my favourite tv shows include 'teen wolf','dexter','supernatural','castle'.The most favourite of all was 'GLEE'.its a show which taught me the value of friendship,confidence,respect to all,have no fear.whenever i watch the show i get a sense of joy an

What i am going to do if my Close Friends hates me ? I am who i am ... I only sh0w them the Real me and they dont like it...but its ok i kn0w who will accept me as i am...:)

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