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Share Your Story on StageofLife.comListed below is the compilation of the questions and stories that college students have shared to help make the world a better place.  Some of these essays were submitted as a response to our national writing contest for college students. Topics of these teen essays range from education, to money, to relationships, to health, and many more in between.

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It can be hard to imagine that my childhood was a happy one despite not knowing who my parents were. My aunt, who would come visit me and take me out would teach me their names. I would recite their names back to her in monotone. She would make me sit away from her students and write out the alphabet in silence during her classroom sessions. My grandparents didn’t treat me like a child even though I was five years old. They were my guardians and despite what my aunt said I believed they were m

Have you ever thought how nature can take us out of grieves? Have you ever thought how nature is the biggest source of happiness? I was also ignorant of the fact till my preliminary senior secondary exams.
As a result of health issues I was just able to cross the passing marks. I was disheartened and resisted to speak to anyone. One fine day while heading towards home it started to drizzle which lasted for ten minutes. Then a thought knocked my mind. Why the rain stopped? Why it did not r

I think wanting happiness is perhaps the only common thing that all of the human beings share. As I have observed most of the people become happy when they get what they want. For instance I would be happy if there was no drought and hunger in my country. Now ten million people are stroked by draught, may be you think I should be the most depressed person in the world. But as a matter of fact I am very happy. As I have mentioned earlier we think we would be happy if we get what we want. Even th

I have always been told how to be. You, my girl, are a shy, quiet girl with a sweet demeanor and a secret fire, but you tend to have trouble saying no. Also, you are most certainly straight. You have feelings for a girl? Push them down, it is not who you are. It is just a phase, keep moving forward. Relationship after relationship failed through the years, I was hurt and broken and did not think love existed for me. And then she came along.
Her name rolled off my tongue like I had

Have we ever considered what makes us the most happiest person?
It's neither in winning any trophy nor being the topper of the class..It comes from the satisfaction of helping someone and bringing a smile on their face.
The household maid working in our house has three daughter's.. It was the marriage of the younger daughter and she invited our family but was was unsure whether we will visit her house to bless their daughter??
On the wedding day of her daughter when she sa

I am Water. Often unstable as steam, I fade away. Sometimes, I feel more dense, but do not forget when I was fog. Now, I go to those days when I let go. I feel more complete, more real, and I am finally a drop. But I also feel fear. Uncontrolled, there are times where I feel the impact against the cold pavement. And again I steam. The cycle is repeated. I am Wind. A blast, strong, quick that

Someone has rightly said that we are born to be real, not to be perfect. The secret of happiness is enclosed within this one line. Most of the people in the world try to become like others. They underestimate themselves. They forget that each and every human being is born with the same capacity. It depends on us how we use our capabilities and convert them into opportunities. Instead of improving ourselves, we compare our life with other people who are more successful than us, and try to become

We live in a chaotic world.One characterized by death of loved ones each sunrise and sunset,cries of men,women and children loosing their lifes in cold blood wars not to mention the numerous deaths caused by deadly diseases that are discovered each new day.

Amidst all these,one may wonder.What exactly is happiness?Where do I find happiness?What is there to smile about when the smell of death hangs so dangerously in the air?What is there to rejoice over when in some nations all that g

My name is Melodious Nyanchama currently a student at Kenyatta University going to my fourth year come september.That should tell you I am almost finishing school.

All my life I have lived as the typical determined girl next door especially in my school work.I would describe myself as the kind who wants to always get it right and has difficulties accepting anything less than perfect for results.

I used to be that person who beats themselves for not beating deadlines or fo

For 18 years, I had been searching for the secret of happiness. I looked for happiness in my grades, my musical career, my friendships, my family, and my relationship. These provided happiness, don’t get me wrong, but only temporary happiness.

I found the secret of happiness the last month of my freshman year when I accepted Jesus Christ into my life as my Lord and Savior. The moment I said yes to Jesus, the Holy Spirit entered into me, and he made me aware of areas of my life I n

Do you not have common-sense or you lag behind in making decisions? Why? Are you not knowledgeable about what is going on around you or you think of yourself as a child that does not think before doing things or to express his/her emotions and views without observing behaviors that encircle him/her…….
It is to be said as immaturity, if it is, so who is mature?...
This is the question mark which is raising in teens of this smart age..
Where is it enhancing?
The sentence is of

How are we so quick to take for granted the remarkable things going on in life?

Why is it so easy to complain?

Why do we focus on the negative?

Everything is amazing and nobody is happy.

However, happiness can easily be achieved even without the brilliant advances in the world.

Rather than being reactive to what’s going on around us, happy people take control of their lives and emotions. If you are unhappy with your life, who or what else c

As a society we have certain norms. We have expectations as far as wealth, and physical appearance, so when an individual doesn't meet those expectations they tend to feel like they're not good enough. This leads to unhappiness. The way to stop this is to realize you are not everyone else. You might not have the financial stability or the body for those new shorts you seen at the mall and that's okay. Stop comparing yourself to the societal norm because if that isn't you, it just isn't. If you

Often times while exploring outside places, our fears and insecurities ride along like dark shadows on our sides. And when it's time to set for a soul-searching, we back-off. 

I have always been a fan of Howard Gardner's theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI). This has helped me unravel my capabilities and guard my focus of honing my strengths in the past roads of my teenage journey. My mother has been a consistent, good reminder to be unafraid in leaping out from my comfort zone and

"Happiness depends on ourselves." -Aristotle

The secret of happiness is a question that many find difficult to answer, and that is because many people focus on all of the negativity in their lives. This is why not many people can say that they feel happy--They don't think about it because it's easier for them to focus on the bad things that happen to them since there is such an abundance of negativity in their lives. Why?

When you focus on negativity, you are only going to

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