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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that college students have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for college students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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"The first chance shows only the way for achievement but sometimes the second chance will make way for the achievement", That was what I believe. It happened in my life during my school days.
When I was studying seventh standard at the age of 11 years, my school usually make students to give their own speech during prayer session. It was compulsory for students from seventh to higher class. As my school life was going smoothly, a sudden inc

Hello, my name is Lori.

I am a baby boomer, living in Brisbane, Sunny Queensland, Australia.

Having recently semi retired from paid work , my latest desire is to share my life experiences within a blog, your blog, and would be very grateful if you would allow it.

I often think that Life is full of surprises and often mysterious!
How else can I explain how I have lived in three Continents within seven years, as a teenager?
I was eighte

I took a break after perusing a book; while I was wandering on Facebook, reading some boring new feeds, a post shared by my friend caught my attention. The article raises the issue of Vietnam having not developed within 40 years while China – our neighbour – though it had the same start which the country was poor and seemed to no future, now has been so prosperous and demonstrated its name to the whole world. After reading it, I smiled. Apparently, it was not a happy one at all; I am myself a V

A change is a difference in the state of a system. Man doesn't exist as a singular species. His existence isn't independent of the ones surrounding him. Everything a person does, affects the people around him, one way or another.
Contribution to change for the better is a big responsibility. It involves judging the current status of the society, deciding how good or bad it is and deciding that what you plan to do is good for it too.
To me, the root of all major problems in the world

Nursing isn't what I thought it would be. It's paperwork; it's HIPAA; it's trying to not get caught up in a lawsuit...I thought nurses were heroes. When did that change? Everyone's so busy trying to cover up their own butt, there's no energy left to concentrate on anyone else. Healthcare is the foundation of the world. If you don't have your health, you're basically just a lump of meat waiting to die. Although, if you want to be cynical, we're all lumps of meat waiting to die. I don't know if I

Well, the world we are living in is getting worse and worse. I can tell by what I see in my surroundings. Several buildings so-called skyscrappers starts growing up, and lands starts decreasing. Nature loses its presence, I said.
People start worrying about their existence, but forget how to keep the balance between others.
I think, people nowadays become so self-oriented, and only few I see who care enough about others.

"I want to change the world. I want to make the wo

  Each and everyone of us are distinguished by our characters. We are never a replica and there can never be an exact match for us. However, when time passes we gradually progress and replace our bad attitudes but this is not done by all. A change in a positive way will lead to a new world which will not despise any human being. However, we seldom choose that path since we are already comfortable with our current attitude.
  A little goes a long way. Most importantly, when people o

If we look around us,we would find that every generation wants a change. Today world is dealing with a lot of issues like Environment, Poverty, Increasing Sexual crimes, AIDS etc..
As an individual everyone expects from government to look after these issue, but in reality its a question to think about " Is it only government responsibility regarding the above issues"? Lets talk about the issues mentioned above..
We all wish to see that the environment in which we are living


Today, it’s Mother’s Day. The day where mothers of the world get recognized for all they do for their children. Mother’s Day is one of my favorite holidays.

She has helped me become an adult. Ever since I started college, I've felt lost and scared. But my mom was always there for support. I always go all out for my mom on Mother’s Day. Chocolates, flowers, perfume, everything my mom loved, she got. I actually spoiled her more on Mother’s Day than her

I knew and struggled.

As we came about conquering the years that served as marks of our ages, our vision about life definitely changed. When I was a daring kid, I would recall myself saying that I would probably do my best at high school, admit myself to a prestigious college, and enroll in a difficult course so that I will most likely land on a very high-paying occupation to buy all the toys I would see at the mall. This, has, never been new to me as my grade school friends envision

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